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Coach A's Weekly Newsletter

Mar 26, 2021

I enjoy the simple things about the game. Score more runs than our opponent. That's the goal. It is pretty straightforward. Yet it's more and more complex all the time.

We tell our players not to become robots out there. We complain when they are too mechanical and don't "feel" the game and just play. And yet we have video of their every move and analytics to help guide every play.

There seems to be such a fine line between the right amount of information and too much in our athletes heads on game day. Some seem to do well when armed with a lot of details and video and others become frozen on game day when they have all of that running around in their brain.

Just like everything else in our game, each player handles the information they are given differently. It's part of the training that needs to be done. How to process those details so they can help and not hinder on game day.

We have several new players this year who are learning how to do this for the first time. We also have a new hitting coach in DJ Gasso, who is giving our returners more than they are used to hearing before games.

It's been a fun process to watch and I do believe it's working its way to a good place for our team, especially when talking about our offensive production.

We have Stanford for a four-game series starting today and they have two pitchers who have been cruising through the first half of their season with lots of success. We plan to flip that in our favor this weekend. It's our turn to face some good pitching and take the information and use it to help us to score more runs than our opponent. Back to the basics today. 

I'm looking forward to the battle and I certainly hope you can join us since fans are being allowed! See you this weekend!

Go Utes!

Coach A