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Sun Devil Gymnasts Ready For Pac-12 Educational Trip to Alabama

Jul 12, 2022

A pair of Sun Devil gymnasts will be making a trip to Alabama in mid-July as part of an educational collection of events that will provide student-athletes, staff and coaches from all Pac-12, ACC, and Big 10 institutions with transformational educational experiences to help further prepare them to impact the world beyond their athletic careers.

Izzy Redmond and Juliette Boyer along with Office of Student-Devlopment Coach Markisha Farrier are part of a delegation of student-athletes, coaches, and administrators from its member institutions to Selma and Montgomery for an immersive experience that will include guest speakers, visits to historic sites and museums, and opportunities to engage with each other on their learnings and experiences. The pilgrimage to one of the key centers of the civil rights movement will be highlighted by a march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, which is the site of the 1965 Bloody Sunday attack.



The delegation will visit the Montgomery Interpretive Center on the campus of Alabama State University to learn more about the profound impact that students had on the civil rights movement, and the significance of the Knight vs. Alabama landmark trial which ended segregation of funding of higher education across the State of Alabama. Additionally, the trip will include a visit to the award-winning Equal Justice Initiative Legacy Museum, which provides a comprehensive overview of America's history of racial injustice from enslavement to mass incarceration.

The trip began with a series of introductory virtual meetings prior to traveling to Alabama. Upon returning to campus after the trip, the conference provide tools and opportunities for each attendee to convey their experiences on the trip to their peers and campus colleagues.

The final itinerary is still being developed, but the trip will include many of the following historic sites, museums and activities, as well as several impactful guest speakers:

--March Across Edmund Pettus Bridge - Selma

--Equal Justice Initiative Legacy Museum

--Alabama State University Interpretive Center (HBCU campus)

--Southern Poverty Law Center

--Freedom Riders Museum

--Civil Rights Memorial

--Rosa Parks Museum

"Growing up I was taught, as I'm sure most of us are, about the fundamentals of the Civil Rights Movement and what it stood for. I was taught that the United States of America was a place in which rights could not only be given, but fought for as well. I learned of the incredible impact that the Civil Rights Movement had on the nation and how it had helped bring about equality for generations to come. However, as I have grown older, I have become more aware of the fact that this fight for equality did not have as big of an impact on societal attitudes as I once believed it to have. When I look at the events taking place in this country today, I am grateful for those who fought before me and yet appalled at how much still needs to be fought for. For me, this Alliance Trip will hold experiences and education that I wish everyone could encounter as it will be a reminder of the extremes that many have had to fight through in order for our country to be the way it is today. I'm sure that this trip will fill me with the passion and drive to continue fighting for the changes I want to see in the future and hope it will give others the motivation to do so as well."

"As a Black woman, the Civil Rights Movement holds a lot of weight because it has given me the freedom and opportunity I have to be who I am today. For me, it is something I have always been aware of but rarely acknowledged for the true magnitude in which it shaped the world and my life. I've heard the stories, learned the history, and even done the research, but this Alliance Trip gives me the chance to connect with myself and my own history on a deeper level. I know there will be a lot of emotion felt to be standing in the same place where those who sacrificed before me fought and bled for causes we are still fighting today, but it will also be incredibly formative and impactful. I hope to find the inspiration and courage to continue the work we all need to see done and bring that same inspiration, gravity, and passion back to those around me here at ASU."

"When I was asked to go on this trip, I was immediately excited and honored. As a black woman, I understand the magnitude and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity; to be with over 200 student athletes and administrators in Montgomery and Selma, AL. As a former student athlete, growing up in Southern California, I was never a part of something this incredible. What we are going to experience are the parts of history I would vaguely hear in the history books, rather from my parents that grew up during the Civil Rights era. Interestingly enough, during our pre orientation homework, I realized there was so much I didn't know. Some of the key players were left out of those history books and now I have an opportunity to get a first hand look at everything I had only heard or read about, but never experienced. Although this will be heavy and emotional, it will continue to ignite my passion for social justice and be life changing. Upon our return, I can't wait to share and educate others within Sun Devil Athletics. "