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UW Sweeps Nine Races At Split Regattas In Bay Area

Apr 17, 2021

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – The Washington men's rowing team won all nine of its races Saturday, beating Stanford crews in six different events at Redwood Shores, before winning three more vs. Santa Clara the Oakland Estuary. 
The UW team was split into two squads, with the first and second varsity eight rowing against Stanford – first as two eight-oared crews, then splitting into four crews of four – before the third varsity eight, freshman eight and varsity four took on the Broncos on the opposite side of San Francisco Bay.
Washington's varsity eight, which featured the same nine athletes that rowed against Oregon State two weeks ago, opened the morning with a comfortable win over the Cardinal, earning the Andrea and Everett Peter Paup Cup, named in honor of former UW and Stanford coxswain Pete Paup, a U.S. Marine veteran who finished second in the coxed pair at the 1956 U.S. Olympic Trials and went on to become chairman and president of Manson Construction Company.
The Husky crew, coxed by Seattleite Adam Gold and stroked by fifth-year senior George Esau, completed the 2,000-meter course in a time of 5:39.6, more than 23 seconds in front of the Cardinal, who were racing for the first time this season, and for the first time since 2019.
Washington's second varsity eight, with the exact same lineup as it had vs. Oregon State, won its race in a time of 5:47.9, almost 18 seconds ahead of the Cardinal.
"We are very proud to bring the Paup Cup back to Conibear," said UW head coach Michael Callahan. "The top two eights executed what we set out to do since our last race. We took another step forward and are looking forward to improving in the next few weeks.
After the completion of the two eights races, those same athletes were broken into four crews – two coxless fours and two coxed fours – to race in four separate races against the Cardinal. Washington won all four of those, though mostly by closer margins than in the eights.
"Hats off to Stanford for racing in multiple races today," Callahan commented. "Our students really enjoyed the racing in eights, coxless fours and coxed fours. We believe it brought a new challenge to the collegiate racing season. We missed last season, so getting multiple races in a weekend is helping with experience for our rookies [sophomores]."
About an hour later, the Huskies' third varsity eight, freshman eight and varsity four took on Santa Clara at the Oakland Estuary, the University of California's home training site. It was the Huskies' first appearance on that course in more than 20 years.
Washington opened with the third varsity eight rowing against the varsity eight from Santa Clara, the season debut for the Broncos. Washington won that race, finishing with a time of 5:50.58, about 16 seconds in front of Santa Clara.
The Huskies' freshman eight made its debut in the next event, squaring off with the Santa Clara second varsity eight, winning the race with a time of 5:58.25, also about 16 seconds in front of the competition.
"It's so fulfilling to finally see our freshmen and some of our sophomores race for Washington for the first time," Callahan said. "The freshman group has achieved so much by even getting to the start line today. It's been a challenging year and I think we their pride and passion behind the white blades of Washington today. As a coaching staff we are very excited that they've gotten to this point."
The day concluded with the varsity fours from UW and Santa Clara, with the Husky crew wrapping up the day with a ninth victory. The Washington four, featuring four of the five athletes who crewed that shell two weeks ago vs. Oregon State, won in a time of 6:39.99.
"This weekend was a testament of collaboration and teamwork across many teams in our rowing community: Stanford, Santa Clara, Cal and Artemis Boat Club," Callahan explained. "Artemis opened its shellhouse and docks so we could keep our students safe. Cal welcomed us after their racing on the estuary, so we could race Santa Clara. We borrowed their launches and they gave us local knowledge on how to run these safely and competitively. I believe my senior year in 1996 was the last time the Huskies raced on the estuary.
"Also my coaching staff did an amazing job with logistics and creating racing opportunities for a students happen," Callahan continued. "It was awesome to see Sergio Espinoza, Matt Weaver, Dan Salerno, Alika Ziker,and Julia Paulsen work so cohesively. Just awesome! We were also so appreciative of Santa Clara joining us on the Estuary as an alternate race venue during Covid protocols."
In two weeks, on May 1, Washington's men and women host rival California at the Windermere Cup, on Montlake Cut in Seattle.
"It was a great weekend for the Huskies," Callahan concluded. "We're excited to race on Montlake against the Golden Bears in two weeks!"
