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Tickets Punched

Jun 14, 2021

OMAHA, Neb. – Two tickets were punched to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Monday night at the CHI Health Center.

Torri Huske lowered her American record to qualify for her first Olympic games at the age of 18, while Katie Ledecky cruised to victory to become a three-time Olympian.

In the first final of the night, the incoming freshman Huske lowered her American record – which she set last night – with a 55.66 in the 100m fly.

Ledecky qualified for her third Olympic games with a 4:01.27 in the 400m free to race to a 3.59-second victory over the field.

A US Open record of 57.92 from Regan Smith advanced her to tomorrow's final of the 100m back.

Allie Raab was ninth in the semifinals of the 100m breast, and she will be the first reserve for tomorrow's finals.

The Cardinal will be represented tomorrow in the 200m free, 1500m free, 200m IM, 100m back and potentially the 100m breast.
Stanford Results

100m Back: 1. Regan Smith- 58.35 (Q), 40. Janelle Rudolph- 1:02.08, 47. Lucie Nordmann- 1:02.36, 55. Alex Crisera- 1:03.04, 61. Amy Tang- 1:03.58
100m Breast: 8. Allie Raab- 1:07.69 (Q), 36. Zoe Bartel- 1:10.07
400m Free: 1. Katie Ledecky- 4:03.07 (Q), 32. Morgan Tankersley- 4:17.06, 36. Isabel Gormley- 4:17.57

100m Breast: 9. Allie Raab- 1:07.45 (R)
100m Back: 1. Regan Smith- 57.91 (Q, US, CR)

100m Fly: 1. Torri Huske- 55.66 (Q, AR, US, CR)
400m Free: 1. Katie Ledecky- 4:01.27 (Q)