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Two Thrilling Wins

Apr 3, 2021

STANFORD, Calif. – Two thrilling Top-10 wins, That was the story for No. 12 Stanford beach volleyball as it pushed its winning streak to a school-record 13 straight matches. The Cardinal defeated No. 5 Cal Poly and No. 9 Cal on Saturday at Stanford Beach Volleyball Courts, both by a score of 3-2.
In the first match of the day, Maddie Dailey and Jordan McKinney won in straight sets, but Stanford lost in straight sets at No. 1 and No. 2 to fall behind 2-1. Maddi Kriz and Maya Harvey won in two sets at No. 3 to even the match, before Emmy Sharp and Amelia Smith won a thrilling three-set match at No. 5 to clinch the victory, which was the school-record-breaking 12th in a row.
In the nightcap, Dailey and McKinney won at No. 4, but the Cardinal lost at No. 2 for a 1-1 tie. In the second wave of matches, the Golden Bears won at No. 5 to briefly take a 2-1 lead, but seconds later Maddi Kriz and Maya Harvey closed out a two-set victory to even the match.
No. 1 featured a thrilling match, as Charlie Ekstrom and Sunny Villapando won the first set to move the Cardinal to the brink of victory. The second set was a back-and-forth, thrilling affair, ultimately ending in a 30-28 Stanford win to clinch the match, 3-2.
The Cardinal is now 14-3 on the season and is set to head to Phoenix next weekend for the Pac-12 North Invitational, hosted by Arizona State at Grand Canyon University. The Cardinal will face four ranked opponents at the event, in No. 13 Arizona, No. 1 Southern Cal, No. 4 UCLA and No. 9 Cal.
No. 12 Stanford 3, No. 5 Cal Poly 2
Flight #1: Emily Sonny/Macy Gordon (Cal Poly) def. Charlie Ekstrom/Sunny Villapando (STAN) 21-14, 22-20
Flight #2: Amy Ozee/Jayelin Lombard (Cal Poly) def. Xolani Hodel/Kate Reilly (STAN) 21-18, 16-21, 15-13
Flight #3: Maddi Kriz/Maya Harvey (STAN) def. Mariah Whalen/Tia Miric (Cal Poly) 21-16, 21-19
Flight #4: Maddie Dailey/Jordan McKinney (STAN) def. Sam Strah/Eleonore Johansen (Cal Poly) 21-15, 21-19
Flight #5: Emmy Sharp/Amelia Smith (STAN) def. Piper Naess/Hannah Rogers (Cal Poly) 21-18, 16-21, 15-13
Exh. #6: Josie Ulrich/Vanessa Roscoe (Cal Poly) def. Kylee Matheson/Ellie Gamberdella (STAN) 21-15, 21-15
Exh. #7: Abby Converse/Zeena Khazendar (STAN) def. Delaney Peranich/Kalee Graff (Cal Poly) 28-25
Exh. #8: Winslow Church/Abby Converse vs. Erika Foreman/Laurie McGrath (Cal Poly) 21-17, 16-21
Order of finish: 4, 2, 1, 3, 5
No. 12 Stanford 3, No. 9 Cal 2
Flight #1: Charlie Ekstrom/Sunny Villapando (STAN) def. Mima Mirkovic/Carolina Schafer (Cal) 21-14, 30-28
Flight #2: Ainsley Radell/Jordan Polo (Cal) def. Xolani Hodel/Kate Reilly (STAN) 15-21, 21-14, 15-12
Flight #3: Maddi Kriz/Maya Harvey (STAN) def. Alexia Inman/Grace Paulson (Cal) 21-12, 21-13
Flight #4: Maddie Dailey/Jordan McKinney (STAN) def. Maddie Micheletti/Kate Bierly (Cal) 21-18, 21-19
Flight #5: Brooke Buchner/Ava Mann (Cal) def. Emmy Sharp/Amelia Smith (STAN) 21-17, 21-14
Order of finish: 4, 2, 5, 3, 1