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Double-Overtime Draw

Mar 28, 2021

BERKELEY - After a long afternoon on Witter Rugby Field, California finished with a 0-0 draw against Oregon State. The Golden Bear attack held possession the majority of the game along with a 20-11 shot advantage, but were unable to get to the back of the net. This match will not count towards conference standings and the Bears' record continues to 4-3-1 (2-3-0 Pac-12). 

The game began with Oregon State on the ball and the Beavs sent back-to-back shots in the sixth and seventh minutes, giving Angelina Anderson two saves.

Cal found its pace in the 12th minute when defender Sydney Collins drove the ball down to the box and sent a shot on goal that was saved by Bridgette Skiba. The Bears remained in their attacking third for the next 10 minutes and earned their first corner in the 27th minute.

Oregon State returned to its attack in the 32nd minute when the Beavs received two corners, McKenzie Weinert sent a shot straight down the middle that was easily collected by Anderson. 

Lily Arbabaraghi took the final shot of the first half in the 42nd minute, once again saved by Skiba. 

The Bears attack opened strong in the second half with a shot by Emma Westin in the 46th minute that Skiba pushed back out into Cal possession. Paige Metayer was next to test the OSU keeper in the 49th minute with a shot that Skiba punched out of bounds to earn a Cal corner. The Bears kept heavy pressure on the ball and drew three consecutive fouls from the Beavers that eventually led to a shot-on-goal from Keely Roy in the 55th minute. 

Oregon State would not get a second half shot until the 77th minute when Maddy Ellsworth sent a wide ball out of bounds. 

The Cal defense would continue to deny the Beavers any consistent ball control, but both teams were scoreless at the end of regulation. 

In the first overtime period, Cal was the only team to take any shots. The Bears went straight into the attack and Mia Fontana took a shot in the 91st minute that went wide. After the OSU goal kick, the Bears tackled the ball back to their possession and Kailee Gifford took a shot in the 94th minute that Skiba deflected back out to the Bears. Sydney Collins sent a shot a minute layer that Skiba once again knocked back out to Cal, but the first overtime period ended in a draw. 

The Bears took four consecutive shots in the start of the second overtime period. Maya Evan's free kick in the 101st minute hit the crossbar and bounced towards Emma Westin. Westin's shot was blocked by the Beavers but the ball deflected towards Jadyn Shinn. Shinn took the next shot for the Bears but the ball was blocked once again. Westin found the ball once again but her shot went wide in the 102nd minute. The Bears' last opportunity came in the 105th minute when Mia Fontana received a cross from Collins that Skiba swept away. The Beavers would take two more shots before the end of the overtime period, but both teams were held to a shutout.

The Cal backline collected its fourth clean sheet of the season, while Angelina Anderson made seven saves off of 11 shots from the Beaver attack. 

The Bears now hit the road to face Arizona State on April 2 at 7 p.m. in Tempe, followed by Arizona at 12 noon in Tucson on April 4.