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Sun Devil Athletics Celebrates 2021 Spring and Summer Graduates

May 7, 2021

TEMPE, Ariz. – Arizona State University and Sun Devil Athletics celebrated the important tradition of graduation this week as 104 Sun Devil student-athletes graduated in spring and 26 additional will graduate in summer for a total of 130 graduates.
Including fall graduates (28), a total of 158 Sun Devil student-athletes received their degrees in 2020-21.

A total of 49 student-athletes graduated with honors, including 22 summa cum laude (3.80 to 4.00 GPA), 15 magna cum laude (3.60 to 3.79 GPA), and 12 cum laude (3.40 to 3.59 GPA).
There are 11 student-athletes that finished their degree in less than four years while six student-athletes will graduate from Barrett Honors College. Two former football student-athletes returned to complete their degree in the 2020-21 academic year.

There are 12 Tip of the Fork Program graduates in 2021, the highest number Sun Devil Athletics has seen. This program encourages high-performing Sun Devil student-athletes to redefine their standard of excellence by providing them with experiences and education to become transformative leaders in their community.
The following list includes student-athletes who participated in graduation ceremonies last week:

  • Nick Cheema, MS Organizational Leadership%
  • Brady Corrigan, BA Business (Communication)&
  • Justin Fall, BA Liberal Studies%
  • Hunter Jump, BA Liberal Studies%
  • Drew Swift, BA Interdisciplinary Studies (Organizational Leadership & Personal Health)&
  • Boyd Vander Kooi, BA Interdisciplinary Studies (Organizational Leadership & Personal Health)&

Men's Basketball

  • Kimani Lawrence, BS Sociology&
  • Imran Takhar, BS Sociology, Global Health (Minor)&
  • Alonzo Verge Jr. , BA Liberal Studies&
  • Holland Woods, BA Liberal Studies%

Women's Basketball

  • Bre'yanna Sanders, BAE Educational Studies&
  • Jayde Van Hyfte, BA Interdisciplinary Studies (Personal Health & Integrative Health)*%#

Beach Volleyball

  • Bailey Anderson, BS/BFA Psychology/Art (Intermedia)*&
  • Emily Anderson, BS Nonprofit Leadership and Management, Special Events Management (Certificate)***%#
  • Katelyn Carballo, MLS Legal Studies&
  • Sierra Ellett, BA Business (Sports Business)&
  • Cierra Flood, BS Psychology**&^
  • Samantha Plaster, BS Kinesiology*&
  • Aleksandra Sochacka, MS Business Analytics&


  • Kyle Breed, BA Business (Law)&
  • D.J. Davidson, BS Criminology & Criminal Justice&
  • Shannon Forman, BS Criminology & Criminal Justice&
  • Ralph Frias, BA Interdisciplinary Studies (Criminal Justice & Sociology)%#
  • Vincenzo Granatelli, BS Political Studies, History (Minor)*%
  • Curtis Hodges, BA Liberal Studies%
  • K.J. Jarrell, BA Liberal Studies%
  • Ryan Kelley, BA Interdisciplinary Studies (Sociology & Business)&
  • Chase Lucas, BA Liberal Studies&
  • Michael Matus, BS Supply Chain Management, Applied Business Data Analytics (Minor)**%!#
  • Loren Mondy, BS Communication%
  • Thomas Ohmart, BA Liberal Studies%@
  • Corey Stephens, BA/BS Finance/Business (Communication)**&^!#
  • Michael Turk, BA Liberal Studies***%#
  • Paul Unga, BA Liberal Studies%@
  • Mark Walton, BA Interdisciplinary Studies (Communication & Business), Sales and Marketing Essentials (Certificate)&
  • Cristian Zendejas, BS Justice Studies&

Men's Golf

  • Chun An Yu, BA Liberal Studies&
  • Mason Andersen, BS Economics%

Women's Golf

  • Raquel Olmos Ros, BA Interdisciplinary Studies (Political Science & Sociology)***&


  • Cairo Leonard-Baker, BA Interdisciplinary Studies (Sales and Marketing Essentials & Fashion)&
  • Maya Williams, BS Biological Sciences&


  • Filips Buncis, MLS Legal Studies&
  • Evan Debrouwer, BA Business (Communication)***
  • Sean Dhooghe, BA Liberal Studies&
  • Dominic Garcia, BA Psychology (Forensic Psychology), Criminal Justice & Criminology (Minor)/Homeland Security (Certificate)&
  • Jarrod Gourley, BS Finance*
  • Gvido Jansons, BS Supply Chain Management, Real Estate (Minor)***&
  • William Knierim, MSLB Sports Law and Business&
  • James Sanchez, MSLB Sports Law and Business&
  • Connor Stuart, BS Finance***
  • John Walker, BA Business (Communication)&
  • Jacob Wilson, BS Business Entrepreneurship/Finance*&!


