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Oregon State Unveils Ticket, Parking and Contributions Information For 2023

Nov 17, 2022

CORVALLIS, Ore. – There's two regular-season games remaining and a bowl trip left for the Oregon State football team. And the Completing Reser Stadium project is in full swing. With that being said, Beaver Nation, it's time to talk tickets, parking and more for the 2023 season.
"The Completing Reser Stadium project will truly not be complete until we see Beaver Nation at the first game of the 2023 season," said Vice President/Director of Athletics Scott Barnes. "We're making great progress on the physical construction of the stadium and we're excited to welcome fans into the new and improved Reser in 2023."
Football renewals will be available beginning in early December. All season-ticket holders and fans are invited to learn more about the newly constructed side of Reser Stadium. Amenities on the west side of the stadium include Beaver Street, a street-scape atmosphere with enhanced concessions and social areas, all chair-back seats and covered seating options.
And, of course, the newly constructed side of Reser will have the closest proximity to the field in the Pac-12 Conference. Fans who are interested in more information can click here.
Football Season Ticket Pricing
Pricing will include three components – season-ticket cost, a Completing Reser Stadium construction fee and an Our Beaver Nation seat contribution in select sections. Each component will be paid all at once. Those electing to purchase seats on the west side of the stadium will pay 80 percent of the full price for their desired location prior to selecting their seats. The remaining balance will be paid at the time of seat selection.
Pricing, when including the three components on the east side of Reser Stadium, will see a reduction of up to 10 percent or more in select sections, including the Terrace. Pricing will see an average reduction of five percent in the Toyota Club. Otherwise, in large, pricing will remain consistent on the east side of Reser.
Football Seat Selections
- All season-ticket holders can remain in their current seats.
- Allocation for the west side of Reser will begin in mid-April. Appointment times will be provided based on the Beaver Point System.
- To learn more about the seat offerings, click here to provide your information.
Football Parking
A re-allocation of football parking will occur in May.
An addition of premium parking zones for those who purchased premium seats on both the east and west side of Reser Stadium will be implemented. Similar to seat selections, season-ticket holders will be provided an appointment time based on OSU Athletics Total Investment. Parking selections will begin in May. To view the parking map, click here.
The 2023 season will see the introduction of the Beaver Tailgate Park. Located directly behind the scoreboard on the corner of 26th and Western, it will feature 40 oversized spaces ideal for larger tailgates. These spaces will be equivalent to four-to-six traditional spots. Parking in this new zone will feature advanced access into the parking lot, increased restroom and trash/recycling receptacles and more space to socialize and tailgate. As strict fire lane access will be enforced in all lots, this provides the best opportunity for more space for your tailgater.
In addition, a new Park-And-Go Zone will be established in 2023. This area will be for those who do not tailgate and are interested in easier entry and departure. With no tailgating in the area, this will help drivers who do not wish to move through packed areas.
To learn more about the new parking zones, click here.
To provide season-ticket holders increased tax benefits for contributions that help obtain access to parking, $186 will now be charged for a season parking pass. Previously, based on the fair market value determined by single-game pay lots, $240-$280 was required by the IRS to be removed from contribution receipts.
Season-ticket holders will now see their full contribution reflected on tax receipts.
Next season, parking lots will be open six hours prior to kickoff with the exception of the Beaver Tailgate Park and the RV lots.
Seat Contributions Breakout
Currently, multi-sport season-ticket holders can make a single Our Beaver Nation contribution equal to their largest valued seats or parking among football, men's basketball and women's basketball.
Starting with the 2023 football season, donors will be asked to fulfill the highest valued seats or parking contribution with each sport. Due to this shift in business practice, men's basketball season ticket prices will decrease on average by 28 percent. Women's basketball pricing, meanwhile, will remain consistent. Multi-sport season-ticket holders will receive a 25-percent discount on men's and women's basketball contributions for the 2023-24 season.
For 2023-24 basketball season contribution maps, click: Men's Basketball | Women's Basketball.
Beaver Bennyfits
Oregon State Athletics, in July, will release a new season-ticket holder and donor benefits program called Beaver Bennyfits. Fans will have an opportunity to select from a menu of engagements that suit them and their family. This will be based on combined season ticket and Our Beaver Nation contribution annual  investments.
Potential engagement opportunities include coffee with a coach, a Reser Stadium punt, pass and kick option or taking batting practice at Goss Stadium at Coleman Field, among others.
Frequently Asked Questions
To continue to learn more about the 2023-24 athletics season and the changes within OSU Athletics, please visit the Frequently Asked Question page by clicking here or calling 800-GO-BEAVS.
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