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Coach A's Newsletter: Feeling Thankful

Apr 8, 2022

One thing that this game brings is a vehicle for us to learn about life. We have the opportunity to grow as an individual and as a collective group. I'm feeling thankful for those things today and wanted to share that with you. 
I love the opportunity we all have each day we're together on the field. Softball is a great game and the ball field is a place where we can all come together and become a unified team striving for one goal, to win. 
Along the way, while we are training to win, everyone has the opportunity to build great character such as strength, resiliency, toughness, grit, courage and determination. There is also gratitude, joy, humility, patience, compassion and loyalty.  
These are all qualities I see each and every day in this group I'm with. These young athletes, along with the coaches and staff I work with, are an amazing group. They all have so many things on their plate and yet they come to the ball field six days a week to learn, grow, have fun and get better. I'm thankful for each of them and their desire to grow alongside me, each and every day. 
The season is long and our team has had more things than usual to manage off the field. So, I wanted to remind each of them that I'm inspired by their efforts every day. Especially the hard days! I love this group and I'm feeling thankful that I have the opportunity to be around them so much this time of the year!
Oh, and in case you didn't already know, we will be together on the field again this weekend with three home games in a row against Cal. We open the series at 5:00pm tonight and we are amped up to compete hard together and to WIN! 
Come on out and enjoy the night at the ball field with us if you can! 
Go Utes!
Coach A
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