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No. 18 UCLA Rowing Competes Against Stanford, USC

May 1, 2021
Ellen Ulitsky (photo by Jesus Ramirez)

LOS ANGELES – The No. 18-ranked UCLA women's rowing team competed against No. 6 Stanford and USC at the Port of Los Angeles on Saturday morning, finishing in second place in the second varsity eight race (2V8+).
UCLA's varsity eight crew (V8+) finished third, just one second behind second-place USC in the first race of the morning. Stanford won the V8+ race with a time of 6:29.0. USC finished in 6:42.0 while UCLA concluded the race in 6:43.0.
The Bruins' 2V8+ crew posted a final time of 7:03.0, finishing the race 21 seconds ahead of USC. Stanford clocked in with a time of 6:44.0, while USC finished the race in 7:24.0.
UCLA's varsity four crew (V4+) finished in third place with a final time of 7:58.0. Stanford won the V4+ race (7:33.0) and USC registered a second-place finish (7:58.0).
UCLA and Stanford each raced third varsity eight crews (3V8+). Stanford defeated the Bruins in the final race of the morning, posting a final time of 6:52.0. UCLA completed the 3V8+ race in 7:29.0.
The Bruins will return to action at the annual Pac-12 Championships in Gold River, Calif., on Lake Natoma on Sunday, May 16.

Saturday's Results
Varsity Eight
1. Stanford – 6:29.0
2. USC – 6:42.0
3. UCLA – 6:43.0
Second Varsity Eight
1. Stanford – 6:44.0
2. UCLA – 7:03.0
3. USC – 7:24.0
Varsity Four
1. Stanford – 7:33.0
2. USC – 7:50.0
3. UCLA – 7:58.0
Third Varsity Eight
1. Stanford – 6:52.0
2. UCLA – 7:29.0

Saturday's Racing Lineups
Varsity Eight (V8+): (stroke) Natasha Strudwick, (7) Lucy Holgate, (6) Olivia Caesar, (5) Jessie Goodall, (4) Allison Carr, (3) Sarah Coufal, (2) Rosemary Varney, (bow) Lucy Pullinger, (coxswain) Sofia Papini.
Second Varsity Eight (2V8+): (stroke) Paula Jaramillo, (7) Irene Ulitsky, (6) Ellen Ulitsky, (5) Mia Glinn, (4) Shelby Meksto, (3) Grace Elias, (2) Jane DiLauro, (bow) Kieran Wild, (coxswain) Sydney Page.
Varsity Four (V4+): (stroke) Paige Ortzman, (3) Laura Bernstein, (2) Grace Hinckley, (bow) Alex Benson, (coxswain) Anneliese Solberg.
Third Varsity Eight (3V8+): (stroke) Sharon Doyle, (7) Austyn Sirmon, (6) Margaux Bomsta, (5) Audrey Goodman, (4) Abby Hile, (3) Whitney Wood, (2) Juliette Frank, (bow) Audrey Petersen, (coxswain) Alli Hinmon.