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Coach A's Newsletter: Opening Day Edition

Feb 11, 2022

Our season opener is TODAY!!!
There are always so many feelings on opening day. Since I've had many, many more of these days than the rest of my group, it's been fun for me to try and pay close attention to everyone and see what kind of feelings they are experiencing on this day. I expect to see excitement, anticipation, some fears and trepidation and likely everything in between.
The thing that I love most about "go time" is the ability for me to watch a group of young women that have trained their tails off, get the opportunity to "show off" the work they have put into their game. I've seen the work, day in and day out, so I know what they can do. Today, I will be there beside them when they get to show all of you what they have trained so hard to be able to do. 
What I do know for sure is that when they're prepared, this day has the potential to be a lot of fun. Potential is the key word of course. You can prepare more than anyone and still have a tough go at it during any competition.
There's never been a day, and likely will never be, where everyone plays to their full potential at the same time. But we've also prepared for that. Throughout the game they learn and grow and hopefully they figure out how to put enough good things together to win the game. 
Winning is the goal, and we don't need everyone's best individual performance to win. We just need more runs than the other team when the game is over!
Well, it's go time. It's show off day. We open against fifth-ranked Oklahoma State. It's on tv so if you aren't one of the lucky ones to be here in Phoenix with us today, then find the Pac-12 Networks on your tv or computer and cheer for the Utes! We have some young women ready to show you how hard they have trained since you saw them last!
Go Utes!!!
Coach A
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Tournament Schedule

Date Game Time How to Watch
Feb. 11 Utah vs. #5 Oklahoma State 2:00pm MT Pac-12 Networks
Missouri State vs. Utah   7:00pm MT N/A
Feb. 12 #20 Duke vs. Utah 4:30pm MT Pac-12 Los Angeles
Feb.13 #20 Duke vs. Utah 8:00am MT Pac-12 Networks
California Baptist vs. Utah 10:30am MT Pac-12 Now App