  • Berkeley Bonneau, MS Family and Human Development&
  • Emma Carlson, BA Business (Sports Business)***&
  • Brittany Chamberlain, BS Family and Human Development&
  • Maura Cissel, BS Kinesiology&
  • Kate Dougherty, BA Communication, Business (Minor)***&
  • Graci Fulkerson, BS Psychology, Criminology and Criminal Justice (Minor)/Law and Human Behavior (Certificate)***&
  • Emily Glagolev, BSE Biomedical Engineering*&
  • Haley Gorke, BS Kinesiology*&^!
  • Avery Hamill, MS Organizational Leadership%
  • Mackenzie Hovsepian, BS Management&
  • Maddy Hunter, BS Medical Studies**&^!
  • Kylie Kroeger, BS Psychology, Family and Human Development (Minor)**&
  • Emily Munro, BA Liberal Studies&
  • Campbell Poe, MS Medical Nutrition&
  • Caryn Takeuchi, BS Psychology&
  • Maria Villanti, BS Political Science, International Studies (Certificate)*&!
  • Lia Willis, BS Exercise and Wellness%


  • Taylor Culver, BA Business (Law)*&
  • Jessica Hale, BSE Industrial Engineering&


  • Denae Chatman, BS Speech and Hearing Science&
  • Halle Harger, BS Health Sciences (Healthy Lifestyles Coaching)&
  • Kiara Kennedy, BS Health Sciences&
  • Isabella Loomis, BS Family and Human Development, Psychology (Minor)**&
  • Olivia Miller, BA Business (Law)&
  • Madison Preston, BA Liberal Studies&

Swimming & Diving

  • Evan Carlson, BSE Mechanical Engineering**&!
  • Camryn Curry, BS Biological Sciences, Sustainability (Minor)**&!
  • Nora Deleske, BS Justice Studies&
  • Savannah Du Puis, BA Interdisciplinary Studies (Educational Studies & Psychology)%
  • Frida Kaellgren, BSE Industrial Engineering*&
  • Erica Laning, BS Communication, Media Analysis (Minor)&
  • Emma Nordin, BS Biological Sciences (Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior)*&!
  • Youssef Selim, BS Marketing / Suppply Chain Management, International Business Studies (certificate)*&
  • Cameron Smith, BS/BS Health Sciences/Justice Studies*&
  • Carter Swift, BS Exercise and Wellness%

Men's Tennis

  • Andrea Bolla, BA Spanish, Business (Minor)*
  • Makey Mandresy Rakotomalala, BA Liberal Studies&
  • Tim Ruehl, BS Management*&

Women's Tennis

  • Lauryn John-Baptiste, BS Family & Human Development*&
  • Samantha Hampton, MA Political Psychology%
  • Sasa Klanecek, BA Business (Sports Business)*&

Track & Field

  • Josephine Anokye, BA Liberal Studies&
  • Kaylee Antill, MS Construction Management and Technology%
  • Averie Brook, BA/BS Business (Sports Business/Marketing, Nutrition and Healthy Living (Minor)**&
  • Amanda Carty, BA Liberal Studies, Communication (Minor)&
  • Michael Chadwick, BS Finance%
  • Fearghal Curtin, BA Liberal Studies%
  • Hannah Flodin, BS Finance&
  • Alexander George, MS Criminology & Criminal Justice&
  • Tommi Hintnaus, BS Exercise and Wellness*&
  • Beatrice Llano, BA Interdisciplinary Studies (Personal Health & Tourism Development and Management)***&
  • Adam Meyer, BA Business (Sports Business)&
  • Antonio Mitchell, BA Liberal Studies%
  • Jeminise Parris, BA Liberal Studies, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Certificate)&
  • Kentre Patterson, BS Sociology%
  • Megan Reniewicki, MS User Experience&
  • Cole Riddle, BS Exercise & Wellness***&
  • Oliver Rigg, MS Global Logistics&
  • Ian Schulz, BA Interdisciplinary Studies (Entrepreneurship and Innovation & Sales and Marketing Essentials)&
  • Nicholas Shampoe, BS Computer Science&
  • Bianca Tinoco, BS Kinesiology&


  • Catherine Giuseffi, BSD Industrial Design*&
  • Hannah Henry, BS Business Entrepreneurship, Nutrition and Healthy Living (Minor)**&!
  • Rebecca Naughton, BSE Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics (Minor)**&!
  • Kyla Roy, BSW Social Work*&!
  • Kenzi Wilson, BSD Architectural Studies, Construction Management (Minor)**&^


  • Megan Beedie, BA Interdisciplinary Studies (Sales and Marketing Essentials & Sustainability), Real Estate (Minor)&
  • Claire Kovensky, BS Psychology***&
  • Danica Krstonosic, BS Computer Science (Software Engineering)**&

Water Polo

  • Meghan Beaudet, BA Digital Culture**&
  • Katherine Cassidy, BS Communication/Political Science&
  • Belen Ehinger, BS Mathmatics, Analysis and Management of Insurance Risk (Certificate)/Spanish (Minor)&
  • Chelsea Karimazondo, BS Speech and Hearing Science%#
  • Bente Rogge, BS Biological Sciences (Biomedical Sciences)**&
  • Amira Van Buren, BSW Social Work, Nonprofit Leadership and Management (Minor)&


  • Cade Belshay, BS Finance*&^
  • Navonte Demison, BA Interdisciplinary Studies (Communication & Personal Health)%
  • Anthony Valencia, MLSt Liberal Studies (Film and Media Studies)&

& Spring 2021 graduate
% Summer 2021 graduate
^Barrett Honors College graduate
! Tip of the Fork Cohort
# Graduated in less than 4 years
@ Sun Devil 4 Life Degree Completion
* Summa Cum Laude (3.80 to 4.00 GPA)
**Magna Cum Laude (3.60 to 3.79 GPA)
***Cum Laude (3.40 to 3.59 GPA)