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#5 Wrestling Gets 7 Titles, 4 Hammers at Journeymen Collegiate Classic

Nov 14, 2022

BETHLEHEM, Pa. - Sun Devil Wrestling earned seven individual titles Sunday at the Journeymen Collegiate Classic to complete their swing through Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Those titles included four in the "A" bracket of their weight class, where Richard Figueroa, Michael McGee, Jesse Vasquez, and Tony Negron all earned Hammer Awards. Unranked Negron and Figueroa but celebrated huge top-20 upsets too.
Final brackets
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Negron (165) had a weekend to remember. He kicked things off Saturday in ASU's dual against No. 21 Rutgers by pinning 2022 All-American Connor O'Neill in 1:40. Negron then ran through the 165A bracket (3-0) of the Journeymen Collegiate Classic to win the Hammer Award. His run included an upset win over No. 19 Lucas Ravno of Penn (5-2 decision).
Figueroa (125) upset two top-20 opponents over the weekend. He got the 5-3 decision over No. 17 Dylan Shawver of Rutgers on Saturday, then fought to a 6-2 decision over No. 18 Ryan Miller (Penn) Sunday. Collectively he won four matches over two days and outscored his competition 32-7.
ASU's younger wrestlers all showed strength too. Tristan Mascarenas took first in the 125C division, earning two wins by fall and a major decision. Carter Dibert (133C) swept too and earned bonus points in two bouts. True freshman Michael Kilic made his name known in the Keystone state, picking up two tech falls and a major decision, and Jacob Meissner swept thanks to two decisions and a forfeit.

Up Next
Arizona State opens the home slate with a huge matchup against No. 3 Missouri Thursday Nov. 17 in the brand new Mullett Arena. Wrestling starts at 7:00 p.m. A total of 10 All-Americans will be in the building, including defending national champion at 165 Keegan O'Toole. 149 will be one of the premier matches of the night, with two-time All-American Kyle Parco facing off against three-time All-American Brock Mauller. Tickets are still available and will be sold at the door too.

