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Colorado Women Dominate On The Track

Mar 19, 2022

BOULDER – The University of Colorado track and field program picked up 15 wins on the final day of the 2022 Jerry Quiller Classic here Saturday afternoon.
The CU women absolutely dominated every event on the track, winning or placing the top attached collegiate athlete in every event they were entered in. The only events that CU didn't have the top woman finisher were the steeplechase and 4x400-meter relay in which CU did not compete.
One of the most impressive wins today came from freshman Grace Jenkins in the women's 400-meter dash. Jenkins finished the lap in 54.97 seconds, good for 10th in CU history in her first outdoor race. She was followed closely by Jaida Drame in second in 55.51. The two traded places in the 200-meter dash with Drame winning in 24.95 ahead of Jenkins' 25.56 second finish.
Colorado swept the top three spots in the women's 1,500-meter run to start the meet, led by Gabrielle Orie in 4:32.27 seconds. Kyla Christopher-Moody finished second in 4:39.86 followed by Carley Bennett in third at 4:41.04. The other event the women swept was the 400 hurdles where Abbey Glynn opened the season under the 60-second barrier at 59.30. Freshman Emma Pollak came in second at 60.05 seconds, while Reese Renz finished in 62.02 seconds. Renz took the title in the 100-meter hurdles earlier in the day in 14.27 seconds ahead of Elise Gillett in second at 15.13 seconds.
The two other events the women won on the track were the 100-meter dash and 800-meter run. Kaleah Ruff edged Kylee Harr at the line in 12.47 seconds with Harr right behind at 12.52 seconds. Harr was the only field event winner for either the men or women today, taking the high jump crown with a clearance of 1.72 meters (5-7.75).
The distance squad finished out the meet with Abby Nichols winning the 800-meter run in 2:09.59 while Joelle McDonald was the top attached athlete in the women's 3,000-meter run at 10:35.19. Freshman Hannah Miniutti competed unattached but won the 3,000 in an impressive 9:50.86 effort.
The men had a great day as well, winning seven events including sweeping the men's 400-meter hurdle race. Aaron McCoy moved up one spot to fourth in CU history with a personal best 50.85 second race, while Garrett Nelson crossed in 51.76, good for eighth in CU history. In third was Kellen Monestime at 52.53 seconds.
The CU men also took both crowns in the short sprints with Luc Andrada winning the 100-meter dash in 10.67, then coming second to Tyler Williams in the 200-meter dash as Williams ran 21.36 for the win.
The men's distance squad won all three events here with Andrew Kent starting things off running 3:51.83 in the 1,500-meter run. Unattached athlete Ben Greene won the 800 followed closely by Noah Hibbard in 1:53.97.
Arguably the best race for CU came in the men's 3,000-meter run where both Hunter Appleton and Jake Derouin ran top-10 times in the non-NCAA championship event. Appleton won the race in 8:19.04, the best 3k for a CU man since 2018 and fourth in CU history. Derouin was second in 8:24.31 seconds, good for fifth in CU history behind Appleton.
The CU men ended the meet running four 4x400-meter relays and taking the top four spots in the race. The two sprint relays ran 3:17.75 and 3:18.09, while the distance-oriented squads ran 3:27.24 and 3:27.36.
The top field event finishes for the CU men were Noah Bouchard placing second in the high jump, Aidan Christiansen placing second in the long jump and Dominique Williams placing third in the shot put.
The Buffs separate next week with a squad heading to the Texas Relays Wednesday through Saturday and the rest heading to the CSU-Pueblo Invite on Friday and Saturday.
Men's 4x100 Relay: 1. Air Force (Squad A) 42:04
Men's 1500m: 1. Andrew Kent (COLO) 3:51.83; 4. Jace Aschbrenner (COLO) 3:53.92
