Pac-12 Conference

The Conference of Champions

Men's Outdoor Track & Field National Champions

Pac-12 men’s track and field teams have won 46 NCAA team titles dating back to 1922, demonstrating the Conference's legacy in the sport. The Ducks claimed the Pac-12's most recent national championship, the 2015 crown, successfully defending their 2014 title. Before the Ducks' back-to-back championships, Stanford was the last Conference team to win a national title in 2000.

Year School   Coach
1922 California   Walter Christie
1925 Stanford   R.L. Templeton
1926 USC   Dean Cromwell
1928 Stanford   R.L. Templeton
1930 USC   Dean Cromwell
1931 USC   Dean Cromwell
1934 Stanford   R.L. Templeton
1935 USC   Dean Cromwell
1936 USC   Dean Cromwell
1937 USC   Dean Cromwell
1938 USC   Dean Cromwell
1939 USC   Dean Cromwell
1940 USC   Dean Cromwell
1941 USC   Dean Dromwel
1942 USC   Dean Cromwell
1943 USC   Dean Cromwell
1949 USC   Jess Hill
1950 USC   Jess Hill
1951 USC   Jess Mortensen
1952 USC   Jess Mortensen
1953 USC   Jess Mortensen
1954 USC   Jess Mortensen
1955 USC   Jess Mortensen
1956 UCLA   Elvin Drake
1958 USC   Jess Mortensen
1961 USC   Jess Mortenson
1962 Oregon   William Bowerman
1963 USC   Vern Wolfe
1964 Oregon   William Bowerman
1965 Oregon   William Bowerman
  USC   Vern Wolfe
1966 UCLA   Jim Bush
1967 USC   Vern Wolfe
1968 USC   Vern Folfe
1970 Oregon^   William Bowerman
1971 UCLA   Jim Bush
1972 UCLA   Jim Bush
1973 UCLA   Jim Bush
1976 USC   Vern Wolfe
1977 Arizona State   Senon Castillo
1978 UCLA^   Jim Bush
1984 Oregon   Bill Dellinger
1987 UCLA   Bob Larsen
1988 UCLA   Bob Larsen
2000 Stanford   Vin Lananna
2014 Oregon   Robert Johnson
2015 Oregon   Robert Johnson