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Bears Sweep Saturday Races

Apr 9, 2022
The Bears had a tremendous day on the water at both the Pac-12 Challenge and Ebright Invitational.

REDWOOD City, CA – The Cal men's rowing team had a strong day of racing at two events across the Bay Area. At the Pac-12 Challenge co-hosted with Stanford, the Bears' top boats put on a show. At the Oakland Estuary, Cal showed off its depth by sweeping five races.

"We had a strong start the racing today with great races against Boston and Wisconsin," said head coach Scott Frandsen.  "I'm happy with how the crews conducted themselves and executed their race plans.  There are a lot of areas to improve on, but we can definitely draw confidence from where we are at today."

In the morning session, it was a clean sweep for the Bears. Racing in perfect conditions, the V8+ got the day started with a strong showing in their head-to-head against Boston University. Cal finished ahead of the Terriers with a time of 5:35.75 and a 19-second margin of victory.

A half-hour later it was the 2V8+s chance. Once again, the Bears came out on top, defeating Boston in the duel race. Cal finished with a time of 5:45.21, and Boston finished with a time of 5:55.54.

In the afternoon session, the crosshead wind picked up and the boats had to deal with choppier water. That didn't prevent Cal from sweeping its three races. The 2V8+ opened up the trio of races soundly defeating Wisconsin, finishing the race with a time of 5:58.3.

Cal's V8+ got its second win of the day, finishing with an impressive time of 5:47.1 and another 19-second margin over Wisconsin. Cal's 3V8+ wrapped up the afternoon of races with an 11-second win over the Badgers. Cal finished with a time of 6:21.15 in the lone 3V8+ race of the day for the Bears.

Across the Bay, the Bears hosted four teams at the Ebright Invitational at the Oakland Estuary. Cal raced five times and came out on top in all five races.

"Today was a great day of racing," said assistant coach Brandon Shald. "We rowed a couple of different lineups in our boats and all the oarsmen did a great job.  We are looking forward to more racing on the estuary tomorrow morning."
The 4V8+ boat got the day off to a strong start with a convincing win over San Diego. The Bears crossed the finish with a time of 6:01.49. The second race of the morning featured the 5V8+ and the 6V8+ against Santa Clara. The 5V8+ finished first with a time of 5:52.36, the 6V8+ finished second at 6:01.62, and the Broncos crossed the line at 6:20.01.
In the afternoon the 4V8+ opened up the racing in rougher conditions with a win against UC San Diego. Cal finished with a time of 6:27.65. The Bears finished the day with back-to-back wins against Santa Clara. The 5V8+ finished with a time of 6:27.8. The 6V8+ soundly defeated SCU's 3V8 boat, finishing with a time of 6:40.9.

The Bears will return to Redwood Shores and the Oakland Estuary for another day of racing in the morning.

Pac-12 Challenge Morning Results

1. California       5:53.75
2. Boston            5:54.20
1. California       5:54.21
2. Boston            5:55.54
Pac-12 Challenge Afternoon Results

1. California       5:58.3
2. Wisconsin      6:09.1
1. California       5:47.1
2. Wisconsin      6:06.2
1. California       6:21.15
2. Wisconsin      6:32.3

V8 vs. Boston V8 vs. Wisconsin
Luca Vieira (cox) Luca Vieira (cox)
Iwan Hadfield (stroke) Iwan Hadfield (stroke)
Elliott Kemp Elliott Kemp
Tim Roth Tim Roth
Ollie Maclean Ollie Maclean
Gennaro di Mauro Gennaro di Mauro
Angus Dawson Angus Dawson
Frederik Breuer Olav Molenaar
Campbell Crouch (bow) Campbell Crouch (bow)
2V vs. Boston 2V vs. Wisconsin
James French (cox) James French (cox)
Tommy Barrell (stroke) Tommy Barrell (stroke)
Fred Roper Fred Roper
Balthasar Issa Frederik Breuer
Daton Wolfaardt Daton Wolfaardt
Jamie Arnold Balthasar Issa
Josh Anderson Josh Anderson
Michael Chandler Michael Chandler
Evan Lane (bow) Evan Lane (bow)
3V vs. Wisconsin
Illiad Izadi (cox)
Alex Langstone Bolt (stroke)
Spencer Dettlinger
Ed Digby
Jamie Arnold
Adam Stephenson
Bret Holt
Matthew Gallagher
Harry Cox (bow)

Ebright Morning Results
9:10 AM Race

1. California 4V                6:01.49
2. San Diego                     6:07.57
9:30 AM Race
1. California 5V                5:52.36
2. California 6V                6:01.62
3. Santa Clara                  6:20.01
1:10 PM Race
1. California 4V                6:27.65
2. UC San Diego               6:36.40
1:20 PM Race
1. California 5V                6:27.8
2. Santa Clara                  6:49.8
1:40 PM Race
1. California 6V                6:40.9
2. Santa Clara 3V             6:63.2.

Grant Fisher (cox)
Florian Unold (stroke)
Tyler Kurth
Dane Halkiw
Ziven Kujda
Schuyler St. Germain
Angus Gosman
Mathias Heldbo
Nicholas Koudriaev (bow)
5V AM                                     5V PM
Savannah Adamo (cox)          Adamo (cox)
Marcus Cameron (stroke)      Cameron (stroke)
Wilson Morton                              Neil
Henry Fuerrer                         Wright
Harry Manton                         Manton
Fritz Wright                            Jack
Oscar Neil                               Leonard Brahms
Henry Jack                              Furrer
Andrew Treger (bow)              Morton (bow)
6V AM                                             6V PM
Ryan Prendergast (cox)                Prendergast (cox)
Adrean Enders (stroke)                Enders (stroke)
Curtis Bottomley                           Bottomley
Leonard Brahms                            Regen
Logan Mackinney                          Mackinney
Clint Regen                                     Chris Neal
Walker Reid                                    Ethan Lee
Michael Walker                             Walker
Jack Hanson (bow)                        Hanson (bow)
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