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Rick George Statement On The Football Program

Sep 18, 2022

Dear Buffalo Supporters:
Like all of you, I have been disappointed to watch our football team struggle this fall, most recently yesterday at Minnesota.  I know that our coaches and our student-athletes are capable of so much more and that all of you deserve better results.
I want you to know that I hear you.  I recognize and understand your disappointment and frustration and perhaps, even anger.  We have not come close to meeting our expectations this season and we own that.  I know that Coach Dorrell, our coaching and support staff, and our student-athletes are working hard to get us on track, and with conference play starting this Saturday, we hope we all will enjoy a home victory over UCLA.
Regardless of your feelings right now on Colorado Football, I encourage you to continue to support our tremendous football student-athletes, who need your cheers, encouragement and support now, more than ever.
Go Buffs!
Rick George