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Schultz Wins Gold, Shields Earns Silver at U.S. Open Championships

May 1, 2022

UPDATE: Shortly after this story was released, Schultz' oppnent, West Cathcart, medically forefited the championship match. Schultz wins gold at 130 kg (Greco) with the forfeit and will now prepare to wrestle at the 2022 World Team Trials Challenge Tournament in Coralville, Iowa. The event will be hosted at Xtream Arena, May 21-22.

LAS VEGAS - Sun Devil Wrestling has been on full display this week at the U.S. Open Championships in Las Vegas. National heavyweight runner-up Cohlton Schultz is set to compete in the Greco-Roman 130 kg gold medal match tonight, alumnus Josh Shields took silver at 61 kg, and incoming Devils Kaleb Larkin and Tyler Antoniak earned silver and bronze medals, respectively. Greco medal matches run 5-7:00 p.m. (PDT) with live streams available here.
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Schultz has dominated the competition so far. After a first-round bye, he picked up back-to-back 9-0 VSU wins over Tom Foote and David Tate Orndorff. He'll wrestle West Cathcart in the title match. Chad Porter, wrestling in the 97 kg GR division, had an impressive showing. After a first-round bye, he picked up 8-0 VSU wins over Joshua Guerrero and Hunter Hart before a 4-0 VPO loss to Khymba Johnson in the semifinals. He took an injury default to Brady Vogel and could finish fifth with a win over Guy Patron.
Alumnus Josh Shields wrestled his way to the championship match at 74 kg. He went 10-0, 10-0, 11-0 in his first three matches and used an 11-7 win over Thomas Gantt to reach the top of the bracket. Shields then lost 11-0 to Jason Nolf to take silver.
Kaleb Larkin and Tyler Antoniak showed why they belong at ASU this week. Antoniak was the first ASU affiliate to hit the mats. He finished third in the U20 GR 67 kg class and only allowed one of his six opponents to score on him. That was his semifinal 2-1 loss to Robert Perez. Larkin went on a complete tear in the U20 FS 65 kg bracket where he outscored the competition 56-2 before taking a 12-0 loss to Vince Cornella in the championship match.
Cohlton Schultz: Gold medal GR 130 kg match
Mykey Ramos: U20 FS 70 kg reached championship quarterfinals, eliminated consolation quarterfinals
Lou Fincher: U20 FS 65 kg eliminated consolation 32
Richard Figueroa: U20 FS 57 kg reached championship quarterfinals, eliminated consolation round of 8
Ricky Roberto: U20 FS 74 kg eliminated round of 32
Cael Valencia: U20 FS 79 kg reached consolation round of 8
Jacob Ortiz: U20 FS 86 kg back-to-back opening round losses
Josh Shields: Runner-up at senior FS 74 kg
Josh Kramer: Finished seventh at senior FS 61 kg
Chad Porter: Reached GR 97 kg consolation semifinals before injury default
Sun Devil signees:
Kaleb Larkin: U20 65 kg FS runner up
Emilio Ysaguirre: U20 FS 61 kg fourth place
Tyler Antoniak: U20 GR 67 kg 3rd place, bronze medal
Michael Kilic: U20 FS 70 kg eliminated consolation of 8