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Getting To Know Jack Carter

Mar 24, 2021

USC freshman distance runner Jack Carter is a 2020 graduate of Carman-Ainsworth HS in Flint, Mich.  He was an eight-time All-Conference selection and a six-time All-Region selection in track.  He also earned 2019 Division I All-State honors in the 1600m.  We had a chance to catch up with the Computer and Electrical Engineering major recently.
Q: What is your favorite subject to learn about?
J.C.: History
Q: What is your go to quarantine dinner?
J.C.: A NY strip steak and broccoli 
Q: What's on your Instagram discover page?
J.C.: A lot of soccer and track, video games
Q: Favorite animal
J.C.: Dogs, puppies
Q: What is your favorite music genre?
J.C.: Alternate or indie, somewhere in there
Q: What do you listen to before competition?
J.C.: A mix of top 40 rap and kind of just pump-up music
Q: What are some of your favorite hobbies?
J.C.: I like to cook a lot, play video games with friends from back home, watch soccer, and normally I like to draw a lot but I don't have time during the semester. I like to draw trees and houses, a lot of nature.
Q: What is the most important thing to know about who you are?
J.C.: I want to make everyone who has helped get me to where I am proud, coaches, friends, family, teammates, I want to make sure I make them proud, and I can be proud of myself too.
Q: What's your favorite part of about living in L.A .so far?
J.C.: A lot of life. You can go two blocks and you have five different smells, 50 different people, cars everywhere…old cars, new cars, everything is just very different.
Q: What are you most excited for about coming to USC?
J.C.: Meeting the team. In high school I loved my teammates but a lot of them didn't have the same determination as I do. Meeting the coaches and athletes here meeting people with my same determination is what I was really excited for.