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All Three UW Crews Advance To NCAA Grand Finals

May 28, 2022

SARASOTA, Fla. – After two weather-related delays, the Washington women's rowing team had all three of its crews advance to NCAA Championships grand finals, thanks to top-three finishes in A/B semifinals Saturday at Nathan Benderson Park.
Washington is one of just four teams that made the grand final in all three NCAA boat categories: the first and second eights, and the fours. Washington finished second in each of its eights semifinals and, after a lightning delay, won its semifinal in the four.
Sunday, the eighth-ranked Huskies are one of four teams with a reasonable chance to the national championship, with No. 1 Texas, No. 2 Stanford and No. 5 Princeton also among the top contenders thanks to earning spots in all three grand finals. Brown in the only other team to make two out of the three grand finals. The NCAA team championship is determined by a points system that is weighted towards the varsity eight final.
The Huskies' varsity eight A/B semifinal saw the seedings stand up as the top three crews in the semifinal were comfortably in the three qualifying spots throughout. 
Princeton took the lead early on and held it at both 500 and 1,000 meters, with UW in second at both of those milestones. 
In the third 500, Stanford rowed through both the Huskies and Tigers, and the UW sat third at 1,500. Over the final 500, however, the UW passed Princeton and finished second to the Cardinal, about four seats back. Princeton crossed in third place, another four seats back of the UW shell.
Stanford's varsity eight time was 6:22.185, while the Huskies' was 6:23.741. Princeton's 6:24.909 was more the seven seconds better than fourth-place Yale, meaning that Stanford, UW and Princeton qualified for the grand final. In the other semifinal, the top three were Texas, Brown and California.
Washington led its second varsity eight semifinal for the majority of the race, leading Texas and Princeton at the 500-, 1,000- and 1,500-meter buoys. 
In the final 500, the Longhorns caught the Huskies and won the race by three seats, with a final time of 6:23.878 to the Huskies' 6:25.192. Princeton finished third, well ahead of fourth-place Brown.
Immediately after the finish of that semifinal, the race course was cleared due to lightning in the area. About an hour and 20 minutes later, racing resumed. The day's schedule had previously been delayed by an hour at the start due to weather.
After the break, Stanford, Yale and Virginia took the top-three spots in the other second eights semifinal to complete the grand final field along with Texas, UW and Princeton.
Washington's varsity four was dominant in winning its semifinal, leading from wire to wire. The Husky four, which also won its heat, beat second-place Texas by just shy of a full length, with a final time of 7:09.22. Texas finished second, in 7:11.37, while Brown broke away from Michigan in the final 500 to earn a place in the grand final.
Stanford, Princeton and Ohio State advanced from the other varsity fours semifinal.
Here's Sunday's grand finals schedule (subject to change):
9:34 a.m. ET/6:34 a.m. PT: Varsity Four grand final
V4+ finalists: Brown, Princeton, Washington, Stanford, Texas, Ohio State
10:00 a.m. ET/7:00 a.m. PT: Second Varsity Eight grand final
2V8+ finalists: Princeton, Yale, Texas, Stanford, Washington, Virginia
10:24 a.m. ET/7:24 a.m. PT: Varsity Eight grand final
V8+ finalists: Princeton, Brown, Stanford, Texas, Washington, California
Varsity Eight
Shell: Dottie Simpson
Cox: Nina Castagna (Cincinnati, Ohio/Walnut Hills)
Stroke: Carmela Pappalardo (Salerno, Italy)
7: Teal Cohen (Dallas, Texas/The Hockaday School)
6: Ella Cossill (Gold Coast, Australia)
5: Holly Drapp (Tampa, Fla./Strawberry Crest)
4: Holly Dunford (Tadworth, England, U.K.)
3: Aisha Rocek (Erba, Italy)
2: Valentina Iseppi (Gardone Riviera, Italy)
Bow: McKenna Bryant (Kent, Wash./Kennedy Catholic)
Second Varsity Eight
Shell: Title IX Tenacity
Cox: Grace Murdock (Roswell, Ga./Milton)
Stroke: Carmen McNamara-Smith (Seattle, Wash./The Center School)
7: Joïe Zier (Orcas Island, Wash./Orcas Island)
6: Katherine Slack (Everett, Wash./Kamiak)
5: Angharad Broughton (Cardiff, Wales, U.K.)
4: Isabel van Opzeeland (Hoofddorp, Netherlands)
3: Nikki Martincic (Newtown, Sydney, Australia)
2: Brittani Shappell (Bellingham, Wash./Walworth Barbour)
Bow: Fiona Shields (Bainbridge Island, Wash./Bainbridge)
Varsity Four
Shell: Wendell S. Sykes
Stroke: Taylor Buell (Olympia, Wash./Capital)
3: Shakira Mirfin (Invercargill, New Zealand
2: Madi Frampton (Tumwater, Wash.)
