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Nine of 10

Nov 6, 2022

ATHERTON, Calif. - No. 20 Stanford opened the season with nine of 10 champions at the Menlo Open. The Cardinal was first as a team with 257.0 points.

Capturing the titles were freshman Nico Provo (125), senior Jackson DiSario (133), redshirt junior Jaden Abas (149), freshman Daniel Cardenas (157), redshirt senior Shane Griffith (165), redshirt senior Tyler Eischens (174), freshman Brook Byers (184), junior Nick Stemmet (197) and senior Seamus O'Malley (285).

Also placing for Stanford were 141-pounder Jason Miranda (3rd), 157-pounder Charlie Darracott (2nd), 165-pounder Hunter Garvin (2nd), 184-pounders Jack Darrah (2nd) and Nick Addison (3rd). Heavyweight Peter Ming wrestled unattached and finished fourth. 

Stanford hits the road next week, traveling to Boone, North Carolina on Saturday for the Mountaineer Invitational at Appalachian State. 

Nico Provo, 125 pounds | 4-0 (1st)

Opponent Result
fall Mikey Dover (unattached) F0:59
tech. fall Sadiri Andaya (Delta College) 17-1 (3:08)
dec. Dom Mendez (Cal Poly) 6-1
dec. Richard Sandoval (CSU Bakersfield) 6-1

Suhas Chundi 125 pounds | 2-2

Opponent Result
dec. Nicholas Stringer (Simpson) 3-2
lost to Zachary Wright (SFSU) 16-3
dec. Mikey Dover (unattached) 8-3
lost to Cristian Vasquez (Menlo College) 4-3

#30 Jackson DiSario, 133 pounds | 5-0 (1st)

Opponent Result
dec. Michael Torres (Menlo College) 7-4
tech. fall Iuis Saucedo (unattached) 15-0 (5:15)
dec. Stefano McKinney (SFSU) 2-0
dec. Johnny Lopez (Cal Poly) 4-2
dec. Jovan Garcia (Menlo College) 3-0

Wyatt Richter, 133 pounds | 2-2

Opponent Result
lost to Antonio Margiotta (SFSU) 10-3
fall Kyle Jeong (unattached) F1:24
fall James Henderson (Sierra College) F0:29
lost to Ty Chandler (Cal Poly) 12-10

Jason Miranda, 141 pounds | 5-1 (3rd)

Opponent Result
fall Noah Messman (Menlo College) F1:43
dec. Isaac Salas (CSU Bakersfield) 9-7 (SV)
dec. Sean Yamasaki (SFSU) 8-2
lost to Tyler Deen (CSU Bakersfield) 9-3
dec. Isaac Salas (CSU Bakersfield) 6-0
fall Luis Ramos (CSU Bakersfield) F2:32


Chayse LaJoie, 141 pounds | 2-2

Opponent Result
fall Joaquin Mosqueda (Sierra College) F4:07
lost to Jose Landin (CSU Bakersfield) 6-4 (SV)
dec. Andre Dargani (unattached) 8-2
lost to Isaac Salas (CSU Bakersfield) 9-6

#10 Jaden Abas, 149 pounds | 4-0 (1st)

Opponent Result
fall Michael McGruder (unattached) F4:02
tech. fall Hamzeh Bakir (Skyline) 21-4 (4:31)
tech. fall Josh Brown (CSU Bakersfield) 19-3 (6:34)
dec. Joshua Fuentes Norikiy (SFSU) 8-2

Elijah Cleaver, 149 pounds | 1-2

Opponent Result
lost to Joshua Fuentes Norikiy (SFSU) F6:59
dec. Michael McGruder (unattached) 5-2
lost to Thomas Chapman (Menlo College) 8-5

Daniel Cardenas, 157 pounds | 5-0 (1st)

Opponent Result
tech. fall Marco Ruffinelli (SFSU) 16-1 (2:54)
tech. fall Carlos Meza (Sierra College) 18-1 (1:15)
maj. dec. Seth Borba (Menlo College) 23-9
tech. fall Dawson Sihavong (unattached-Stanford) 21-5 (2:42)
dec. Charlie Darracott (Stanford) 7-4

Charlie Darracott, 157 pounds | 3-1 (2nd)

Opponent Result
dec. Kyle Botelho (SFSU) 4-1
dec. Fabian Santillan (Stanford) 11-4
maj. dec. Abraham Del Toro (Menlo College) 13-2
lost to Daniel Cardenas (Stanford) 7-4

