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Practice Report: USC Football Scrimmages At Halfway Point Of 2022 Spring Camp

Apr 5, 2022

USC reached the halfway mark of its 2022 spring camp Tuesday (April 5), which meant it was time to put the football down and evaluate where the team stands.

"We'll put the guys in a few more team situations than we normally would in the current structure," head coach Lincoln Riley previewed on Trojans Live Monday. "We want to see these guys go out and compete … It'll be a great evaluation of the progress we've made here in the first half of camp."

Fresh off of the practice field, offensive line coach Josh Henson was one of the first Trojans to give an initial review of USC's seventh day of camp.

"I thought upfront, at least the offense line, just too much inconsistency," Henson said. "Some really good plays and some plays [where] we kind of shanked the ball out of bounds, to be honest with you. So it's got to be more consistent."

Henson noted how the team's energy fluctuated at times throughout practice and stressed how that needs to change in order for USC to reach its championship goals. 

"It was a little bit dull at the beginning, but we picked up real fast," running back Travis Dye explained. "I like how this team can do that and recognize that our energy was low, and pick it up. Not just stay low the whole practice. But we picked up."

Quarterback Caleb Williams shared an optimistic review of USC's seventh practice of spring.

"One of our better days as a team I would say," Williams said. "In games, there are ups and downs, and today we had ups and downs. From turnovers on the defensive side to giving up touchdowns. It happens. It's just [about] how we come back and fight for the next drive or the next play that we have. So, it was a pretty good day."

Things to note from USC's seventh practice of spring

  • Quarterback Caleb Williams has a leg up on learning Lincoln Riley's offense given that he played in the system last year. He shared that he's trying to deepen his understanding in order to help others in the offense.
    • "'I've actually been trying to progress more in the offense so that I can help [the offensive line] out with checks or if they have a question, I possibly can answer," Williams explained. "So that's been my big focus this year, making sure that I'm taking the next steps to make sure that we're in the right spot at the right time to go score or get a first down or convert or anything like that."
  • Williams, who is known for his mobility as a quarterback, also noted that he's trying to find the "perfect balance" between being too quick to scramble and staying in the pocket too long.
  • Tight end Malcolm Epps credited USC's entire offense for his one-handed touchdown catch that made the highlight reel following Saturday's practice: 
    • "What you guys didn't see, you didn't get to see the whole offensive line working, doing their job," Epps explained. "The other receivers drawing defensive backs away so I could get open. And then Miller [Moss] throwing the absolute rope the way he did."
  • Offensive lineman Jonah Monheim shared that he is enjoying his responsibilities in Lincoln Riley's offense:
    • "I'm having fun," Monheim said. "I get to pull a lot. At tackle last year, I didn't pull a bunch, but [I'm] getting to pull a lot right now, which is pretty fun. Overall, just what the offense is doing, I think we're put in a lot of good places. As long as we execute … the assignment as coach [says] with the technique and things like that."
  • Wide receiver Mario Williams on his position group:
    • "We've got a lot of talent," Williams said. "Everyday I come out here to work. Everyday they come out to work. And so it's always somebody competing for a job."
  • Head coach Lincoln Riley did not speak with the media Tuesday, but will hold his press conference on Thursday.

Tuesday's interviews


0 - WR Terrell Bynum

2 - WR Brenden Rice

4 - WR Mario Williams

6 - RB Austin Jones

8 - WR CJ Williams

13 - QB Caleb Williams

26 - RB Travis Dye

70 - OL Bobby Haskins


1 - CB Domani Jackson 

2 - EDGE Romello Height

6 - CB Mekhi Blackmon 

21 - CB Latrell McCutchin

31 - DL Tyrone Taleni

53 - ILB Shane Lee 

97 - DT Earl Barquet

Save the Date:

Fans' first chance to see the Trojans this spring will be at USC's Spring Game on April 23.