Bow: Dimitra Tsamopoulou (Athens, Greece)
Cox: Carina Baxter (El Dorado Hills, Calif./Oak Ridge)
Laurel Safranek (Anchorage, Alaska/West Anchorage)
Abby Adebiyi (London, England, U.K.)
UW's All-Time NCAA Team Finishes
2021: 3rd
2019: 1st
2018: 2nd
2017: 1st
2016: 5th
2015: 4th
2014: 7th
2013: 6th
2012: 7th
2011: 8th
2010: 10th
2009: 7th
2008: 2nd
2007: 10th
2006: 7th
2005: 9th
2004: 5th
2003: 3rd
2002: 2nd
2001: 1st
2000: 2nd
1999: 3rd
1998: 1st
1997: 1st
UW's All-Time NCAA Boat Champions
Fours (stroke to bow, coxswain)
1999 (Erin Becht, Anna Mickelson, Kara Nykrein, Kellie Schenk, Mary Whipple)
2000 (Lauren Estevenin, Carrie Stasiak, Heidi Hurn, Adrienne Hunter, Anne Heisburg)
2001 (Margherita Pallottino, Yvonne Stenken, Kattie Baurichter, Teegan Simonson, Maili Barber)
2008 (Rachel Powers, Jennifer Park, Charlene Franklin, Adrienne Martelli, Maggie Cheek)
2017 (Valentina Iseppi, Valerie Vogt, Julia Paulsen, Sophia Baker, Marley Avritt)
2019 (Dimitra Tsamopoulou, Kieanna Stephens, Holly Drapp, Emma Vagen, Dana Brooks)*
2021 (Carmen McNamara-Smith, Fiona Shields, Katherine Slack, Sophia Chaffey, Sachi Yamamoto)
* - NCAA-record time for fours: 6:52.451
Second Eights (coxswain, stroke to bow)
2002 (Anne Hessburg, Jenni Vesnaver, Jessica Harm, Shannon Oates, Erin Becht, Sanda Hangan, Margherita Pallottino, Erin Curry, Mandy Nelson)
2017 (Isabella Corriere, Marlee Blue, Maggie Phillips, Carmela Pappalardo, Phoebe Spoors, Karlé Pittsinger, Bella Chilczuk, Anna Thornton, Calina Schanze)
2018 (Marley Avritt, Brooke Pierson, Katy Gillingham, Carmela Pappalardo, Karlé Pittsinger, Julia Paulsen, Jennifer Wren, Jessica Thoennes, Calina Schanze)
2019 (Amanda Durkin, Klara Grube, Lark Skov, Elise Bueke, Holly Dunford, Molly Gallaher, Mackenna Cameron, Skylar Jacobson, Adele Likin)*
2021 (Dana Brooks, McKenna Bryant, Dimitra Tsamopoulou, Molly Gallaher, Taylor Buell, Nikki Martincic, Lark Skov, Joïe Zier, Brittani Shappell)
* - NCAA-record time for second eights: 6:11.262
First Eights (coxswain, stroke to bow)
1997 (Alida Purves, Sabina Telenska, Denni Nessler, Kelly Horton, Katy Dunnet, Annie Christie, Jan Williamson, Tristine Glick, Kari Green)
1998 (Missy Collins, Sabina Telenska, Denni Nessler, Kelly Horton, Katy Dunnet, Annie Christie, Rachel Dunnet, Vanessa Tavalero, Kari Green)
2001 (Mary Whipple, Lauren Estevenin, Nicole Borges, Anna Mickelson, Rika Geyser, Adrienne Hunter, Carrie Stasiak, Nicole Rogers, Annabel Ritchie)
2002 (Mary Whipple, Lauren Estevenin, Annabel Ritchie, Anna Mickelson, Heidi Hurn, Adrienne Hunter, Carrie Stasiak, Kara Nykreim, Yvonneke Stenken)
2017 (Phoebe Marks-Nicholes, Chiara Ondoli, Elise Beuke, Brooke Pierson, Katy Gillingham, Brooke Mooney, Tabea Schendekehl, Jessica Thoennes, Annemieke Schanze)
2019 (Marley Avritt, Tabea Schendekehl, Calina Schanze, Sofia Asoumanaki, Marlee Blue, Teal Cohen, Valentina Iseppi, Jennifer Wren, Carmela Pappalardo)*
* - NCAA-record time for first eights: 6:07.284
All-Time NCAA Rowing Team Championships
Brown – 7
Washington – 5
California – 4
Ohio State – 3
Virginia – 2
Texas – 1
Stanford – 1
Harvard – 1
All-Time NCAA Rowing Boat (V8+, 2V8+, V4+) Championships
Washington – 18
Brown – 14
Virginia – 9
California – 7
Ohio State – 6
Yale – 4
Princeton – 3
Michigan – 2
Stanford – 2
Texas – 1
Clemson – 1
Harvard – 1
Minnesota – 1
USC – 1
UW's Pre-NCAA (NCRC) Women's National Championships
Varsity Eight*
* V8+ winner was considered "national champion" prior to introduction of NCAA regatta
Junior Varsity Eight
Varsity Four