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Getting To Know William Jones

Nov 23, 2022

In the latest addition of "Getting to Know," we sat down with freshman William Jones. The 400m specialist is ready to show his talent on the track as he talks about his transition to living on the West Coast and how he plans on helping the team win a national championship. 
Q: What brought you to USC, especially being from Kansas?
WJ: What really what made me want to come here was the culture and history of track. They've just performed really, really well overall and in past at the Pac-12 level. I know that they're going to perform even better in the future, and I just wanted to be part of that.
Q: Was there a moment that you knew that USC was the place for you?
WJ: It was more like I was hoping that I got here, because I didn't hear from them for a little bit. I was praying that I was going to come here of all the places and I was just hoping that the coach would give me a chance.
Q: What all went in your decision to come here?
WJ: It's a little bit of the track history. My oldest sister lives out here and I haven't really seen her and interacted with her that much, so I was like, 'Okay, this will also give me an opportunity to interact with her while I'm in college, and then get out of Kansas completely.'
Q: Are you enjoying the sunshine, especially with all the snow back home?
WJ: Yeah, I'm enjoying that. I'm going back home for Thanksgiving. I'm getting prepared to feel that 29 degree, snowy, slushy, low, low temperatures.
Q: What are some of your favorite aspects of being out here?
WJ: Besides the weather and the environment, just the campus is really,  really nice. I love the beach a lot. It's just been a good vibe compared to what it used to be back home. It's just interesting. It's different and I like it.
Q: How has the transition to the new environment been going?
WJ: The team was very welcoming from the first day of practice. The practices are way different from high school practice. It's more intense, it's more just like we have a pattern, and we know what we're supposed to be doing and we follow that constantly. It's just more organized versus high school, and it just feels better.
Q: What are some of your favorite practice moments?
WJ: Sometimes we have some fun things to do like speed games and stuff like that. But overall, it's just been getting ready for the season and getting prepared for what's coming up next.
Q: Has there been a favorite moment for you out here?
WJ: Probably speed games on the beach. That was my favorite moment, because it puts two things I like together, being on the sand and running,
Q: Is there anything that you want to do that you haven't gotten to do just yet?
WJ: There's like a lot of things that I would love to do, but it's more just finding the time for it and one will probably just go on a hike. Just explore more of LA and explore more of California as a whole, but really, just enjoying being here as much as possible and just enjoying the experience.
Q: What are your expectations for the track season?
WJ: My track season goals are not actually set up yet. But I would say sub-45 400 meter would be a goal and then possibly being in a 200m this year, as well as being in a 4x400m this year.
Q: Are there any accolades that you want to earn or is it if they come they come?
WJ: Exactly, it's if they come, they come. I'm, really just trying to get better. Those accolades would kind of just prove I'm getting better and just show I'm getting better, so I would be happy with that. 
Q: What is your ultimate goal for when you graduate from USC?
WJ: At the moment, it's really just, get this degree and possibly get a master's degree as well. But the main thing is just to get the connections, so when I graduate, it's easier to find a job. Overall, make it easier to continue the rest of my life and that might go into being a coach and might that might go into being part of something like a news channel or going more into a communications role. That's where I'm at right now. I really am just enjoying myself and I want to continue that and have a great career.
Q: When you have downtime is there anything you do that helps you relax?
WJ: It's kind of funny. There is one thing I used to do in high school. I haven't done it as much here but my roommate got me into making pottery and pretty much just throwing some clay on the wheel and then making something. It was something I used to do back home when I had some free time and I don't have as much free time now since it's a little bit busier. That's been one of those things that has been helping with just detoxing and just making sure that everything's all good.
Q: Do you buy dishes or do you make your own?
WJ: I buy my dishes (laughs). I have some plates at home but the things that I make are mainly ceramics like vases and some cups. Some mugs, probably making plates that would be too much and it's just because of how they are formed
Q: What are your overall goals for your freshman year?
WJ: On the track, my goals will be more focused on a goal for me and the team, but to help us win the NCAA Championship. In the classroom, I just want to continue to make my GPA go as high as possible, just try and make it so that it's easier for me to continue on with the rest of my life and continue down the line. Socially, make as many friends as possible, make as many connections as possible. Really get out there and be an extrovert and just allow myself to open up a little bit and talk to people more.