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Pac-12 Announces Spring Academic Honor Roll

Jul 22, 2021

SAN FRANCISCO - Utah Athletics had 144 student-athletes honored today by landing on the Pac-12 Conference 2021 Spring Academic Honor Roll.

A total of 1,995 student-athletes were recognized for their work in the classroom and were named to the Pac-12 Conference's 2021 Spring Academic Honor Roll.
Any student-athlete on their respective team roster with a cumulative grade-point average of 3.3-or-above, and who has served at least one year in residence at the institution, is eligible for the distinction.
The 2021 Spring Academic Honor Roll includes 1,654 student-athletes who participated in the Conference-sponsored sports of baseball, beach volleyball, men's & women's golf, women's lacrosse, men's & women's rowing, softball, men's & women's tennis, and men's & women's outdoor track & field.
As approved by the Conference's Faculty Athletics Representatives, any student-athlete competing in an NCAA-sponsored or emerging sport at a Pac-12 institution, regardless of league sponsorship, is now eligible for Academic Honor Roll recognition. These 341 newly eligible student-athletes in the sports of acrobatics & tumbling, fencing, field hockey, men's gymnastics, men's ice hockey, men's & women's indoor track & field, men's lacrosse, skiing, triathlon, men's volleyball, and men's & women's water polo are also recognized below.

Trey Clarkson, Finance
Dakota Duffalo, Business Admin
Randon Hostert, Kinesiology
Ben Kibbe, Undeclared
Ian MacIver, Environmental Studies
Dustyn Schramm, Kinesiology
Tyler Thompson, Accounting
Rykker Tom, Psychology
Gage Webster, Undeclared
Kayler Yates, Kinesiology

Beach Volleyball
Grace Andrews, Undeclared
Marissa Koch, Psychology
Camille Lee, Undeclared
Kaiya Liwanag, Undeclared
Sage Patchell, English
Macy Rideout, Kinesiology
Keana Smalls, Positive Psychology Certificate
Hannah Stahle, Psychology
Olivia Teerlink, Sociology & Psychology

Javier Barcos, Business Admin
Axel Einarsson, Finance
Martín León, Psychology
Oscar Maxfield, Communications
Colton Tanner, Marketing
Sam Tidd, Family, Community & Human Development
Jesper von Reedtz, Finance

Jared Andreala, Business Administration
Jack Barron, Operation & Supply Chain Management
Joey Boylston, Civil Engineering
Tyler Bradbury, Finance
Cole Brams, Business Administration
Samuel Cambere, Criminology
Bryce Cheek, Electrical Engineering
Collin Ervin, Business Administration
Steele Headden, Psychology
Kellen Hoke, Finance
Connor Hollison, Psychology
Jordan Hyde, Psychology
Zack Johns, Quantitative Analysis of Markets and Organizations
Connor Kentros, Pre-Business
Jarrod King, Computer Science
Rylan Lemons, Finance
Taylor Mason, Business Administration
Dominic Mata, Health, Society, and Policy
MJ McMahon, Finance
Carson Moyer, Business Administration
Harrison Nye, Masters in Finance
Harrison Oehler, Undeclared
Ryan Rogers, Finance
Jonathan Rose, Business Administration
Josh Rose, Business Administration
Ruben Santana, Emergency Medical Services
Ryan Smith, Communications
Davis Smith, Business Administration
Donny Stock, Finance
Koa Todd, Kinesiology
Jacob Torres, Undeclared
Drew Wasserman, Business Administration
Luke Welch, Communications

Men's Tennis
Russell Benkaim, Economics
Benjamin Heck, Biomedical Engineering (Master's)
Slava Shainyan, Finance (Master's)
Rian Ta, Business Administration

Bjorn Brudevoll, Business Admin
Keely Cashman, Undeclared
Samuel Hendry, Biology
Luke Jager, Economics
Abby Jarzin, Kinesiology
Ola Jordheim, Masters in Mechanical Engineering
Noel Keeffe, Material Science Engineering
Michelle Kervén, Business Admin
Mo Lebel, Health, Society and Policy
Joachim Lien, Finance
Novie McCabe, Undeclared
Karianne Moe, Mechanical Engineering
Sona Moravcikova, Biology
Wilhelm Normannseth, Business Admin
Sydney Palmer-Leger, Kinesiology
Katie Parker, Psychology
Huston Philp, Economics
Claire Timmermann, Kinesiology
Katie Vesterstein, Finance
Gustav Vøllo, Finance

Alyssa Barrera, Master of Information Systems
Ellessa Bonstrom, Information Systems
Haley Denning, Health Promotion & Education
Katie Faulk, Master of Athletic Training
Mary Beth Feldman, Undeclared
Jordyn Gasper, History
Madi Jacobus, Nursing
Sophie Jacquez, Health & Kinesiology
AJ Militello, Strategic Communication
Halle Morris, Undeclared
Julia Noskin, Strategic Communication
Sydney Sandez, Family Community & Human Development
Julia Scardina, Communication Journalism

Women's Tennis
Emily Dush, Communications
Anastasia Goncharova, Sociology
Katya Hersh, Film & Media Arts
Lindsay Hung, Marketing
Anya Lamoreaux, Health, Society and Policy
Madeline Lamoreaux, Health, Society and Policy
Madison McKay, Communications
Jasmine Rich, Marketing
Madison Tattini, Biology

Track & Field
Aubrey Argyle, Elementary Education
Skyler Blair, Biomedical Engineering
Karli Branch, Biology
Grace Burnett, Finance
Anna Busatto, Biomedical Engineering
Emma Christensen, Biomedical Engineering
Martina Conner, Economics & Political Science
Regan Crofts, Kinesiology
Meghan Curtin, Molecular Biology PHD
Emma Earl, Accounting
Delaney Gates, Business Administration
Kaya Heideman, Elementary Education
Whitney Hessler, Marketing
Brooklyn James, Communications
Morgan Jensen, Undeclared
Bailey Kealamakia, Data Science
Chloe Kockler, Civil Engineering
Maya LeBar, Political Science
Sara Leonard, Nursing
Astrid Lindgren, Kinesiology
Ellie Lundgreen, Chemical Engineering
Brooke Manson, Urban Planning
Jackie Martin, Marketing
Ruby Jane Mathewson, Biology
Kaitlyn Mercer, Psychology
Trina Moreno, Masters of Social Work
Annie Murdock, Undeclared
Sarah Newton, Kinesiology
Lauren O'Banion, Finance
Natalie Platil, Computer Engineering
Kennedy Powell, Biomedical Engineering
Claire Rusovick, Film and Media Studies
Sophie Ryan, English Teaching
Poppy Tank, Psychology
Taylor Watson, Sociology
Rachel Whipple, Chemistry
Bella Williams, History
Cara Woolnough, Biomedical Engineering
Jasie York, Kinesiology