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USC Varsity 8+ Displays Speed on First Day of Lake Las Vegas Pac-12 Women's Invitational

Apr 10, 2021

HENDERSON, Nev.--The USC women's rowing team displayed their speed on the first day of the Lake Las Vegas Pac-12 Women's Invitational, hosted by the Lake Las Vegas Rowing Club in Henderson, Nev. The Varsity 8+ claimed a second place finish, while the Second Varsity 8+ and Varsity 4+ finished fourth and third in their respective races. 
"Day one of the Lake Las Vegas Pac-12 Women's Invitational showed that we have successfully made strides forward that we have seen as a result of our practices," said head coach Josh Adam. "With all of the injuries and lost water time that we had to endure in the early season, we should continue to gain speed throughout the remainder of the racing season. We were super proud of the women this morning, and we are very excited for the races tomorrow."
For a full list of times and boatings, see below.
Today, there were 6-8 mph tailwinds on Lake Las Vegas that decreased throughout the morning. By the time the Varsity 8+ races began, there were calm to ideal condition for the competition. 
The Women of Troy entered Varsity 8+, Second Varsity 8+ and Varsity 4+ boats in today's races and competed against a tough lineup of crews in No. 5 California, No. 19 Washington State and San Diego. 
The Varsity 4+ hit the water first and the Trojans finished third behind Cal and Washington State, but ahead of San Diego. They clocked a time of 7:34.78.
Racing continued with the Second Varsity 8+ who finished in fourth place with a time of 6:40.07. 
The Trojan Varsity 8+ wrapped up the morning on a bright note claiming second place in their race with a time of 6:30.99. The Trojans finished eight seconds behind Cal and defeated Washington State and San Diego. 
The Women of Troy will return to Lake Las Vegas tomorrow (Apr. 11) to conclude the second day of racing at the Pac-12 Women's Invitational.

Lake Las Vegas Pac-12 Women's Invitational
Henderson, Nev. 
Saturday, April 10, 2021


1 6:21.91 Cal 1 6:33.48 Cal 1 7:19.75 Cal
2 6:30.99 USC 2 6:38.78 USD 2 7:20.94 WSU
3 6:35.35 WSU 3 6:39.18 WSU 3 7:34.78 USC
4 6:45.20 USD 4 6:40.07 USC 4 7:34.80 USD
Cox Eden Cooper-Squires Cox Maddy Kim Cox Lillian Lau
Stk. Grete Alttoa Stk. Stephanie Daboub Stk. Sarah Talamaivao
7 Ludovica Braglia 7 Ingrid Brast 3 Mireille Codjia
6 Ieva Medelinskaite 6 Clare Widzgowski 2 Anastasia Slivina
5 Claudia Cabula 5 Ainsley Vondeling Bow Emma Silverstein
4 Olivia Passanisi-Boullet 4 Molly Eberth
3 Anna Molnar 3 Alli McCale
2 Sophia Bogert 2 Allison Opuszynski
Bow Zoe McCutcheon Bow Ezi Emenike