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USC Athletics’ Graduation Success Rate Sets Another All-Time High At 93 Percent

Nov 15, 2022

LOS ANGELES — The 2022 Graduation Success Rate of USC student-athletes hit an all-time high for the ninth consecutive year, this year reaching 93 percent, according to data released today (Nov. 15) by the NCAA. 

The 2022 GSR measures how many student-athletes in the cohort classes of 2012 through 2015 graduated within six years of their enrollment. 

That 93-percent four-year figure is one percentage point higher than USC's 2021 mark. It also is 26 percentage points higher than it was when the NCAA first released GSR numbers in 2005. USC's 93 percent also ranks the Trojans second in the Pac-12, just behind Stanford's 96 percent and even with Utah at 93.

Twelve of the 20 USC sports whose data was tracked by the NCAA have a GSR of a perfect 100 percent this year: men's basketball, men's golf, men's tennis, men's track and field, men's volleyball, women's basketball, women's golf, lacrosse, beach volleyball, soccer, women's track and field and women's water polo.

Three other women's teams — rowing (96%), swimming and diving (93%) and volleyball (91%) — scored in the 90-99 percent range. Four teams scored in the 80-89 percent range: men's swimming and diving (89%), men's water polo (88%), baseball (83%) and women's tennis (80%), while football scored 79 percent.

Eleven USC teams either set or equaled all-time high GSR rates for their programs this year, with women's water polo and men's track and field scoring 100 percent for the first time. This was the first year that beach volleyball (100%) has been included in the GSR rates.

Fourteen USC teams saw their scores either improve from last year or stay the same: men's golf (+20 percentage points), women's golf (+14), women's basketball (+7), men's track and field (+5), women's swimming (+4), women's water polo (+4), men's basketball (even), men's swimming and diving (even), men's tennis (even), men's volleyball (even), lacrosse (even), rowing (even), soccer (even) and women's track and field (even). 
Women's soccer's rate is at 100 percent for the seventh consecutive year, men's tennis hit 100 percent for the sixth straight year, women's lacrosse did so for the fifth year in a row, and women's track and field is also perfect for the third straight year. Men's basketball and men's volleyball each have hit 100 percent in back-to-back years. 

"This year's graduation rate is a remarkable achievement on the part of our student-athletes, coaches, administrators, advisors and learning specialist team," said Dr. Denise Kwok, USC's executive senior associate athletic director of student-athlete development. "Further, it represents an incredible level of support and teamwork across our campus — faculty, administration and department staff have played instrumental roles in this accomplishment. In our efforts to be the most student-athlete centered department in the country, we have prioritized student success. Our goal is to continue to enrich our student-athletes' academic, personal and athletic experience as they navigate their journey through USC."