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Sun Devils Welcome back Sun Devil Nation with Maroon and Gold Scrimmage

Nov 5, 2021

TEMPE - Sun Devil Wrestling opened up its last season at Desert Financial Arena with the Maroon and Gold Scrimmage Friday night in front of a full house of loyal supporters. Cheers, oohs and aahhs were audible throughout the match as the Sun Devil faithful got their first views of the 2021-22 roster.

"We're really excited for this final year at Desert Financial," assistant coach Frank Molinaro said. We walked through the new arena a bit this morning and that was really exciting, and we have a very solid home meet schedule this year. Anyone who's a wrestling fan whether they be in Arizona, New Mexico or close enough to get out here - I'd highly recommend you get out here, get season tickets, and see this team. I've been around a lot of college wrestling and seen a lot of different styles but this is one of the most offensive teams I've been around. It's going to be a really exciting year and we put a really good product on the mat."
The scrimmage was highlighted by 10 intersquad matches, and was the team's first time in front of fans since the Sun Devils brought home the Pac-12 Championship and placed fourth in the NCAA tournament last season.
"We have some tactical stuff to work on as we get going but I'd say we looked great in neutral, single-leg and high-crotch," Molinaro said. "I thought I'd see more double legs but I was happy with how well we executed. You don't really know what to expect in the first match and a couple of those matches were lopsided but when you watched the marquee 133 match - between Michael McGee and Julian Chlebove - that was as scrappy as a NCAA quarterfinal match. There was a lot of good things tonight."

141- Dom DiGena and Ethan Pickren.
DiGena went up 2-0 with an escape followed by the second stalling call on Pickren. Pickren clawed back with an escape, but remained down 2-1. Pickren had a two point take down with the help of a nearfall to win the match 3-2.
149- Mykey Ramos and Kyle Parco
 Parco had a two point takedown to take an early 2-0 lead. Ramos got an escape point in the first period to strike back to 2-1 . Parco had another takedown, and Ramos escaped to have Parco leading 4-2 after the first set. Parco had a reversal to pull up 6-2, and Ramos had another escape for a 6-3 match. Parco ended the second with another two point takedown to lead 8-3. Ramos escaped in the third for his fourth point to cut Parco's lead 8-4. With another two point takedown, Parco led 10-4 and a Ramos escape ended the match 10-5.
157- Ricky Roberto and Jacori Teemer
Teemer struck first with a two point takedown for an early 2-0 lead. Teemer had a four point nearfall in the first set for a 6-0 lead in the first period, then a two point takedown for the 8-0 lead. Teemer ultimately won the match 13-1.
165- Anthony Valencia and Kendall Norfleet
Valencia opened scoring with a two point takedown to grab an early 2-0 lead. Norfleet got a point with an escape to make it 2-1. Valencia battled back with another two point takedown for a 4-1 lead. Norfleet cut the deficit with an escape to end the first set and pull within two. Valencia struck with three two-point takedowns for a 10-3 lead while Norfleet added two escapes for his third and fourth point. Valencia ended the third set with a two point takedown to win the match 13-4.
141- Jesse Vasquez and Ethan Pickren
Vasquez struck first with two two point takedowns, and Pickren had two escapes in this time to make it 4-2. With four total takedowns for Vasquez and three escapes for Pickren, Vasquez was up 8-3 to end the first period. Two escapes from Pickren and two two point takedown Vasquez gave Vasquez the 12-5 lead at the end of the second period. Vasquez won the match 15-5.
174- Zane Coleman and Cael Valencia
Cael Valencia picked up an early two point takedown followed by Coleman's escape for a 2-1 lead. Two two point takedowns for Valencia and a Coleman escape ended the first set 6-2 in Valencia's favor. In the second period a Valencia escape and two point takedown with another escape for Coleman ended the second 9-3. Coleman's two point takedown and a Valencia escape ended the match, and Valencia took the win 10-5.
184- Jacob Oritz and Josh Nummer
Ortiz was on the board first with a two point takedown, but Nummer got one of his own to even the score 2-2. Nummer took the lead 7-4 with nearfall and escape but Ortiz stayed close with a two point takedown of his own. Nummer ended the first period with a two point takedown and the 9-4 lead. Nummer had an escape and a two point takedown in the second period to lead 12-4. In the final period, Ortiz added an escape and a two point takedown, but Nummer's two point takedown in the third gave him a 14-7 win.
197- David Remer and Kordell Norfleet
In the first period, Norfleet had four two point takedowns to Remer's three escapes and won by a pin, 8-3. Keime replaced Remer, and Norfleet got his first points with an escape and two point takedown to lead 3-0, but Keime's escape pulled the score back 3-1. Norfleet added another two point takedown to win 5-1. Remer came back in in the third period. Norfleet escaped and added a two point takedown for a 3-0 lead. Remer escaped but another Norfleet two point takedown ended the match 5-2 in Norfleet's favor.
133- Michael McGee and Julian Chlebove
McGee got on the board first with a two point takedown to lead 2-0, and Chlebove followed with an escape to come within one. McGee ended the first period with a two point takedown with a Chlebove escape to lead 4-2 after one. The second period was scoreless from both sides. McGee extended his lead to 7-2 with an escape and two point takedown in the third to win the match 7-3 after a final escape from Chlebove.
141- Dom DiGena and Jesse Vasquez
Vasquez had two two-point takedowns to DiGena's two escapes to give him an early 4-2 lead. Vasquez added two more two point takedowns, and DiGena added an escape to end the first period 8-3 in Vasquez's favor. Vasquez extended his lead 14-5 with three additional two point takedowns and two escapes from DiGena to close out the second period. Vasquez took the 16-6 with one two point takedown in the third.
Up Next
Sun Devil Wrestling will open up the regular season on the road in Boone, North Carolina to compete in the Mountaineer Open on November 14 before the home opener against Oklahoma on November 19 at 7:00 p.m. MST at Desert Financial Arena.

Maroon and Gold Bout Results
141: Pickren over DiGena 3-2
149: Parco over ramos 10-5
157: Teemer over Roberto 13-1
165: A. Valencia over Norfleet 13-4
141: Vasquez over Pickren 15-5
174: C. Valencia over Coleman 10-5
184: Nummer over Ortiz 14-7
197: (Per. 1) Norfleet over Remer 8-3
197: (Per. 2) Norfleet over Keime 5-1
197: (Per. 3) Norfleet over Remer 5-2
133: McGee over Chlebove 7-3
141: Vasquez over DiGena 16-6