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Yeu Leads at Nationals

Mar 27, 2021

UNIVERSITY PLACE, Pa. – Stanford freshman Irene Yeu leads the epee field after three rounds at the National Collegiate Fencing Championships and all three Cardinal are in All-America position after the first day of women's competition at Penn State's Bryce Jordan Center on Saturday.

Yeu went 13-2 to lead the field of 24 with eight bouts remaining. The top four advance to the semifinals, Sunday afternoon. 

Fellow Cardinal freshmen Haley Koo and Joy Yun also are contention to reach the semifinals in their weapons. Koo is sixth in foil at 10-4 and Yun is eighth in sabre at 10-5. Together, the Cardinal trio is 33-11. 

Each resumes action Sunday at 6 a.m. PT. Semifinals for each weapon begin at 10 a.m. PT with finals right after. 

Yeu's biggest victory was over Penn State's Kateryna Chorniy, 4-3. Chorniy sits in fourth. Yeu has yet to take on the second- and third-place fencers. 

Koo, who went 15-1 at the Western Invitational to earn a spot at nationals, gained a big victory over Arianna Pappone of St. John's, 5-3. Pappone is in third. 

Yun is among five in sabre who are within one victory of each other for the fourth semifinal spot. 
* * * 

National Collegiate Championships 
Day 1 of 2
8, Joy Yun (Stanford), 10-5
Foil: 6, Haley Koo (Stanford), 10-4
Epee: 1, Irene Yeu (Stanford0, 13-2

Stanford results

Joy Yun (10-5, 63-50 pts.), sabre
d. Abigale Parker (North Carolina), 5-4
d. Clara Somfelean (North Carolina), 5-4
d. Fanni Potz-Nagy (St. John's), 5-1
l. to Karolina Kaleta (St. John's), 4-5
l. to Kelli Wozniak (Penn State), 1-5
d. Zara Moss (Penn State), 5-4
l. to Alexandra Gorman (Duke), 4-5
d. Anneke Zegers (Duke), 5-1
l. to Chejsa-Kaili Seck (Long Island), 2-5
d. Dorian Pichola (Cleveland State), 5-1
d. Katarina Hone (Boston College), 5-4
d. Gillian Lawlor (Boston College), 5-1
d. Catherine Kim (Air Force), 5-2
l. to Dorottya Berczy (NJIT), 2-5
d. Cassandra Sehic (NJIT), 5-3

Joy Yun (right). Photo by Craig Houtz/Penn State Athletics
* * * 

Haley Koo (10-4, 60-42 pts.), foil
d. Shelbie Seeberg (Cleveland State), 4-3
d. Anna Biasco (Northwestern), 5-3
l. to Justine Banbury (Northwestern), 3-5
d. Kaitlyn Guo (Air Force), 5-2
d. Konami Masui (UC San Diego), 5-2
d. Erica Kuen (UC San Diego), 5-1
d. Samantha Yeh (Boston College), 5-2
d. Arianna Pappone (St. John's), 5-3
d. Elizabeth Novoseltseva (Temple), 5-3
d. Alexandra McDonald (Johns Hopkins), 5-2
d. Christina Ferrari (Duke), 5-2
l. to Louise Tang (Duke), 1-5
l. to Lodovica Bicego (Penn State), 3-5
l. to Samantha Catantan (Penn State), 4-5


Haley Koo (right). Photo by Craig Houtz/Penn State Athletics
* * * 

Irene Yeu (13-2, 63-47 pts.), epee
d. Allegra Parker (North Carolina), 3-2
l. to Darby Haskel (North Carolina), 2-5
d. Dominika Pawlowska (NJIT), 5-4
d. Marina Arrese (NJIT), 3-2
d. Kateryna Chorniy (Penn State), 4-3
d. Axelle Wasiak (Penn State), 5-2
d. Nicole Agob (Air Force), 5-3
l. to Jocelyn Ratzlaff (Air Force), 4-5
d. Juliana Peceli (Incarnate Word), 5-2
d. Emma Zmurk (UC San Diego), 5-4
d. Tean Brooks (UC San Diego), 5-2
d. Amanda Provance (Cleveland State), 5-4
d. Sarah Lurye (Duke), 3-2
d. Sarah Park (Temple), 4-3
d. Margherita Calderaro (Temple), 5-4

Main photo: Irene Yeu (right)/Photo by Craig Houtz/Penn State Athletics