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UCLA Women's Rowing Wins Regatta Versus LMU

Apr 16, 2022
UCLA defeated Loyola Marymount on Saturday (photo by Jesus Ramirez)

MARINA DEL REY, Calif. – The UCLA women's rowing team cruised past Loyola Marymount in four races on Saturday morning on Ballona Creek.
The Bruins raced four varsity four crews and two varsity eight boats against LMU.
UCLA's varsity eight crew (V8+) posted a final time of 7:03.20, while Loyola Marymount finished the varsity eight race in 7:29.70.
The Bruins' second varsity eight crew (2V8+) crossed the finish line more than 15 seconds ahead of LMU, recording a final time of 7:23.40. LMU's second varsity eight boat registered a time of 7:39.00.
UCLA's varsity four crew (V4+) posted a time of 8:12.20. LMU crossed the finish line in 8:36.40.
The Bruins raced three varsity four crews in the second varsity four race. UCLA's 2V4+ won the race with a time of 8:24.70. The Bruins' 3V4+ finished in second place (8:46.30), while UCLA's 4V4+ crew posted a time of 9:00.00. Loyola Marymount's second varsity four registered a final time of 9:10.20.
UCLA will return to action at the Longhorn Invitational in Austin, Texas, on Friday, April 29 and Saturday, April 30. That will mark the Bruins' final races before the Pac-12 Championships on Sunday, May 15.
Saturday's Racing Results
Varsity Eight
UCLA (V8+) – 7:03.20
LMU (V8+) – 7:29.70
Second Varsity Eight
UCLA (2V8+) – 7:23.40
LMU (2V8+) – 7:39.00
Varsity Four
UCLA (V4+) – 8:12.20
LMU (V4+) – 8:36.40
Second Varsity Four
UCLA (2V4+) – 8:24.70
UCLA (3V4+) – 8:46.30
UCLA (4V4+) – 9:00.00
LMU (2V4+) – 9:10.20

Saturday's Racing Lineups
Varsity Eight: (stroke) Olivia Caesar, (7) Sara Mittman, (6) Olivia Hay, (5) Emily Sutherland, (4) Mia Glinn, (3) Polly Wenlock, (2) Ellen Ulitsky, (bow) Irene Ulitsky, (coxswain) Sydney Page.
Second Varsity Eight: (stroke) Paula Jaramillo, (7) Ella O'Neil, (6) Rosemary Varney, (5) Margaux Bomsta, (4) Jade Raby, (3) Lucy Holgate, (2) Jane DiLauro, (bow) Audrey Petersen, (coxswain) Sofia Papini
Varsity Four: (stroke) Danielle Hoekstra, (3) Paige Ortzman, (2) Austyn Sirmon, (bow) Elsa Couvillon, (coxswain) Jianna Ursitti.
Second Varsity Four: (stroke) Brianna Wray, (3) Julia Adey, (2) Siobhan Lewis, (bow) Sophie Kruse, (coxswain) Amelia Cataldia.
Third Varsity Four: (stroke) Lily Janousek, (3) Taline Krumian, (2) Sophia Manos, (bow) Sydney Matas, (coxswain) Sofia Buxton.
Fourth Varsity Four: (stroke) Charlotte Winn, (3) Makayla Roberts, (2) Marilyn Madrid, (bow) Nyla Buie, (coxswain) Clara Kennedy.