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GymDawgs On The Road To Face Arizona State

Jan 26, 2022

SEATTLE-- Consistency is key for the GymDawgs as they go on the road to face Arizona State in Tempe, Arizona. With a 1.45 point improvement last week, the Huskies look to continue that forward momentum. 
As the Washington Gymnastics team gets back into the swing of a regular season with fans back in the arena, it will be crucial to focus on the little things and consistent improvements. 
"Our season is really long," said Head Coach Jen Llewellyn. "Wins and losses matter, but at the end of the day what matters most is our top five scores that we have over the year so thankfully we don't count every score. Obviously, our goal is to drop lower scores so that it helps get us a higher national qualifying score for post season. Something we have been talking about is, every day, every week, finding a little thing to get better on."
After a strong start for the sole all-around competitor for Washington, Skylar Killough-Wilhelm, she will continue to be the rock that this team needs in every competition. 
"That is how Skylar [Killough-Wilhelm] has been training all year," said Llewellyn. "Coming in as a new coach I knew that she had a great year last year, but with the uniqueness of the year and not having a regular season, I don't think she was able to fully find her rhythm."
Now, with a full season ahead, the GymDawgs are focusing on not just what happens on the competition floor, but also their mental game and confidence. 
The Sun Devils had a challenging schedule to start, falling to No. 1 ranked Michigan and No. 2 ranked Utah. This meet will be an opportunity for the GymDawgs to prove themselves in a competitive Pac-12 to set the tone for the season ahead.  
"The first two meets were about getting comfortable again in front of fans and having a crowd," said Llewellyn. "We are getting back into normalcy. I am really impressed with how they have responded to it."
The meet in Tempe will start at 6:00 p.m. PST and be livestreamed on Pac-12 Network. 

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