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Utah Competed on Day Two of ITA Regionals

Sep 22, 2021

PROVO, Utah – The Utah Men's Tennis squad wrapped up the second day of ITA Regionals at BYU this afternoon, advancing one doubles team to the quarterfinals and two players for the round of 16 in the singles draw.
Day two started with the round of 32 doubles, with three of the four Utes teams competing. The No. 2 duo, Franco Capalbo/Geronimo Busleiman, defeated the New Mexico opposition 8-5. Similarly, the No. 4 duo Francisco Bastias/Bruno Caula downed Ryo Minakata/Jan Lucca Marquardt from Boise State, 8-6. The third Utah team, Rian Ta/Jayson Blando, fell short to No.3 Jack Barnett/Matheus Ferreira Leite, who are the top doubles team for BYU, and gave the Cougar duo the upper hand for a final score of 8-4.
The tournament moved on to the round of 16 doubles, where one of the two Utah pairs advanced to the quarterfinals to be played tomorrow, at BYU. No. 4 duo Bastias/Caula defeated the Montana State duo, 8-6, and secured their spot in the quarterfinals. No. 2 duo Capalbo/Busleiman fell short to the opposition, losing their match 8-5 and leaving the doubles competition.
In single's play, the team began the round of 32 with six players and finished with only two still in the main draw. Utah's 2nd seed, Capalbo, defeated Weber State's Buxman 6-2, 7-6 (2) and secured his place at the singles round of 16 tomorrow. Following Capalbo's success, 8th-seeded Bastias won the second singles match for Utah, downing Bruno Casino, 6-3, 6-1.
Mathias Gavelin dropped his match 6-3, 6-1 against Air Force Academy's Robert Baylon. The third-seeded player in the draw, Busleiman, lost his match after a close score, falling 7-6(6), 6-3 to Utah State's 23rd seed David Cierny. Montana State's 29th-seeded Matej Panik downed Utah's 15th seed, Bruno Krenn, finishing the match 6-4, 6-3. Utah's 6th seed, Caula, was also knocked out after dropping both sets to Utah State's Zarkovic 6-3, 6-1.
Day two also saw the beginning of the consolation bracket, where Utah had one doubles team and one singles player.Utah's Michael Blando lost his match to New Mexico State's Simecek due to a walkover. The doubles team, Gavelin/Krenn, also dropped their match against Idaho State's Robbertse/Cankus for a final score of 8-6.
The Utes will continue into the singles round of 16 with two players and into the double's quarterfinals with one team tomorrow. The matches will start at 9 a.m. MT. The matches will be updated on the ITA website.
ITA Regional Championships – Day 2 Results 
Main Draw:
Singles - Round of 32
2nd-seeded Franco Capalbo (UU) def. 28th-seeded Sebastian Buxman (WSU), 6-2, 7-6(2)
8th-seeded Francisco Bastias (UU) def. Bruno Casino (UI), 6-3, 6-1
23rd-seeded David Cierny (USU) def. 3rd-seeded Geronimo Busleiman (UU), 7-6(6), 6-3
29th-seeded Matej Panik (MSU) def. 15th-seeded Bruno Krenn (UU), 6-4, 6-3
31st-seeded Robert Baylon (AFA) def. Mathias Gavelin (UU), 6-3, 6-3
Bodin Zarkovic (USU) def. 6th-seeded Bruno Caula (UU), 6-3, 6-1
Doubles - Round of 32
2nd-seeded Franco Capalbo/Geronimo Busleiman (UU) def. Alexander Maggs/Jan Pucalka (UNM), 8-5
4th-seeded Francisco Bastias/Bruno Caula (UU) def. Ryo Minakata/Jan Lucca Marquardt (BSU), 8-6 
3rd-seeded Jack Barnett/Matheus Ferreira Leite (BYU) def. Rian Ta/Jayson Blando (UU), 8-4
Doubles - Round of 16
4th-seeded Francisco Bastias/Bruno Caula (UU) def. Moritz Stoeger/Guillermo Martin (UM), 8-6
9th-seeded Patrik Trhac/Patrick Kristensen (ISU) def. 2nd-seeded Capalbo/Busleiman (UU), 8-5
Consolation Draw:
Doubles – Round of 32 
Wikus Robbertse/Umit Ege Cankus (ISU) def. Mathias Gavelin/Bruno Krenn (UU), 8-6
Singles – Round of 32
Martin Simecek (NMSU) def. Michael Blando (UU), WO