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Oregon State Completes Day 1 of Pac-12 Invitational

Apr 10, 2021

LAS VEGAS, Nev. The 20th-ranked Oregon State women's rowing team completed the first day of the Pac-12 Invitational on Saturday morning.
The Beavers raced 8th-ranked Alabama and Washington on day one, finishing third in all three races.

Oregon State will face UCLA, Washington, and No. 19 Washington State on day two of the Pac-12 Invitational tomorrow. The will begin with the V4+ race at 9:40 am (PT), followed by the 2V8+ at 10:20 am and the V8+ at 11 am.
Results will be posted on Twitter at beaverwrowing and Fans are encouraged to watch the stream of the event here or at the link on the women's rowing schedule page on
Race Results vs. No. 8 Alabama and Washington
Washington – 6:13.83
Alabama – 6:23.95
Oregon State – 6:28.29
Washington – 6:20.84
Alabama – 6:33.81
Oregon State – 6:33.9
Washington – 7:02.88
Alabama – 7:17.54
Oregon State – 7:18.36

Varsity Eight: (Stroke) Muryn Greene, (7) Gretchen Thompson, (6) Amelia Sabin, (5) Tessa White-Parsons, (4) Emma Bernou, (3) Sierra Bishop, (2) Hannah Robinson, (Bow) Jane Smeins, (Coxswain) AnnaRuth Neville
Second Varsity Eight: (Stroke) Anna Schulhoff, (7) Maeve Donnelly, (6) Shelby Larkin, (5) Callan Jackman, (4) Zoe Adamson, (3) Natalie Tercek, (2) Kathryn Clemens, (Bow) Gabriella Yakemow, (Coxswain) Charlotte Gregory
Varsity 4+: (4) Becca Pritchard, (3) Maria-Christina Amundson, (2) Rebecca Falash, (Bow) Madeline Toaso, (Coxswain) Nicki Shultz

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