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Three Crowned All-Americans

Mar 28, 2021

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – Three Stanford freshmen – Irene Yeu, Haley Koo, and Joy Yun – were crowned All-Americans on Sunday at the National College Fencing Championships at Penn State's Bryce Jordan Center. 

Each earned second-team honors as Stanford wrapped up its season with four of its five fencers – including all four freshmen – becoming All-Americans. On the final day of women's completion, Irene Yeu placed fifth in the epee, Haley Koo was sixth in the foil, and Joy Yun was seventh in the sabre. 

All three combined to go 41-22. And with men's fencers Donghwan Park (an All-American in sabre) and Calvin Zau, Stanford's Fab Five went 62-47 over the four-day tournament. 

"I could not be happier with the women's results this season," said Stanford coach Lisa Posthumus.  "These freshmen fenced with the competitive excellence of any senior."

Stanford placed 11th as a team (62 points), its highest finish since 2018, in its final competition as a program. 

Yeu led the epee after the first day and finished 15-6, which placed her in a three-way tie for the third spot with the top four advancing to the semifinals. However, Yeu's overall point differential of plus-11 was not as great as Notre Dame's Miriam Grady (plus-26) and Nicole Gavrilko of St. John's (plus-19), and she was the odd fencer out. 

Koo finished 13-7 and went 4-3 over the final day, when she took eventual champion Stefani Deschner of Notre Dame to the limit in a 5-4 loss. 

Yun went 13-8, including 5-3 on the final day. 


Irene Yeu (right) on Sunday. Photo by Craig Houtz/Penn State Athletics.
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National Collegiate Championships 
At Bryce Jordan Center, Penn State 

Final team leaders: 1, Notre Dame 201; 2, Penn State 182; 3, Duke 130; 11, Stanford 62. 

Stanford's Saturday results
7, Joy Yun (Stanford), 13-8
Foil: 6, Haley Koo (Stanford), 13-7
Epee: 5, Irene Yeu (Stanford), 15-6

Joy Yun (13-8, 85-69 pts.), sabre
d. Janna Aboudaher (UC San Diego), 5-1
d. Julia Hill (UC San Diego), 5-2
d. Eva Hinds (Temple), 5-4
d. Zoe Turner (Temple), 5-2
l. to Sky Miller (Northwestern), 1-5
d. Ilsa Hoffman (Northwestern), 5-0
l. to Atara Greenbaum (Notre Dame), 3-5
l. to Kara Linder (Notre Dame), 3-5

Haley Koo (13-7, 84-62 pts.), foil
d. Paloma Almodovar (NJIT), 5-2
d. Aubrey Molloy (North Carolina), 5-1
l. to Tarleton Hunt (North Carolina), 2-5
d. Florentina Petrides (Sacred Heart), 5-2
d. Anna Szantay (Long Island), 5-2
l. to Amita Berthier (Notre Dame), 3-5
l. to Stefani Deschner (Notre Dame), 4-5

Irene Yeu (15-6, 78-67 pts.), epee
d. Kaylin Hsieh (Notre Dame), 2-1
l. to Miriam Grady (Notre Dame), 2-3
d. Blodwen Bindas (Northwestern), 5-3 
l. to Julia Falinska (Northwestern), 1-5
l. to Nicole Gavrilko (St. John's), 2-3
l. to Laura Fekete (Long Island), 3-5

Main photo (left to right): Joy Yun, Irene Yeu, Haley Koo.