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Getting To Know Justin Braun

Oct 14, 2022

In the latest installment of "Getting to Know," join us as we welcome freshman runner Justin Braun into the Q&A circle. Learn all about his transition from the Midwest and see how the Ohio Boys Track and Field Gatorade Player of the Year will fit into the next great era of the shield. 
Q: What made you decide to come to USC, especially being from Columbus, Ohio?
JB: Ultimately, what initially drew me to USC was the culture the track & field team has. I would say the next thing was the head coach (Quincy Watts), because he wanted me to take over being a 400 meter runner; knowing the race, the coaching staff here and them knowing how to get me to the next level was really appealing.
Q: How's the transition been from the Midwest to the West Coast?
JB: Pretty smooth. It's a lot warmer than it is out there. It's already getting bad like the 50s back home, so definitely enjoying having some heat in my life. It's going to be nice, because I'm never able to really train in the winter back home, so it's going to be like an actual winter season for me. 
Q: What has been your favorite thing about the team so far? 
JB: We do a lot of bonding stuff, the team is really close. We all hang out consistently. It's been a nice transition. The team has been great overall, really welcoming.
Q: Was there a certain moment that you felt at home in here?
JB: I guess I would say it was after we were done with our first workout, the group just kind of came together. You know, we're all supporting each other, even though we're all competing for very similar spots. We all want to be on the four-by-four, but we're still going to run for each other and we're going to want the best out of each other. We're going to push for the best out of each other.
Q: What is a personal goal of yours for this year?
JB: I haven't really decided yet, but I think I want to be an All-American in any of my individual events, whatever I end up deciding. And then I'd like to be on the team's four-by-one and four-by-four (relay teams).
Q: What are some of your favorite things that you focus on outside of track?
JB: I'm big on music. I play saxophone. I play the ukulele. Those are things that take up my free time. I don't have my saxophone out here, unfortunately. But I guess just hanging out with friends. I'm definitely just going to kick it at home. 
Q: What's some of your favorite songs to play on the ukulele then?
JB: I don't really have anything specific. I guess I'm still learning chord progressions and stuff. Ukulele is just kind of like a pickup instrument. But I played saxophone for seven or eight years. I was in the concert band growing up, so I did your classic concert pieces.
Q: What are you hoping to major in here at USC?
JB: I'm still undecided at the moment, actually. I think I'm going to choose human biology, but I'm really considering a minor in music just because.
Q: What is your dream job?
JB: I would like to be a physical therapist. There's not a physical therapist major, so I'm just kind of following the recommended classes for that. And human biology just kind of matches that perfectly and since it is the closest fitting that is what I am leaning towards.
Q: What is your favorite free time activity?
JB: I like my alone time, I enjoy chilling and sleeping.
Q: Are there any shows you are watching?
JB: I'm re-watching Breaking Bad right now. I just watch stuff based on the day.
Q: What is your favorite part about living in L.A. so far?
JB: This is kind of a general thing, but I really like just walking around with the guys on the team and just hanging out. I really enjoy simple stuff like that.
Q: What are your goals for this school year?
JB: Academically, I like to keep above 3.0. It's definitely doable for me. But staying on top of it is another thing. I guess socially, I would like to make some friends like a nice core group, but I'm really picky about who I let in. Just find some people I can really trust here. That takes time, which is okay.