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Pac-12 Scholar-Athletes of the Year

The Pac-12 Conference established the Pac-12 Scholar-Athlete of the Year Awards in 2007-08 to recognize its outstanding senior student-athletes.

A Scholar-Athlete of the Year will be named in each of the Pac-12's 24 sponsored sports: baseball, men's basketball, women's basketball, men's cross country, women's cross country, beach volleyball, football, men's golf, women's golf, women's gymnastics, women's lacrosse, men's rowing, women's rowing, men's soccer, women's soccer, softball, men's swimming & diving, women's swimming & diving, men's tennis, women's tennis, men's track & field, women's track & field, women's volleyball, and wrestling.

The nomination criteria are: 

  • senior (in athletics eligibility) on track to receive a degree
  • cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher
  • participation in at least 50% of the scheduled contest in the sport
  • minimum of one year in residence at the institution

Each Pac-12 institution will nominate one individual per sport, and the winners will be selected by a committee of Pac-12 staff members at the conclusion of each sport's regular season. The athletic accomplishments of the nominees will be a consideration in the voting for the award.

The Scholar-Athletes of the Year in each sport will receive a commemorative award.

Previous Winners

For a complete list of past Pac-12 Scholar-Athletes of the year, see below:

Scholar-Athlete Sport School
Jacob McKeon Baseball Washington State
James Keefe Basketball (M) Stanford
Hannah Jump Basketball (W) Stanford
Abby Van Winkle Beach Volleyball UCLA
Aaron Bienenfeld Cross Country (M) Oregon
Emily Venters Cross Country (W) Utah
Nick Figueroa Football USC
Ryggs Johnston Golf (M) Arizona State
Brooke Seay Golf (W) Stanford
Madi Dagen Gymnastics Oregon State
Kara Rahaim Lacrosse Stanford
Henry Stewart Rowing (M) Stanford
Annabelle Bachmann Rowing (W) Stanford
Lucas Meek Soccer (M) Washington
Sierra Enge Soccer (W) Stanford
Megan Faraimo Softball UCLA
Leon MacAlister Swimming & Diving (M) Stanford
Delaney Schnell Swimming & Diving (W) Arizona
Jonas Ziverts Tennis (M) Arizona 
Haley Giavara Tennis (W) California 
Turner Washington Track & Field (M) Arizona State
Talie Bonds Track & Field (W) Arizona
Magda Jehlarova Volleyball (W) Washington State
Shane Griffith Wrestling Stanford
Scholar-Athlete Sport School
Alex Williams Baseball Stanford
Sam Beskind Basketball (M) Stanford
Lexie Hull Basketball (W) Stanford
Lea Monkhouse Beach Volleyball UCLA
Matt Wisner Cross Country (M) Oregon
Christina Aragon Cross Country (W) Stanford
Britain Covey Football Utah
Henry Shimp Golf (M) Stanford
Alexandra Forsterling Golf (W) Arizona State
Madison Brunette Gymnastics Stanford
Nikki Zaccaro Lacrosse California
Adam Gold Rowing (M) Washington
Nicole Pofcher Rowing (W) Stanford
Dylan Teves Soccer (M) Washington
Naomi Girma Soccer (W) Stanford
Gabbie Plain Softball Washington
Reece Whitley Swimming & Diving (M) California
Robin Neumann Swimming & Diving (W) California
Axel Geller Tennis (M) Stanford
Michaela Bayerlova Tennis (W) Washington State
Keyshawn King Track & Field (M) Stanford
Samantha Noennig Track & Field (W) Arizona
Holly Campbell Volleyball Stanford
Anthony Valencia Wrestling Arizona State
Scholar-Athlete Sport School
Zach Grech Baseball Stanford
Oscar da Silva Basketball (M) Stanford
Sam Thomas Basketball (W) Arizona
Samantha Plaster Beach Volleyball Arizona State
Alek Parsons Cross Country (M) Stanford
Ella Donaghu Cross Country (W) Stanford
Michael Saffell Football California
David Laskin Golf (M) Arizona
Olivia Mehaffey Golf (W) Arizona State
Pauline Tratz Gymnastics UCLA
Eliza Cahill Lacrosse Colorado
George Finlayson Rowing (M) California
Grace McGinley Rowing (W) Stanford
Joel Walker Soccer (M) Oregon State
Emily Smith Soccer (W) California
Jessie Harper Softball Arizona
Alex Liang Swimming & Diving (M) Stanford
Brooke Forde Swimming & Diving (W) Stanford
William Genesen Tennis (M) Stanford
Emily Arbuthnott Tennis (W) Stanford
Mick Stanovsek Track & Field (M) Washington
Anna Cockrell Track & Field (W) USC
Meghan McClure Volleyball Stanford
Nathan Traxler Wrestling Stanford
Scholar-Athlete Sport School
Stone Gettings Basketball (M) Arizona
Mikayla Pivec Basketball (W) Oregon State
Steven Fahy Cross Country (M) Stanford
Sage Hurta Cross Country (W) Colorado
Justin Herbert Football Oregon
Madison Kocian Gymnastics UCLA
Simon Lekressner Soccer (M) California
Kaiya McCullough Soccer (W) UCLA
Henry Fusaro Swimming & Diving (M) USC
Erin Voss Swimming & Diving (W) Stanford
Morgan Hentz Volleyball Stanford
Tanner Hall Wrestling Arizona State