Fabian Santillan, 157 pounds | 3-2

Opponent Result
dec. Kydyn Lima (unattached) 7-4
dec. Ethan Boyd (Sacramento CC) 11-7
lost to Charlie Darracott (Stanford) 11-4
tech. fall Carlos Meza (Sierra College) 16-0 (2:32)
lost to Kydyn Lima (unattached) 4-2

Tony Williams, 157 pounds | 2-2

Opponent Result
fall Ratbek Erkinbekov (Menlo WC) F2:52
lost to Abraham Del Toro (Menlo College) 6-3
fall Thomas Venezia (Skyline College) F0:48
lost to Marco Ruffinelli (SFSU) 12-4

Dawson Sihavong, 157 pounds (unattached) | 3-2

Opponent Result
dec. Josh Tolentino (SFSU) 8-3
maj. dec. Josiah Hurd (unattached) 11-1
maj. dec. Richard Gurule (Menlo College) 10-1
lost to Daniel Cardenas (Stanford) 21-5 (2:42)
lost to Kydyn Lima (unattached) 7-5

#2 Shane Griffith, 165 pounds | 4-0 (1st)

Opponent Result
dec. Cash Stewart (Cal Poly) 4-1
tech. fall Connor Cormier (Menlo WC) 17-2 (4:37)
fall Boltyn Taam (SFSU) F2:21
dec. Hunter Garvin (Stanford) 4-1

Hunter Garvin, 165 pounds | 3-1 (2nd)

Opponent Result
fall Conrad Trevino-Oceg (SFSU) F4:07
fall Edward Ramirez (unattached) F2:47
fall Rysan Leong (Menlo College) F0:54
lost to #2 Shane Griffith (Stanford) 4-1

#26 Tyler Eischens, 174 pounds | 4-0 (1st)

Opponent Result
fall Angelo Goumenidis (unattached) F1:55
tech. fall Kweli Hernandez (unattached) 16-0 (4:17)
dec. Kendall LaRosa (Cal Poly) 10-3
fall Maximus Zamora (Menlo College) F0:35

Brook Byers, 184 pounds | 4-0 (1st)

Opponent Result
tech. fall Gavin Funk (unattached) 16-1 (2:49)
tech. fall Khristian Dove (CSU Bakersfield) 18-2 (3:12)
fall Abdurrahma Garner (Sacramento CC) F1:36
dec. Jack Darrah (Stanford) 5-4

Jack Darrah, 184 pounds | 3-1 (2nd)

Opponent Result
maj. dec. Jairo Rivera (SFSU) 14-2
fall Malachi Dowdell (Simpson) F3:57
fall Isaiah Morales (Menlo College) F1:26
lost to Brook Byers (Stanford) 5-4

Nick Addison, 184 pounds | 5-1 (3rd)

Opponent Result
fall Michael Negrete (Sierra College) F3:52
lost to Isaiah Morales (Menlo College) 11-6
maj. dec. Shayan Eslamian (Menlo WC) 12-0
fall Gavin Funk (unattached) F1:37
tech. fall Abdurrahma Garner (Sacramento CC) 16-0 (2:50)
won by inj. def. over Isaiah Morales (Menlo College) Inj. def.

Nick Stemmet, 197 pounds | 4-0 (1st)

Opponent Result
fall Damon Barcenas (unattached) F1:45
tech. fall Amrit Singh (Menlo College) 19-4 (7:00)
maj. dec. Hunter James (Menlo College) 13-3
maj. dec. Hunter Gonzalez (unattached) 16-7

Seamus O'Malley, 285 pounds | 4-0 (1st)

Opponent Result
fall Joshua Colburn (Sierra College) F0:49
maj. dec. Jayden Dobsen (unattached) 11-0
dec. Nate Glass (Cal Poly) 6-0
fall Antonio Dacosta (Menlo College) F4:45

Peter Ming (unattached), 285 pounds | 3-2 (4th)

Opponent Result
dec. Emilio Franco Sandoval (SFSU) 6-4 (SV)
fall Jacob Vincent (Simpson) F4:35
lost to Antonio Dacosta (Menlo College) 8-1
maj. dec. Emilio Franco Sandoval (SFSU) 8-0
lost to Nate Glass (Cal Poly) F4:00