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Quartet of Beavers Shine in Black Knight Scramble

Nov 7, 2022

WEST POINT, N.Y. – The Oregon State wrestling team competed in the Black Knight Scramble in West Point, New York to wrap up their season-opening road trip Sunday morning on the east coast. Oregon State competed against opposition from Army West Point, LIU and Queens (N.C.) on Sunday morning.

Cleveland Belton, off a win off No. 22 (Intermat) Malyke Hines of Lehigh, kept the momentum up and had a 3-0 day yesterday and won the 141-pound weight class. Trey Munoz built off his 7-3 win on Saturday over No. 14 Tate Samuelson and had an unblemished Sunday in New York. Noah Tolentino took four of his five matches yesterday to take first place in the 149-pound division. Tanner Harvey won the 197-pound class from five wins in five chances following a setback against Lehigh.

Brandon Kaylor (125); 2nd
Kaylor DEC Robbie Sagaris (LIU) 10-5
Ethan Bergnic (Army) SV Kaylor 3-1
Kaylor NC Griffin Gonzales (Queens)

Gabe Whisenhunt (133); 2nd
Whisenhunt DEC Ryan Franco (Army) 4-3
Whisenhunt FALL Kaelan Francois (LIU) 19-4
Whisenhunt NC Stephen Cotton (Queens)
Whisenhunt DEC Rich Treanor (Army), 9-3

Jason Shaner (133); 3rd
Shaner NC Stephen Cotton (Queens)
Shaner TF Kaelan Francois (LIU) 22-8
Shaner DEC Ryan Franco (Army) 11-5
Rich Treanor (Army) FALL Shaner

Cleveland Belton (141); 1st
Belton TF Devin Matthews (LIU) 22-7
Belton SV Julian Sanchez (Army) 8-6
Belton TF Melvin Rubio (Queens) 20-5

Noah Tolentino (149); 1st
Tolentino DEF Thomas Deck (Army) 7-5
Logan Brown (Army) SV Tolentino 6-4
Tolentino DEC Matthew Williams (Army) 3-2
Tolentino NC Drew Witham (LIU)
Tolentino NC Nico D'Amico (Queens)

Graham Gambrall (157); 5th
Trae McDaniel (Army) DEC Gambrall 10-0
Nate Lukez (Army) DEC Gambrall 12-4
Tanner Craig (Army) DEC Gambrall 12-4

Matthew Olguin (165); 2nd
Olguin NC James Johnston (LIU)
Dalton Harkins (Army) SV Olguin, 3-1
Olguin PIN Christian Hunt (Army), 1st period

Mason Christiansen (174); 2nd
Christiansen DEC Blake Bahna (LIU), 17-7
Christiansen NC Anthony Franden (LIU)
Christiansen NC Dillon Sheehy (Army)
Benjamin Pasiuk (Army) INJ Christiansen

Jackson McKinney (184); 3rd
McKinney MD Walker Stephenson (Army), 13-4
McKinney DEC Cole Karpinski (Army), 12-6
Trey Munoz (OSU) NC McKinney
McKinney NC D'Andre Hunt (Queens)

Trey Munoz (184); 1st
Munoz TF Cole Karpinski (Army), 12-6
Munoz NC D'Andre Hunt (Queens)
Munoz NC Jackson McKinney (OSU)
Munoz TF Walker Stephenson (Army), 24-9

Tanner Harvey (197); 1st
Harvey NC Kyle Swartz (Army)
Harvey PIN John Duzsa (LIU), 2nd period
Harvey NC Joe Lopresti (LIU), 1st period
Harvey DEC Daniel Lawrence (Army), 8-2
JJ Dixon (HWT); 2nd
Charley Hastriter (OSU) NC Dixon
Dixon DEC Paul Robinson (Army), 4-2
Dixon DEC Aeden Begue (LIU), 4-3
Kade Carlson (Army) NC Dixon
Dixon DEF Mikey Lytle (Queens)

Charley Hastriter (HWT); 3rd
Hastriter NC JJ Dixon (OSU)
Aeden Begue (LIU) TF Hastriter
Hastriter NC Mikey Lytle (Queens)
Hastriter NC Paul Robinson (Army)
Kade Carlson (Army) DEC Hastriter, 5-3

Oregon State will compete in Gill Coliseum for the first time this season this week - Sunday, November 13th – against Clackamas and Linfield in a tri-meet. Action is slated for a 2 p.m. start.
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