* Spring sports winners not selected due to the suspension of competition because of COVID-19.

Scholar-Athlete Sport School
Mason Cerrillo Baseball Washington
Stephen Thompson Jr. Basketball (M) Oregon State
Alanna Smith Basketball (W) Stanford
Izzy Carey Beach Volleyball UCLA
Grant Fisher Cross Country (M) Stanford
Elise Cranny Cross Country (W) Stanford
Ben Burr-Kirven Football Washington
Justin Suh Golf (M) USC
Petra Salko Golf (W) Oregon
Anne Kuhm Gymnastics Arizona State
Shannon Williams Lacrosse Oregon
Maarten Hurkmans Rowing (M) California
Paige Danielson Rowing (W) Washington State
Adam Mosharrafa Soccer (M) Stanford
Michelle Xiao Soccer (W) Stanford
Carolyn Lee Softball Stanford
Matt Anderson Swimming & Diving (M) Stanford
Ella Eastin Swimming & Diving (W) Stanford
Sameer Kumar Tennis (M) Stanford
Brianna Chisholm Tennis (W) Utah
Harrison Williams Track & Field (M) Stanford
Kaitlyn Benner Track & Field (W) Colorado
Tami Alade Volleyball Stanford
Paul Fox Wrestling Stanford
Scholar-Athlete Sport School
Jack Anderson Baseball Oregon State
Dorian Pickens Basketball (M) Stanford
Brittany McPhee Basketball (W) Stanford
Jo Kremer Beach Volleyball USC
Sam Prakel Cross Country (M) Oregon
Kaitlyn Benner Cross Country (W) Colorado
Matt Anderson Football California
John Souza Golf (M) Colorado
Roberta Liti Golf (W) Arizona State
Christine Peng-Peng Lee Gymnastics UCLA
Kelsey Murray Lacrosse Stanford
Natan Wegrycki-Szymczyk Rowing (M) California
Ida Gortz Jacobsen Rowing (W) USC
Aravind Sivakumar Soccer (M) California
Nicole Molen Soccer (W) USC
Katie Donovan Softball Utah
Pawel Furtek Swimming & Diving (M) USC
Janet Hu Swimming & Diving (W) Stanford
Martin Redlicki Tennis (M) UCLA
Gabby Smith Tennis (W) USC
Ben Saarel Track & Field (M) Colorado
Alyssa Thompson Track & Field (W) Arizona
Casey Schoenlein Volleyball Washington State
Nathan Butler Wrestling Stanford
Scholar-Athlete Sport School
Max Engelbrekt Baseball Oregon State
Josh Hawkinson Basketball (M) Washington State
Sydney Wiese Basketball (W) Oregon State
Nicolette Martin Beach Volleyball USC
Ben Saarel Cross Country (M) Colorado
Erin Clark Cross Country (W) Colorado
Jake Eldrenkamp Football Washington
Maverick McNealy Golf (M) Stanford
Wanasa Zhou Golf (W) Arizona
Madeline Gardiner Gymnastics Oregon State
Brendan Larkin Rowing (M) Stanford
Mihaela-Teodora Berindei Rowing (W) Washington State
Michael Amick Soccer (M) UCLA
Maddie Bauer Soccer (W) Stanford
Bessie Noll Softball Stanford
Ryan Murphy Swimming & Diving (M) California
Anika Apostalon Swimming & Diving (W) USC
Gal Hakak Tennis (M) Washington
Caroline Doyle Tennis (W) Stanford
CJ Albertson Track & Field (M) Arizona State
Keyasia Tibbs Track & Field (W) Arizona State
Laura Larson Volleyball Arizona
Peter Galli Wrestling Stanford
Scholar-Athlete Sport School
Nick Halamandaris Baseball California
Brandon Taylor Basketball (M) Utah
Ruth Hamblin Basketball (W) Oregon State
Justice Magraw Beach Volleyball Washington
Morgan Pearson Cross Country (M) Colorado
Aisling Cuffe Cross Country (W) Stanford
Mike Bercovici Football Arizona State
Jonathan Sanders Golf (M) Washington
Lauren Kim Golf (W) Stanford
Breanna Hughes Gymnastics Utah
