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Pac-12 Men's Rowing National Championships

While men’s rowing is not an NCAA-sponsored sport, historically it is one of the oldest collegiate sports in the country. Pac-12 men’s rowing programs have a long and rich tradition of success. Prior to 1982 and since 1995, the Intercollegiate Rowing Association has been recognized as the national champion. The Conference is the leader in IRA national championships, winning eight in a row from 2009-2016, with Washington claiming six of those. UW and California are also the only two schools in IRA history to win the title four-consecutive years.

Year School Coach
2021 Washington Michael Callahan
2016 California Mike Teti
2015 Washington Michael Callahan
2014 Washington Michael Callahan
2013 Washington Michael Callahan
2012 Washington Michael Callahan
2011 Washington Michael Callahan
2010 California Mike Teti
2009 Washington Michael Callahan
2007 Washington Bob Ernst
2006 California Stephen Gladstone
2002 California Stephen Gladstone
2001 California Stephen Gladstone
2000 California Stephen Gladstone
1999 California Stephen Gladstone
1997 Washington Bob Ernst
1984 Washington Dick Erickson
1976 California Stephen Gladstone
1970 Washington Dick Erickson
1964 California Jim Lemmon
1961 California Jim Lemmon
1960 California Jim Lemmon
1950 Washington Al Ulbrickson
1949 California Ky Ebright
1948 Washington Al Ulbrickson
1941 Washington Al Ulbrickson
1940 Washington Al Ulbrickson
1939 California Ky Ebright
1937 Washington Al Ulbrickson
1936 Washington Al Ulbrickson
1935 California Ky Ebright
1934 California Ky Ebright
1932 California Ky Ebright
1928 California Ky Ebright
1926 Washington Rusty Callow
1924 Washington Rusty Callow
1923 Washington Rusty Callow