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Jack Smith Closes Out Cougar Career

Jun 27, 2022

Jack Smith, a Washington State University first baseman, has swagger, confidence and self-assurance.

He has come into his own the last two seasons, posting impressive stats and making game-changing contributions week after week. Despite his impressive performances, it's Smith's past that is most intriguing.

At the end of Smith's senior year in high school, he was drafted into the MLB in the 39th round. He was living the dream of countless young baseball players; Smith was drafted by his hometown team, the Seattle Mariners.

"Being drafted by the hometown team, the Seattle Mariners, that's something that I'll have with me for the rest of my life," Smith said.

Smith grew up in Mercer Island, Washington, and, at a young age, fell in love with baseball, but specifically, he fell in love with the Mariners. He attended many Mariners games throughout his childhood, each one reinforcing his love for baseball.

Smith had a remarkable senior year of high school. His team finished 21-3..He hit a .359 average with six doubles, one home run and 16 RBIs. He won a few awards that garnered him attention. The better Smith played that season, the more Major League Baseball scouts he saw in the stands. Smith said it was something of a shock to him at the time. He never thought that a kid, especially him, would generate enough attention to have professional scouts watching and attending his games.

Even with the draft status that Smith has, he was always going to become a Coug. Before the draft, Smith's heart was in Pullman, and he never planned to change that. But, that didn't take away from the excitement of the 2017 draft.

Smith just finished his senior year at WSU and stays in regular contact with Seattle Mariners staff. He said he hopes he can continue his baseball career with the team that drafted him. Regardless, Smith's experience of being drafted by his childhood team is something dreams are made of.