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40 Pac-12 standouts selected in 2022 MLB Draft

Jul 19, 2022
Photo of Cooper Hjerpe courtesy Oregon State

Forty Pac-12 student-athletes were selected in the 2022 MLB Draft this week, with at least one chosen in 18 of 20 rounds.

Nine of the Pac-12's 11 baseball programs produced at least one pick, while eight produced two or more.

Oregon State led all Pac-12 schools with eight draft picks, the most the program has ever produced in the first 20 rounds of the draft. Among them was left-hander Cooper Hjerpe, who was selected in the first round (22nd overall) by the St. Louis Cardinals.

Arizona State, California and Stanford tied for the second-most picks in the Pac-12, producing six apiece.

Arizona catcher Daniel Susac was the Pac-12's other first-round pick, going 19th overall to the Oakland Athletics, the highest a Wildcat has been selected since Kevin Newman was chosen 19th overall in the 2015 MLB Draft.

Here's the full order of the Pac-12's selections, as well as a breakdown by school:

Player School Round Pick MLB Team
Daniel Susac, C Arizona 1 19 Oakland Athletics
Cooper Hjerpe, P Oregon State 1 22 St. Louis Cardinals
Dylan Beavers, OF California CBRA 33 Baltimore Orioles
Josh Kasevich, SS Oregon 2 60 Toronto Blue Jays
Jacob Melton, OF Oregon State 2 64 Houston Astros
Brock Jones, OF Stanford 2 65 Tampa Bay Rays
Justin Boyd, OF Oregon State 2 73 Cincinnati Reds
Joe Lampe, OF Arizona State 3 92 Cleveland Guardians
Steven Zobac, P California 4 115 Kansas City Royals
Anthony Hall, OF Oregon 4 130 New York Yankees
Josh White, P California 5 142 Miami Marlins
D'Andre Smith, SS USC 5 149 New York Mets
Nathan Martorella, 1B California 5 150 San Diego Padres
Sean McClain, SS Arizona State 5 165 Los Angeles Dodgers
Will Frisch, P Oregon State 6 173 Chicago Cubs
Brennan Milone, IF Oregon 6 184 Oakland Athletics
Max Rajcic, P UCLA 6 187 St. Louis Cardinals
Kody Huff, C Stanford 7 206 Colorado Rockies
Adam Maier, P Oregon 7 215 Atlanta Braves
Brett Barrera, SS Stanford 8 250 New York Yankees
Wade Meckler, OF Oregon State 8 256 San Francisco Giants
Adam Crampton, SS Stanford 9 257 Baltimore Orioles
Gavin Logan, C Oregon State 9 258 Arizona Diamondbacks
Joseph King, P California 9 277 St. Louis Cardinals
Matt Keating, P USC 9 280 New York Yankees
Alex Williams, P Stanford 11 322 Miami Marlins
Rhylan Thomas, OF USC 11 329 New York Mets
Nate Baez, C Arizona State 12 356 Minnesota Twins
Michael Curialle, SS UCLA 12 367 St. Louis Cardinals
Tyresse Turner, SS USC 13 391 Cleveland Guardians
Jake Pfennigs, P Oregon State 13 394 Oakland Athletics
D.J. Carpenter, P Oregon State 14 427 St. Louis Cardinals
Kyle Luckham, P Arizona State 15 441 Washington Nationals
Adam Tulloch, P Arizona State 15 451 Cleveland Guardians
Tanner O'Tremba, OF Arizona 15 466 San Francisco Giants
Jared Karros, P UCLA 16 495 Los Angeles Dodgers
Stefan Raeth, P Washington 17 516 Seattle Mariners
Quinn Mathews, P Stanford 19 584 Tampa Bay Rays
Keshawn Ogans, SS California 20 605 Atlanta Braves
Ethan Long, 1B Arizona State 20 616 San Francisco Giants

2022 MLB Draft picks by school

Arizona (2): Daniel Susac, Tanner O'Tremba

Arizona State (6): Joe Lampe, Sean McClain, Nate Baez, Kyle Luckham, Adam Tulloch, Ethan Long

California (6): Dylan Beavers, Steven Zobac, Josh White, Nathan Martorella, Joseph King, Keshawn Ogans

Oregon (4): Josh Kasevich, Anthony Hall, Brennan Milone, Adam Maier

Oregon State (8): Cooper Hjerpe, Jacob Melton, Justin Boyd, Will Frisch, Wade Meckler, Gavin Logan, Jake Pfennigs, D.J. Carpenter

Stanford (6): Brock Jones, Kody Huff, Brett Barrera, Adam Crampton, Alex Williams, Quinn Mathews

UCLA (3): Max Rajcic, Michael Curialle, Jared Karros

USC (4): D'Andre Smith, Matt Keating, Rhylan Thomas, Tyresse Turner

Washington (1): Stefan Raeth