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Two Wildcats Selected for NCAA Singles Championship

May 3, 2022

TUCSON, Ariz. - No. 49 Jonas Ziverts and No. 54 Gustaf Strom will represent Arizona in the NCAA Singles Championship, each for the second time in their careers. Both Cats made their first appearance in the singles tournament as freshmen; Ziverts in 2019 and Strom last season in 2021. 

Ziverts played almost every match of the regular season at the No. 1 singles position and Strom right behind him at No. 2 singles. Ziverts has remained in the ITA top 100 singles since Feb. 9, and Strom since March 23. 

These two Wildcats played a major role in rewriting the program's history this season and taking down more ranked teams than ever before, including Texas, USD, Oklahoma, USC, Stanford and Cal. 

Currently 10-6 overall in singles, Ziverts defeated five ranked players in major matches that all ended in wins for the Wildcats: No. 72 Eliot Spizzirri from Texas, No. 5 August Holmgren from USD (who was ranked No. 1 at the time Ziverts defeated him), No. 37 Mason Beiler from OU, No. 53 Peter Makk from USC and No. 12 Arthur Fery from Stanford (who was ranked No. 2 when defeated by Ziverts). 

Strom is currently 14-6 in overall singles and took down three ranked players between Texas, Baylor and Stanford. All at No. 2 singles, Strom defeated No. 24 Micah Braswell from Texas, No. 38 Matias Soto from Baylor and No. 113 Axel Geller from Stanford. Strom was one of two Wildcats to win their singles matches in the losses against Virginia Commonwealth and Baylor. 

"It will be fun, you know going to do it with my brother right here," said Ziverts about his and Strom's singles selection. "Last time I was alone, but you know now I have someone else with me so it will be great."

"Same here, last year I was alone, didn't have anybody except for the coaches," Strom said. "Now I have this guy with me, here to support me and support each other, and hopefully go far in the tournament. Let's go, bear down!"

The NCAA Singles Championship will take place after the team championship between May 23-28 at the Khan Outdoor Tennis Complex in Champaign, Illinois.