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Huskies Show Support of Former Coach with Morrison Strong Game

Jan 18, 2022

SEATTLE – Washington Women's Basketball is proud to support former Husky assistant coach Kevin Morrison and his family in the fight against Alzheimer's. 

Kevin is a beloved Husky, who in May 2021 was diagnosed with Stage 5 Early Onset Alzheimer's. Head coach Tina Langley has known him for years, and is grateful for the opportunity to come together as a Husky family to support the Morrisons. 

The Sunday, Jan. 23 game vs. Oregon State at Alaska Airlines Arena will be the Morrison Strong game. The team will be wearing t-shirts with the phrase "Morrison Strong" to help raise awareness, and throughout the week will be sharing messages of support on social media (@uw_wbb). The program also encourages those who are able to donate to the Morrison Family Grant.

"Kevin Morrison is one of the greatest men you'll ever meet," Langley said. "He has given his life to this game and to young women and to growing them as people, and now it's time for us to give back. It's time for us to support him and his family in this journey." 

Kevin coached at the University of Washington from 2011-15, during which time he recruited and coached Brianna (Ruiz) Bishop ('17), who is now married to former Husky baseball student-athlete and founder of the 4MOM Charity, Braden Bishop ('15). Braden was prompted to start the charity after his mom, Suzy Bishop, was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer's. 

4MOM's mission is to unite the community in the fight against the disease – and for the world's first survivor of Alzheimer's – by advancing awareness, supporting caregivers and funding research.

"After Braden's mother passed away in 2019 a month before our wedding, I never thought someone close to me would ever go through this again" Bri said. 

Kevin had stayed close to Bri and her parents over the years. When he called Bri, she didn't know what news was on the other line.

"One day I received a call from Kevin and I thought he was just calling to check in" Bri said. "Little did I know he'd be sharing the news. After awhile of talking on the phone, he had told me he had something to share and it wouldn't be easy to hear. He shared that he was diagnosed [with Early Onset Alzheimer's]. 

"My heart dropped."

Unfortunately, because of challenges the health care system presents to the family's situation, receiving financial support has been difficult.

"Right away I knew we had to help in any way possible," Bri said. "That's where 4MOM comes in."

The Bishops and 4MOM rallied around the Morrisons, setting up the Morrison Family Grant.

"Braden, Bri, and the 4MOM Foundation threw us a lifeline and gave us hope," Heather Morrison, Kevin's wife, said. "We were able to speak with people we knew and trusted and that had experienced and suffered through the same devastating effects of this disease. They especially recognized how demanding this disease is on caregivers and how draining financially this disease, is as well."

Donating to the Morrison Family Grant helps back Kevin, Heather, and their four children. Heather has been grateful for everyone's support through this time.

"We can't even begin to put into words how much peace this brings us knowing that some of the financial burden will be alleviated and we can provide Kevin with the care that he needs," Heather said.

Washington women's basketball is proud to support the Morrisons, and are grateful for the opportunity to partner with them as they navigate the difficult road ahead. The program is encouraging everyone to support their family by donating to the Morrison Family Grant, and joining the Husky community on Sunday, Jan. 23 to honor them in Seattle.

"The impact [Kevin has] made is just tremendous, and now he's in a fight and his family is in a fight, and it's time for the game to give back," Langley said. "Basketball is a family and we should show up in difficult times for one another, and so we really want to show up for the Morrison family right now and just show them how much we love them, how much we appreciate them, and how much we want to give to their family."

On behalf of 4MOM, $5 of every ticket purchased for the Pac-12 home opener weekend through a special offer will benefit the Morrison Family Fund Grant. Click HERE to purchase.