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Seven Champs

Nov 7, 2021

ATHERTON, Calif. - No. 15 Stanford opened the 2021-22 season with seven champions at the Menlo Open, Sunday, in Haynes-Primm Pavilion.

In total, Stanford has 12 placewinners on Sunday. The Cardinal who were crowned champions were Jackson DiSario (133), Jaden Abas (149), Charlie Darracott (157), Shane Griffith (165), Tyler Eischens (174), Nick Stemmet (197) and Peter Ming (285).

Sophomore Jason Miranda finished as the runner-up at 133 pounds, falling 3-2 to DiSario in the championship. Three Cardinal won the consolation bracket to take third - Ethan Woods (184), Marshall Kools (197) and Seamus O'Malley (285). Junior Fabian Santillan placed fourth at 157 pounds.

Up next, Stanford welcomes No. 4 Oklahoma State to The Farm for its home opener on Saturday, Nov. 13. The dual is slated for 2 p.m. and tickets are now available.

Logan Ashton, 125 pounds | 2-0

Opponent Result
fall DJ Perez (St. Thomas) F3:43
dec. Cameron Enriquez (unattached) 7-1


Suhas Chundi, 125 pounds | 2-2

Opponent Result
dec. Jimmy Estrada (Menlo College) 9-6
lost to Christopher Calderon (unattached) 15-0
dec. DJ Perez (St. Thomas) 9-2
lost to Aria Mazroy (San Francisco State) F1:33


#29 Jackson DiSario, 133 pounds | 4-0 (1st)

Opponent Result
dec. Benjamin Martinez (unattached) 8-2
maj. dec. Kade Uyesaka (unattached) 11-0
tech. fall Jacob Mendoza (Menlo College) 16-0
dec. Jason Miranda (Stanford) 3-2


Jason Miranda, 133 pounds | 3-1 (2nd)

Opponent Result
fall Zachary Wright (unattached) F0:44
fall Isaac Kephart (Life Pacific) F3:53
fall Jesse Gaytan (Menlo College) F0:40
lost to #29 Jackson DiSario (Stanford) 3-2


Anthony Le, 141 pounds | 2-2

Opponent Result
fall Stephen Lundquist-Brewer (Sierra College) F2:14
tech. fall Gustavo Ventura (Simpson) 16-0
lost to Tyler Khawly-Orta (St. Thomas) 7-3
lost to Josh Tolentino (San Francisco State) 3-1


#7 Jaden Abas, 149 pounds | 4-0 (1st)

Opponent Result
fall Shawheen Ghalambor (Life Pacific) F1:49
maj. dec. Nicholas Camacho (Menlo College) 11-2
maj. dec. Tyler Deen (CSU Bakersfield) 12-3
fall Josh Brown (CSU Bakersfield) F1:10


Elijah Cleaver, 149 pounds | 3-2

Opponent Result
lost to Riley Gurr (unattached) 8-0
dec. Kyle Botelho (unattached) 3-2
fall Christian Espinoza (St. Thomas) F2:46
dec. Marco Ruffinelli (San Francisco State) 5-2
lost to Riley Gurr (unattached) 6-0


Charlie Darracott, 157 pounds | 4-0 (1st)

Opponent Result
dec. Abraham Del Toro (Menlo College) 9-6
dec. Boltyn Taam (unattached) 4-1
dec. Dawson Sihavong (Stanford) 8-2
dec. Tyler Avila (unattached) 7-4


Fabian Santillan (unattached), 157 pounds | 3-2 (4th)

Opponent Result
maj. dec. Elijah Blake (Simpson) 12-0
dec. Richard Gurule (Menlo College) 12-5
lost to Tyler Avila (unattached) 5-4
dec. Brock Rogers (CSU Bakersfield) 6-5
lost to Abraham Del Toro (Menlo College) 6-3


Dawson Sihavong, 157 pounds | 2-2

Opponent Result
dec. Johnathan Viveros (unattached) 10-6
dec. Brock Rogers (CSU Bakersfield) 7-0
lost to Charlie Darracott (Stanford) 8-2
lost to Abraham Del Toro (Menlo College) 8-3


#1 Shane Griffith, 165 pounds | 4-0 (1st)

Opponent Result
fall Willy Lamacchia (Skyline CC) F2:46
fall Hunter LaRue (CSU Bakersfield) F4:02
dec. Augustin Garcia (unattached) 7-2
tech. fall Rysan Leong (Menlo College) 21-2


#31 Tyler Eischens, 174 pounds | 4-0 (1st)

Opponent Result
fall Logan Childers (Menlo College) F2:46
dec. Albert Urias (CSU Bakersfield) 10-7
fall Maximus Zamora (Menlo College) F4:50
dec. Jordan Bernal (Menlo College) 5-2


Colbey Harlan, 174 pounds | 2-1

Opponent Result
dec. Juan Diaz-Marquez (Skyline CC) 13-6
lost to Jordan Bernal (Menlo College) 5-2
dec. Gabe Guzman (Sierra College) 8-6


Ethan Woods, 184 pounds | 4-1 (3rd)

Opponent Result
dec. Oscar Diaz (Menlo College) 8-2
dec. Matt Cioci (Sierra College) 7-2
lost to Joshua Harkey (unattached) 6-1
dec. Afton Silvis (Menlo College) 5-2
fall Hamzah Alsaudi (San Francisco State) F2:38


Nick Addison, 184 pounds | 1-1

Opponent Result
fall Enciso Ryan (unattached-Menlo) F2:10
inj. def. to Hamzah Alsaudi (San Francisco State) Inj. Def. (0:37)


#28 Nick Stemmet, 197 pounds | 4-0 (1st)

Opponent Result
dec. Jeremiah Smith (Life Pacific) 15-11
fall Jacob Gonsalves (Simpson) F3:58
maj. dec. Amrit Singh (Menlo College) 14-3
dec. Hunter James (Menlo College) 9-3


Marshall Kools, 197 pounds | 4-1 (3rd)

Opponent Result
fall Misiteni Eke (Life Pacific) F5:48
dec. Darius Mynar (Simpson) 6-1
lost to Hunter James (Menlo College) 4-2
fall Jesus Perez (St. Thomas) F0:47
fall Darius Mynar (Simpson) F5:56


Peter Ming, 285 pounds | 4-0 (1st)

Opponent Result
fall Andrew Bagley (Sierra College) F2:!0
dec. Isaiah Perez (unattached) 6-2
maj. dec. Joshua Avilas (Life Pacific) 10-1
dec. Brandon Sotomayor (Life Pacific) 4-1


Seamus O'Malley, 285 pounds | 4-1 (3rd)

Opponent Result
fall Tyler Watson (San Francisco State) F1:49
dec. Angel Marcilas (unattached - Simpson) 5-0
lost to Brandon Sotomayor (Life Pacific) F2:33
dec. Isaiah Perez (unattached) 5-0
fall Armando Barcenas (unattached) F2:21