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2021 USC Football Fall Camp Report #4: Freshmen Korey Foreman, Ceyair Wright, Raesjon Davis Introduced

Aug 10, 2021

At the end of a physical practice, three top freshmen were introduced to the media for the first time:

  • The USC coaching staff closed strong in recruiting, locking down the No. 7 class in the country for 2021, thanks in large part to Korey Foreman, Raesjon Davis and Ceyair Wright, all top 80 players nationally. The star-studded defensive trio is adjusting quickly to major college football. "It's been good so far," Davis said. "They brought me in easily, so they're not trying to rush everything."
  • To a man, they all commented on the speed of play at this level as the biggest adjustment, which is completely normal for true freshmen. "Just the tempo, the fast pace of everything and the physicality of everything," said Foreman about the leap from high school to college. "It's something you can't prepare for, you step into it and it's just a new world."
  • The coaching staff has helped by providing one-on-one sessions to learn the playbook, and they have been true to their word about the expectations for each player. "They have been playing me exactly where they said they would, just rushing off the edge," Davis said. "Coach Orlando is really living up to the scheme."
  • Along with the speed of play, the extensive strength and conditioning program is also new. Foreman has had to test himself physically and mentally, saying, "I have learned that I can push through certain adversities and just being able to keep going," he said about the first week. "My endurance doesn't really matter to me, I've always been able to push through."
  • While Foreman is focused on his stamina, Wright is looking to get bigger, so he's eating everything in sight. It's working too. He's gained 15 pounds already just by "eating and lifting."
  • The physicality of camp can take its toll on young players' bodies, especially if they don't know how to take care of themselves. Davis said that Orlando advises all his players get in the cold tub as often as possible, so they have as much energy by practice 15 as they do now in practice 4.
  • All three players are local so their senior years of high school were decimated by the pandemic, and so they all expressed gratitude for being on the field again and around teammates. They are loving the training camp experience. "I've never really had the experience of being able to workout and then 100 feet away, I'm in my bed," Wright said. "It's pretty cool being able to chill, play video games and come out here and do what I love."
  • Wright had the most unique summer of the trio, playing a role in the Space Jam reboot alongside LeBron James. The multi-talented Wright explained why he chose USC, saying, "USC is a great team athletically. It's a great school academically. Cinematically, it's also amazing. It's kind of second to none in every aspect. It was really a no brainer for me."
  • The movie was a hit with Wright's new teammates, but they did give him a hard time about his basketball skills. "They went to go see the movie. Everybody liked it. They told me I did a good job," said Wright, who actually filmed the movie when he was 16.