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No. 2 UCLA Stuns No. 1 USC, Sweeps No. 14 LBSU

Mar 5, 2022
The Bruins passed their first big test of the 2022 season with a 3-2 win over No. 1 USC.

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LOS ANGELES-- No. 2 UCLA (7-0) stunned No. 1 USC, 3-2, in the home opener on Saturday morning, and then swept No. 14 Long Beach State, 5-0, in the afternoon at Mapes Beach. Both duals were part of the Battle for LA, co-hosted by USC and UCLA. With the two victories, UCLA improved to 14-16 all-time against USC and 9-4 against LBSU, with the ninth-straight win over the Beach. 

In the win over the Trojans, a pair of Bruin freshmen got UCLA on the board first when Natalie Myszkowski and Sophie Moore took down Audrey and Nicole Nourse on court four in a three-set thriller, 21-18, 18-21, 15-10.

The Trojans tied it at 1-1 with another three-set thriller when Sammy Slater and Megan Kraft outlasted a new pair for the Bruins in sophomore Rileigh Powers and senior Lea Monkhouse on court two, 16-21, 21-15, 15-8.

Another new duo made their debut against the Trojans when freshman Jessie Smith and graduate Marlie Monserez paired up to take down USC's Caroline Schafer and Sunny Villapando on court five, 21-9, 21-19.

That set up the heroics by the Bruins' third new tandem of sophomore Lexy Denaburg and junior Abby Van Winkle, who posted a straight-set win over 2020 Olympian Tina Graudina and Hailey Harward, 21-17, 21-17 to clinch the dual win for UCLA.

USC's Julia Scoles and Delaynie Maple held off the Bruins' duo of sophomore Devon Newberry and redshirt sophomore Jaden Whitmarsh, 21-16, 29-31, 15-10.

In the dual against LBSU, Myszkowski and Moore put the Bruins up 1-0 with a court four win over the Beach's Jillian Rodriguez and Emily Mattoon 21-19, 21-19.

Monkhouse and Powers rallied to put UCLA up 2-0 with a three-set-thriller on court two over LBSU's Nicci Reinking and Katie Kennedy 12-21, 21-13, 16-14.

Smith and Monserez then clinced the dual for the Bruins with a straight-set win on court five over Sophie Major and Christine DeRoos, 21-16, 21-17.

Whitmarsh and Newberry put the Bruins up 4-0 with a straight-set win on court three over Sydney Stevens and Holland Jackson, 21-13, 21-18.

Denaburg and Van Winkle completed the 5-0 sweep with a 21-13, 21-18 win over Skyler Germann and Alice Pratesi on court one.

The Bruins return to action tomorrow when they host No. 7 GCU at 10:00 a.m. PT and No. 11 Cal Poly at 2:00 p.m. PT at Mapes Beach to conclude the Battle for LA.

No. 2 UCLA def. No. 1 USC, 3-2
Mapes Beach • Los Angeles
Saturday, Mar. 5, 2022 • 10:00 AM PT
Records: UCLA (6-0), USC (1-1)
1. Lexy Denaburg/Abby Van Winkle (UCLA) def. Tina Graudina/Hailey Harward (USC) 21-17, 21-17
2. Sammy Slater/Megan Kraft (USC) def. Rileigh Powers/Lea Monkhouse (UCLA) 16-21, 21-15, 15-8
3. Julia Scoles/Delaynie Maple (USC) def. Devon Newberry/Jaden Whitmarsh (UCLA) 21-16, 29-31, 15-10
4. Natalie Myszkowski/Sophie Moore (UCLA) def. Audrey Nourse/Nicole Nourse (USC) 21-18, 18-21, 15-10
5. Jessie Smith/Marlie Monserez (UCLA) def. Caroline Schafer/Sunny villapando (USC) 21-9, 21-19
EXH. Mollie Ebertin/Shannon Scully (USC) def. Tessa Van Winkle/Pani Napoleon (UCLA) 21-14, 21-17
Order of finish: 4, 2, 5, 1*, 3

No. 2 UCLA def. No. 14 Long Beach State, 5-0
Mapes Beach • Los Angeles
Saturday, Mar. 5, 2022 • 12:00 PM PT
Records: UCLA (7-0), LBSU (1-4)
1. Lexy Denaburg/Abby Van Winkle (UCLA) def. Skyler Germann/Alice Pratesi (LBSU) 21-13, 21-18
2. Rileigh Powers/Lea Monkhouse (UCLA) def. Nicci Reinking/Katie Kennedy (LBSU) 12-21, 21-13, 16-14
3. Jaden Whitmarsh/Devon Newberry (UCLA) def. Sydney Stevens/Holland Jackson (LBSU) 21-13, 21-18
4. Natalie Myszkowski/Sophie Moore (UCLA) def. Jillian Rodriguez/Emily Mattoon (LBSU) 21-19, 21-19
5. Jessie Smith/Marlie Monserez (UCLA) def. Sophie Major/Christine DeRoos (LBSU) 21-16, 21-17
EXH. Pani Napoleon/Tessa Van Winkle (UCLA) def. Claire Newlander/Kenzie Holtz (LBSU) 21-16, 21-19
Order of finish: 4, 2, 5*, 3, 1