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Women's Rowing Opens Fall Season with Strong Performance at Head of Spokane

Oct 24, 2021

SPOKANE, Wash. – The Oregon State women's rowing team competed in its first fall regatta on Saturday, Oct. 23 for the first time since 2019 at the Head of Spokane which was hosted by Gonzaga.
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The Varsity 8+s boat consisting of Zoe Adamson, Maeve Donnelly, Amelia Sabin, Sierra Bishop, Muryn Greene, Gretchen Thompson, Hannah Robinson, Jane Smeins, and coxed by Nicki Shultz took first with a 16:28 time winning the first flight's varsity eight race. Two other Beaver boats finished sixth (17:21) and 10th (20:33) at the Head of Spokane.
The Beaver's raced three Varsity 4+s that clocked in at 19:40 for a fourth-place finish followed by 19:56 (sixth) and 20:52 (eighth).
Donnelly and Adamson guided OSU's A pair to a second-place finish, as the Beaver duo crossed at 20:26. Bishop and Greene took fourth after clocking a 20:30 race. Three other 2-s Beaver boats raced, taking sixth, eight and 11th on the day.
Oregon State has one more fall regatta this season, hosting the Orange and Black regatta on Saturday, Nov. 13 in Corvallis, Ore.
Varsity 8: (1st place)
               Cox: Nicki Shultz
               8. Zoe Adamson
               7. Maeve Donnelly
               6. Amelia Sabin
               5. Sierra Bishop
               4. Muryn Greene
               3. Gretchen Thompson
               2. Hannah Robinson
               1. Jane Smeins
Varsity 8: (6th place)
               Cox: Charlotte Gregory
               8. Anna Schulhoff
               7. Shelby Larkin
               6. Kathryn Clemens
               5. Rebecca Falash
               4. Zoë Bishop
               3. Lorelei Deely
               2. Emma Bernou
               1. Hanna Eha
Varsity 8: (10th place)
               Cox: AnnaRuth Neville
               8. Madeline Toaso
               7. Grace Rossetti
               6. Torree Hawken
               5. Anna Godfrey
               4. Maddy Sheppard
               3. Alexandra Hutchinson
               2. Maddie Jensen
               1. Adrienne La Joie
Varsity 4: (4th place)
               Cox: Neville
               4. ­­Larkin
               3. Thompson
               2. Hawken
               1. Toaso
Varsity 4: (6th place)
               Cox: Emily Wood
               4. Rossetti
               3. Bernou
               2. Deely
               1. Bishop, Z.
Varsity 4: (8th place)
               Cox: Anna Michie
               4. Schulhoff
               3. LaJoie
               2. Taylor Kopaskey          
               1. Eha
A Pair: (2nd place)
B Pair: (6th place)
C Pair: (8th place)
D Pair: (4th place)
               Bishop, S./Green
E Pair: (11th place)
               Rebecca Camplin/Sabin