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Beach Volleyball Releases 2021 Fall Schedule

Oct 20, 2021

TUCSON, Ariz. -- Arizona Beach Volleyball will begin their fall schedule on Friday Oct. 29 at Arizona State. The Sand Cats will play in four fall tournaments to prepare for the beginning of the 2022 season. 

Head Coach Steve Walker
"It's never lost on us as a staff that every year and every team is unique and special in its own way.  We've thoroughly enjoyed getting to work with these dedicated young women; and have a really good balance of veteran leadership/seasoned players that have proven they can perform during the most tenuous of times, coupled with a large crop of players who are working diligently to gain traction and consistency.  Our practices, the level of play in practice, are starting to show some of that hard work paying off, but we are a long ways from a finished product and our players know that, and have been really mature about showing up ready to put the time in on a daily basis.  For the fall term scrimmages against other schools, we are looking for the players than can take what we've worked on in practice every day and put it in play.  Good results will be a bi-product of doing just that."

Fall 2021 Schedule:

  • Away: ASU - October 29, 2021 (ASU, Arizona) – Pera Club (NO FANS ALLOWED) – Dual Format
  • Away: GCU - October 30, 2021 (ASU, Ottawa University, GCU, Arizona Christian, Arizona) – (FANS ALLOWED) Pairs Format
  • Host: November 6, 2021 (GCU) – Homecoming Weekend.  Dual Format vs. ASU/GCU & scrimmages including Alum
  • Away: November 14, 2021 - SoCal Challenge - Manhattan Beach, CA – USC, Pepperdine, Cal Poly – Dual Format 

November 6, 2021 Homecoming weekend schedule 


Court #2

Court #3

Court #4

Court #5

Court #1


UA 1 vs. GCU 1

UA 2 vs. GCU 2

UA 3 vs. GCU 3

UA 4 vs. GCU 4

UA 5 vs GCU 5


UA 6 vs. GCU 6

UA 7 vs. GCU 7

UA 8 vs. GCU 8

UA 9 vs. GCU 9

UA 10 vs. GCU 10


UA 1 vs. GCU 1

UA 2 vs. GCU 2

UA 3 vs. GCU 3

UA 4 vs. GCU 4

UA 5 vs. GCU 5


UA 6 vs. GCU 6

UA 7 vs. GCU 7

UA 8 vs. GCU 8

UA 9 vs. GCU 9

UA 10 vs. GCU 10

11:00 am

Alumni vs Alumni

Alumni vs. Alumni

Alumni vs. UA

Alumni vs. UA