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Triathlon Captures Victory at Inaugural Mile High Relay

Sep 25, 2022

DENVER, Colo. – Sun Devil Triathlon won its second event in as many days Sunday morning, this time claiming victory at the inaugural Mile High Relays at the University of Denver.

"It was another tremendous showing from the team today in winning the Mile High Relays," head coach Cliff English said. "The team is really motivated and firing on all cylinders."

Arizona State featured three relay teams, finishing first, second and sixth in the ten-team race. Each relay team featured three participants in a 200-meter swim followed by a 1,000-meter run.

ASU's A relay team of Naomi Ruff, Liberty Ricca and Amber Schlebusch finished first with a combined time of 18:27.42. The B relay team of Heidi Jurankova, Camille Buchanan and Alexe Coursol finished second with a combined time of 19:04.25.

"I'm very proud of the elite mindset on this team," English stated. "There was not a word about tiredness or sore legs from yesterday's sprint distance triathlon. Everyone took care of the job at hand and had a great time doing it."

Ricca took the lead at the end of the run before tagging Ruff for the second leg who further extended the lead for the Sun Devils. Ruff then met with Schlebusch to conclude the group's efforts at first. 

Sophomore Coursol began the relay for Team B before handing off the race to freshman Jurankova who was able to boost the Sun Devils to second place with a strong run. Buchanan's quick speed in the swim portion (2:28) of the event solidified ASU Team B's finish.

The final group for the Maroon and Gold, Faith Dasso, Evan Welch and Audrey Ernst completed the relay in 19:46 and finished in sixth place.

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  1. Arizona State A - 18:27.42
  2. Arizona State B - 19:04.25
  3. South Dakota A - 19:18.14
  4. Denver A - 19:30
  5. San Francisco A - 19:41
  6. Arizona State C - 19:46
  7. Denver B - 10:43
  8. San Francisco B - 20:52
  9. South Dakota B - 21:25
  10. Mixed DU/USD - 23:03

1. Liberty Ricca - 5:59
4. Amber Schlebusch - 6:12
5. Camille Buchanan - 6:15
6. Naomi Ruff - 6:16
7. Heidi Jurankova - 6:19
10. Alexe Coursol - 6:30
11. Audrey Ernst - 6:30
14. Faith Dasso - 6:35
19. Evan Welch - 6:41


  1. Arizona State 30 pts
  2. Denver - 16 pts
  3. South Dakota - 14 pts
  4. San Francisco - 12 pts