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Bouchelaghem Joins Husky Roster

Jan 16, 2022

SEATTLE -- At the start of winter quarter, Washington welcomed in a new addition to the current roster, as France's Cesar Bouchelaghem arrived in Seattle and has been practicing with the squad now for over a week. Bouchelaghem will shortly be eligible to compete for the Dawgs this season.

A native of Pallud, France, Bouchelaghem is a young and talented player, just seventeen years of age, but with a career-high Universal Tennis Rating of 12.55, which ranks fourth among current Huskies.

"While Cesar is still young, he has good experience playing in Europe and I think he has a great foundation with his game to continue improving," said Head Coach Matt Anger.

Bouchelaghem is ranked 198 in the ITF world junior rankings and he has reached the semi-finals or better in ITF events in five different countries.

"I am so happy to have found this coaching staff and this university and I can't wait to play with my teammates," said Bouchelaghem.