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Practice Report: Full Pads, Scheme Installation Continue For USC Football

Mar 29, 2022

For the second consecutive practice, the sound of shoulder pads crashing together rang through Howard Jones Field. Tuesday (Mar. 29) marked the second week of USC's 2022 spring camp and the second practice in full uniform. The Trojans' practice pace has continued to quicken, as the team moves through the NCAA-mandated acclimatization period.

"I feel like the guys have transitioned well into pads," head coach Lincoln Riley said following practice No. 4 for the Trojans. "We've had pretty physical practices. [We've] started to put some situational work in for the guys. I would say competitively it's been a lot of back and forth between the offense and the defense."

Things to note

  • USC's install process has continued into week two and the team is "maybe a little bit further along" than Riley expected to be at this point of camp. The head coach seemed pleased by what he's seen from his players so far. 
    • "I think there's some impressive things going on in terms of retention and putting in systems and schemes," Riley said. "I think you see some pretty good carryover with the guys that are obviously spending some time outside of our allotted hours on their own working on it."
  • Riley highlighted the team's experience at offensive line, but noted that there are still things for those veterans to learn. 
    • "There's certainly some things schematically that we do differently that these guys haven't done before, but they're picking up on it quick," Riley said. "But I think more [so] learning to play with the mentality that we want to play with, learning to see a defense with the vantage point that we do has been the bigger part of it. And it's progressing."
  • Interim wide receivers coach Luke Huard acknowledged the challenging task ahead of him following the tragic passing of Dave Nichol. 
    • "We've got to step up. We've got to do our jobs, and we've got to work very hard," Huard said. "Because we're filling in for a wonderful coach and a wonderful person that has been doing this job for 20-plus years at a high level. So it's very difficult. I've just got to lock in and do my job, support these players, and give everything I got to this program."
  • Offensive lineman Jonah Monheim has learned from three position coaches in his three years as a Trojan. The redshirt sophomore gave an insight into offensive line coach Josh Henson's early rapport with the group. 
    • "It's still early with Coach Henson, but I think he's done a great job of getting the room to buy into him and believe in him," Monheim said. "He's got a great coaching record, got a great resume. [He's] taking it one day at a time, teaching us things. We're buying into it. We're rolling with it."
  • Redshirt sophomore offensive lineman Courtland Ford says he's become a film junkie under Riley's coaching staff. "The first padded practice, I would say I watched that film seven times," Ford said. "I'm trying to perfect my craft, so I'm going to make sure I put the time and hours in and [that I'm] able to correct the mistakes that I did for the previous practice, so it won't happen again."

Tuesday's Interviews

New numbers to know


0 - WR Terrell Bynum

2 - WR Brenden Rice

4 - WR Mario Williams

6 - RB Austin Jones

8 - WR CJ Williams

13 - QB Caleb Williams

26 - RB Travis Dye

70 - OL Bobby Haskins


1 - CB Domani Jackson 

2 - EDGE Romello Height

6 - CB Mekhi Blackmon 

21 - CB Latrell McCutchin

31 - DL Tyrone Taleni

53 - ILB Shane Lee 

97 - DT Earl Barquet

Save the Date

Fans' first chance to see the Trojans this spring will be at USC's Spring Game on April 23.