Men's 110m Hurdles: 1. Philip Hundl (AF) 14:61; 3. Nick Bianco (COLO) 15.09; 7. John Swabik (COLO) 18:56
Men's 400m: 1. Sean Geither (AF) 47.85; 5. Nick Nuhfer (COLO) 49.91; 10. Nick Bianco (COLO) 51.37; 11. John Swabik (COLO) 51.66;
Men's 100m: 1. Luc Andrada (COLO) 10.67; 2. Ian Gilmore (COLO) 10.68; 7. Aidan Christiansen (COLO) 11:27
Men's 800m : 1. Ben Greene (UNAT) 1:53.85; 2. Noah Hibbard (COLO) 1:53.97
Men's 400m Hurdles: 1. Aaron McCoy (COLO) 50.85; 2. Garrett Nelson (COLO) 51.76; 3. Kellen Monestime (COLO) 52.53; 5. Eli Heitmann (COLO) 54.45
Men's 200m: 1. Tyler Williams (COLO) 21.36; 2. Luc Andrada (COLO) 21.57
Men's 3000m: 1. Hunter Appleton (COLO) 8:19.04; 2. Jake Derouin (COLO) 8:24.31; 4. Alec Hornecker (COLO) 8:29.02; 5. Paxton Smith (COLO) 8:33.20; 6. Josh Torres (COLO) 8:35.15; 7. Caleb Niednagel (COLO) 8:41.25; 9. Brendan Fraser (COLO) 8:45.25
Men's 4x400m Relay: 1. Colorado (Squad B) 3:17.75; 2. Colorado (Squad A) 3:18.09; 3. Colorado (Squad D) 3:27.24; 4. Colorado (Squad C) 3:27.36
Men's High Jump: Jake Hall (AF) 2.08m (6'9.75") 2. Noah Bouchard (COLO) 2.05m (6'8.75") 8. Jackson Meyer (COLO) 1.08m (5'10.75")
Men's Pole Vault: 1. Ethan Gardner (AF) 4.85m (15'11")
Men's Long Jump: 1. Brandon Lindner (AF) 6.60m (21'8") 2. Aidan Christiansen (COLO) 6.60m (21'8") (WA)
Men's Shot Put: 1. Mariano Kis (CSU) 17.06m (55'11.75") 3. Dominique Williams (COLO) 14.06m (46'1.50")  
Men's Discus: 1. Hayden Bullock (AF) 54.26m (178'0"); 5. Tyler Sconce (COLO) 45.72m (150'0"); 8. Laurence Atkinson (COLO) 44.80m (147'0"); 10. Dominique Williams (COLO) 36.09m (118'5")
Men's Triple Jump: 1. Welre Olivier (UNC) 15.29m (50-2); 3. Jackson Meyer (COLO) 13.31m (43-8)
Men's Hammer Throw: 1. Dominique Williams (COLO) 60.56m (199-0); 3. Clayton Castro (COLO) 54.10m (177-6); 5. Tyler Sconce (COLO) 53.08m (174-2)
Men's Javelin: 1. Teagun Glenn (AF) 56.86m (186-6); 4. Henry Carlson (COLO) 52.12m (171-0); 7. Lars Atkinson (COLO) 44.86m (147-2); 8. Noah Bouchard (COLO) 44.43m (143-9); 9. John Swabik (COLO) 43.56m (142-11); 10. Nick Bianco (COLO) 39.22m (128-8)
Women's Steeplechase 3000m: 1. Jessica Scheriff (UNAT) 11:20.79
Women's 1500m: 1. Gabrielle Orie (COLO) 4:32.27; 2. Kyla Christopher-Moody (COLO) 4:39.86; 3. Carley Bennett (COLO) 4:41.04; 9. Whitney Valenti (COLO) 4:57.43; 10. Bailey Nock (COLO) 4:58.59 
Women's 100m Hurdles: 1. Reese Renz (COLO) 14.27; 2. Elise Gillett (COLO) 15.13; 4. Allie Routledge 16.73
Women's 400m: 1. Grace Jenkins (COLO) 54.97; 2. Jaida Drame (COLO) 55.51
Women's 100m: 1. Kaleah Ruff (COLO) 12.47; 2. Kylee Harr (COLO) 12.52
Women's 800m: 1. Abby Nichols (COLO) 2:09.59; 2. Anna Shults (COLO) 2:18.35
Women's 400m Hurdles: 1. Abbey Glynn (COLO) 59.30; 2. Emma Pollak (COLO) 1:00.05; 3. Reese Renz (COLO) 1:02.02
Women's 200m: 1. Jaida Drame (COLO) 24.95; 2. Grace Jenkins (COLO) 25.56; 4. Kaleah Ruff (COLO) 25.98; 7. Elise Gillett (COLO) 26.67; 9. Allie Routledge (COLO) 26.92
Women's 3000m: 1. Hannah Miniutti (UNAT) 9:50.86; 2. Joelle McDonald (COLO) 10:35.19; 4. Annie Hill (COLO) 10:47.12
Women's 4x400m Relay: 1. UNC Squad A 4:12.33
Women's High Jump: 1. Kylee Harr (COLO) 1.72m (5'7.75"); 3. Ally Routledge (COLO) 1.69m (5'6.50")
Women's Pole Vault: 1. Katie Schlather (AF) 3.65m (11'11.75")
Women's Long Jump: 1. Hailey Harris (UNC) 5.30m (WA) (17'4.75")
Women's Triple Jump: 1. Hailey Harris (UNC) 10.79m (35'5")
Women's Discus: 1. Cosette Stellern (WYO) 45.59m (149'7"); 2. Obi Osofo-Mensah (COLO) 42.24m (138'7"); 3. Gy'ani Sam (COLO) 40.25m (132'1"); 5. Elena Opp (COLO) 40.00m (131'3"); 7. Bella Braun (COLO) 32.68m (107'3")
Women's Hammer: 1. Mary Carbee (WYO) 57.29m (187'11"); 2. Elena Opp (COLO) 54.12m (177'7"); 5.  Jane Powers (COLO) 48.38m (158'9"); 6. Gya'ni Sam (COLO) 48.29m (158'5"); 8. Bella Braun (COLO) 43.99m (144'4"); 9. Obi Osafo-Mensah 42.87m (140'8")
Women's Javelin: 1. Jada Green (COLO) 43.33m (142'2"); 4. Allie Routledge (COLO) 31.62m (103'9"); 9. Kara Lucyk 21.10m (69'3")