Varsity Eight (V8+)
1. Washington– 5:39.6
2. Stanford– 6:03.0
Second Varsity Eight (2V8+)
1. Washington – 5:47.9
2. Stanford – 6:05.8
Varsity Coxless Four - A (4-)
1. Washington – 6:06.6
2. Stanford – 6:14.5
Varsity Coxless Four - B (4-)
1. Washington – 6:08.9
2. Stanford – 6:32.3
Varsity Coxed Four - A (4+)
1. Washington – 6:35.0
2. Stanford – 6:41.6
Varsity Coxed Four - B (4+)
1. Washington – 6:30.0
2. Stanford – 6:45.8
Third Varsity Eight (3V8+)
1. Washington 3V8+ – 5:50.58
2. Santa Clara V8+ – 6:06.71
Freshman Eight (F8+
1. Washington F8+ – 5:58.25
2. Santa Clara 2V8+ – 6:14.66
Varsity Four (V4+)
1. Washington V4+ – 6:39.99
2. Stanford V4+ – 6:57.53
Washington Lineups at Stanford
Varsity Eight+
Shell: Grand Challenger
Cox: Adam Gold (Seattle, Wash./Seattle Academy)
Stroke: George Esau (Long Lake, Minn./Orono)
7: Pieter Quinton (Portland, Ore./Grant/Harvard)
6: Jack Walkey (Victoria, B.C., Canada)
5: Peter Lancashire (Victoria, B.C., Canada)
4: Gert-Jan van Doorn (Leiden, The Netherlands)
3: Mattijs Holler (Vienna, Austria)
2: Adam Krol (Toronto, Ont., Canada)
Bow: Samuel Halbert (Redmond, Wash./Woodinville)
Second Varsity Eight+
Shell: Chuck Holtz III
Cox: Zach Casler (Newport Beach, Calif./Newport Harbor)
Stroke: Nils Vorberg (Hamburg, Germany)
7: Steve Rosts (Jordon, Ont., Canada)
6: Ian Engstrom (Lincoln, Mass./Lincoln-Sudbury)
5: Felix Reinhold (Cape Town, South Africa)
4: David Bridges (Portland, Ore./Jesuit)
3: Paolo Bifulco (Portland, Ore./Lincoln)
2: Sebastian Ritter (Regensburg, Germany)
Bow: Chase Deitner (Perth Australia)
Coxless Four – A 
Stroke: George Esau (Long Lake, Minn./Orono)
3: Pieter Quinton (Portland, Ore./Grant/Harvard)
2: Gert-Jan van Doorn (Leiden, The Netherlands)
Bow: Samuel Halbert (Redmond, Wash./Woodinville)
Coxless Four – B
Stroke: Jack Walkey (Victoria, B.C., Canada)
3: Mattijs Holler (Vienna, Austria)
2: Adam Krol (Toronto, Ont., Canada)
Bow: Peter Lancashire (Victoria, B.C., Canada)
Coxed Four – A
Stroke: Steve Rosts (Jordon, Ont., Canada)
3: Ian Engstrom (Lincoln, Mass./Lincoln-Sudbury)
2: David Bridges (Portland, Ore./Jesuit)
Bow: Felix Reinhold (Cape Town, South Africa)
Cox: Nicole Gooding (Portland, Ore./Lakeridge)
Coxed Four – B
Stroke: Sebastian Ritter (Regensburg, Germany)
3: Chase Deitner (Perth Australia)
2: Nils Vorberg (Hamburg, Germany)
Bow: Paolo Bifulco (Portland, Ore./Lincoln)
Cox: Max Schwartzkopff (Frankfurt am Main, Germany)
Washington Lineups at Santa Clara
Third Varsity Eight
Shell: Chuck Holtz II
Cox: Thomas Wenk (Cincinnati, Ohio/St. Xavier)
Stroke: Jeffrey Thiers (Seattle, Wash./Roosevelt)
7: Max Heid (Seattle, Wash./Seattle Prep)
6: Max Mason (Redmond, Wash./Redmond)
5: Jack Premzic (Davis, Calif./Davis Senior)
4: Chase Barrows (Snohomish, Wash./Archbishop Murphy)
3: Austin Regier  (Burien, Wash./Mount Rainier)
2: Pablo Matan (San Jose, Calif./Bellarmine Prep)
Bow: Colin Kwiecinski (Cincinnati, Ohio/St. Xavier)
Freshman Eight
Shell: Carl Lovsted
Coxswain: Nick Dunlop (Sydney, Australia)
Stroke: Robert Pluijmert (Dieren, The Netherlands)
7: Luca Unkovic (Paris, France/Redwood (Calif.))
6: Blake Bradshaw (Auckland, New Zealand)
5: Archie Drummond (Twickenham, London, U.K.)
4: Louis Gallia IV (Sacramento, Calif./Jesuit)
3: Gus Altucher (Portland, Ore./Cleveland)
2: Caleb Cowles (Newport Beach, Calif./Newport Harbor)
Bow: Abe Eligator (Larchmont, N.Y./Mamaroneck)
Varsity Four
Shell: Lou Gellermann
Stroke: Michael Thiers (Seattle, Wash./Roosevelt)
3: Matt Peters (Reading, England, U.K.)
2: Owen Malone IV (Alexandria, Va./Gonzaga College High School)
Bow: Chandler Kovacevich (Snohomish, Wash./Monroe)
Cox: Isabel Klein (Seattle, Wash./University Prep)