Richard Figueroa - 1st, 125A
125 Richard Figueroa (Arizona State) MD Diego Sotelo (Harvard), 13-1
125 Richard Figueroa (Arizona State) DEC Jacob Van dee (Nebraska), 8-1
125 Richard Figueroa (Arizona State) DEC Ryan Miller (Penn), 6-2
Tristan Mascarenas -1st, 125C
125 Tristan Mascarenas (Arizona State) MD Austin Zehring (Vmi), 11-2
125 Tristan Mascarenas (Arizona State) F Jacob Moon (Hofstra), 4:02
125 Tristan Mascarenas (Arizona State) F Benny Herrera (Sacred Heart), 3:50
125 Tristan Mascarenas (Arizona State) DEC Bronson Garber (Bloomsburg), 3-1
Michael McGee - 1st, 133A
133 Michael Mcgee (Arizona State) DEC Michael Colaiocco (Penn), 7-5
133 Michael Mcgee (Arizona State) F Beau Bayless (Harvard), 3:24
133 Michael Mcgee (Arizona State) MD Cole Rhone (Bloomsburg), 16-5
Julian Chlebove - 2nd, 133A
133 Julian Chlebove (Arizona State) DEC Wyatt Henson (Oklahoma), 13-6
133 Michael Colaiocco (Penn) MD Julian Chlebove (Arizona State), 8-0
133 Julian Chlebove (Arizona State) DEC Cole Rhone (Bloomsburg), 8-5
Carter Dibert - 1st place, 133C
133 Carter Dibert (Arizona State) MD Gabe Vidlak (Oklahoma), 18-5
133 Carter Dibert (Arizona State) TF Alex Turley (Hofstra), 16-1 6:54
133 Carter Dibert (Arizona State) DEC Ryan Franco (West Point), 8-7
Jesse Vasquez - 2nd, 141A
141 Jesse Vasquez (Arizona State) DEC Carmen Ferrante (Penn), 6-1
141 Jesse Vasquez (Arizona State) F Josh Mason (Bloomsburg), 1:54
141 Brock Hardy (Nebraska) F Jesse Vasquez (Arizona State), 3:36
Cody Foote - 5th place, 141A
141 Brock Hardy (Nebraska) F Cody Foote (Arizona State), 1:51
141 Carmen Ferrante (Penn) MD Cody Foote (Arizona State), 12-0
141 Jesse Vasquez (Arizona State) TF Cody Foote (Arizona State), 16-0 2:30
141 Josh Mason (Bloomsburg) F Cody Foote (Arizona State), 1:23
Lou Fincher - 2nd place, 141D
141 Lou Flncher (Arizona State) FOR Vincent Milazzo (Sacred Heart), 0-0
141 Shane Percelay (West Point) MD Lou Flncher (Arizona State), 10-1
141 Freddy Junko (Vmi) DEC Lou Flncher (Arizona State), 8-2
Kyle Parco - 2nd place, 149A
149 Doug Zapf (Penn) M FOR Kyle Parco (Arizona State), 2-2 4:41
149 Kyle Parco (Arizona State) TF Logan Brown (West Point), 18-3 6:00
149 Kyle Parco (Arizona State) DEC Jackson Arrington (NC State), 8-5
Max Wilner - 2nd place, 157B
157 Trae Mcdaniel (West Point) DEC Max Wilner (Arizona State), 3-2
157 Max Wilner (Arizona State) DEC Luke Arhberg (NC State), 8-5
157 Max Wilner (Arizona State) DEC Job Chishko (Vmi), 5-3
Michael Kilic - 1st place, 157D
157 Michael Kilic (Arizona State) TF Connor Macdonald (Sacred Heart), 16-0 2:16
157 Michael Kilic (Arizona State) MD Aaron Faison (NC State), 11-2
157 Michael Kilic (Arizona State) TF Colby Keane (Pitt Johnstown), 18-3 7:00
Tony Negron - 1st, 165A
165 Tony Negron (Arizona State) DEC Lucas Revano (Penn), 5-2
165 Tony Negron (Arizona State) DEC Dalton Harkins (West Point), 4-1
165 Tony Negron (Arizona State) DEC Don Cates (NC State), 10-4
Rene Fragoso - 2nd place, 165D
165 Dillon Keane (Pitt Johnstown) MD Rene Fragoso (Arizona State), 11-0
165 Rene Fragoso (Arizona State) F Josh Johnson (NC State), 1:43
165 Luke Hart (Vmi) DEC Rene Fragoso (Arizona State), 3-1
Josh Nummer - 2nd place, 174A
174 Josh Nummer (Arizona State) DEC Brock Delsignore (NC State), 7-4
174 Phil Conigliaro (Harvard) F Josh Nummer (Arizona State), 2:11
174 Nick Incontrera (Penn) TF Josh Nummer (Arizona State), 17-2 4:36
Cael Valencia - 2nd place, 174B
174 Blake Bahna (Long Island) F Cael Valencia (Arizona State), 2:41
174 Cael Valencia (Arizona State) F Dylan Schell (Buffalo), 1:34
174 Cael Valencia (Arizona State) DEC Thayne Lawrence (Lehigh), 8-4
174 Ross Mcfarland (Hofstra) DEC Cael Valencia (Arizona State), 2-0
Anthony Montalvo - 2nd place, 184A
184 Leo Tarantino (Harvard) M FOR Anthony Montalvo (Arizona State)
184 John Stout (Penn) M FOR Anthony Montalvo (Arizona State)
184 Luke Rada (Harvard) FOR Anthony Montalvo (Arizona State), 0-0
Jacob Meissner - 1st, 184E
184 Jacob Meissner (Arizona State) DEC Owen Ayotte (Sacred Heart), 9-3
184 Jacob Meissner (Arizona State) FOR Ericson Velasquez (Hofstra), 0-0
184 Jacob Meissner (Arizona State) DEC Walker Stephenson (West Point), 3-2
Jonathon Fagen - 3rd place, 197A
197 Danny Lawrence (West Point) DEC Jonathon Fagen (Arizona State), 4-2
197 Silas Allred (Nebraska) M FOR Jonathon Fagen (Arizona State)
197 Kyle Swartz (West Point) M FOR Jonathon Fagen (Arizona State), 0-0 0:00
David Palosika - 3rd place, HWT C
285 Isaiah Vance (Pitt Johnstown) MD David Palosika (Arizona State), 8-0
285 Adrian Sans (Hofstra) DEC David Palosika (Arizona State), 4-3
285 Aeden Begue (Long Island) DEC David Palosika (Arizona State), 4-2 SV