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Beach Volleyball Wins Final Match of the Regular Season 4-1

Apr 24, 2021

SALT LAKE CITY- The Utah beach volleyball team ended the regular season with a win against Salt Lake Community College. Utah beat SLCC 4-1.
Utah started off the day celebrating the seniors Olivia Teerlink and Keana Smalls. Both seniors won their matches, starting off with Keana Smalls and Camille Lee won both matches by a considerable margin, 21-11 and 21-12.  Olivia Teerlink and Sage Patchell also pulled out ahead early and won both matches 21-7 and 21-12
Mia Kowalczyk and Joana Saucedo Mondragon came out on top and won their sets 21-10 and 21-7. 
Up Next
The Utes will be headed to Los Angeles for the Pac-12 Championships from April 28- May 1 to finish off the season. 
Utah (4) def. SLCC (1)
Salt Lake City
1.Sammi Johnston/ Jessa Gines (SLCC) def. Marissa Koch/ Grace Andrews (Utah) 21-18, 19-21, 15-13
2.Sage Patchell/ Olivia Teerlink (Utah) def. Gwen Russell/ Kenadee Christensen (SLCC) 21-7, 21-12
3.Keana Smalls/ Camille Lee (Utah) def. Kia Kaohelaulii/ Anastasia Tuifua (SLCC) 21-11, 21-13
4.Mia Kowalczyk/ Joana Saucedo Mondragon (Utah) def. Charley Turner/ Hailey Ross (SLCC) 21-10, 21-7
5.Hannah Stahle/ Macy Rideout (Utah) def. No Player/ No Player (SLCC)