Landon Alecxih Rowing (M) Stanford
Kendall Chase Rowing (W) California
Brandon Vincent Soccer (M) Stanford
Sheaffer Skadsen Soccer (W) Arizona
Cheridan Hawkins Softball Oregon
Gray Umbach Swimming & Diving (M) Stanford
Rachael Acker Swimming & Diving (W) California
Max de Vroome Tennis (M) USC
Krista Hardebeck Tennis (W) Stanford
Justin Brinkley Track & Field (M) Stanford
Jaide Stepter Track & Field (W) USC
Jordan Burgess Volleyball Stanford
Ian Nickell Wrestling CSU Bakersfield
Scholar-Athlete Sport School
Tyler Davis Baseball Washington
Chasson Randle Basketball (M) Stanford
Taryn Wicijowski Basketball (W) Utah
Sam Macaluso Cross Country (M) Arizona
Stephanie Bulder Cross Country (W) Arizona
Taylor Kelly Football Arizona State
Alex McMahon Golf (M) Arizona
Noemi Jimenez Golf (W) Arizona State
Georgia Dabritz Gymnastics Utah
Kaess Smit Rowing (M) Stanford
Naomi Cornman Rowing (W) Stanford
Omid Jalali Soccer (M) California
Sarah Killion Soccer (W) UCLA
Amber Freeman Softball Arizona State
Kevin Cordes Swimming & Diving (M) Arizona
Haley Ishimatsu Swimming & Diving (W) USC
Dennis Mkrtchian Tennis (M) UCLA
Kaitlin Ray Tennis (W) UCLA
Luke Lefebure Track & Field (M) Stanford
Jessica Tonn Track & Field (W) Stanford
Kaitlin Ray Tennis (W) UCLA
Krista Vansant Volleyball Washington
Chace Eskam Wrestling Arizona State
Scholar-Athlete Sport School
Collin Slaybaugh Baseball Washington State
Dwight Powell Basketball (M) Stanford
Chiney Ogwumike Basketball (W) Stanford
Tyler Stutzman Cross Country (M) Stanford
Elvin Kibet Cross Country (W) Arizona
Ben Rhyne Football Stanford
Brandon Hagy Golf (M) California
Sophia Popov Golf (W) USC
Alicia Asturias Gymnastics California
Austin Hack Rowing (M) Stanford
Ali Fauci Rowing (W) Stanford
Joe Sofia Soccer (M) UCLA
Jasmine Roth Soccer (W) Arizona State
Kelsey Rodriguez Softball Arizona
Giles Smith Swimming & Diving (M) Arizona
Margo Geer Swimming & Diving (W) Arizona
Clay Thompson Tennis (M) UCLA
Lacey Smyth Tennis (W) Arizona
Lawi Lalang Track & Field (M) Arizona
Laura Roesler Track & Field (W) Oregon
Natalie Hagglund Volleyball USC
Dalton Kelley Wrestling CSU Bakersfield
Scholar-Athlete Sport School
Mark Appel Baseball Stanford
Carrick Felix Basketball (M) Arizona State
Layshia Clarendon Basketball (W) California
Nick Happe Cross Country (M) Arizona State
Jordan Hasay Cross Country (W) Oregon
John Bonano Football Arizona
Andrew Yun Golf (M) Stanford
Sally Watson Golf (W) Stanford
Stephanie McGregor Gymnastics Oregon State
Seamus Labrum Rowing (M) Washington
Katie Dick Rowing (W) Washington State
Ryan Hollingshead Soccer (M) UCLA
Mariah Nogueira Soccer (W) Stanford
Lindsey Ziegenhirt Softball California
Alex Ledrum Swimming & Diving (M) USC
Caitlin Leverenz Swimming & Diving (W) California
Denis Lin Tennis (M) Stanford
Jacqueline Cako Tennis (W) Arizona State
Nick Happe Track & Field (M) Arizona State
Jordan Hasay Track & Field (W) Oregon
Katherine Fischer Volleyball Oregon
Jake Meredith Wrestling Arizona State
Scholar-Athlete Sport School
Andrew Triggs Baseball Stanford
Harper Kamp Basketball (M) California
Amanda Johnson Basketball (W) Oregon
Chris Derrick Cross Country (M) Stanford
Christine Babcock Cross Country (W) Washington
Jared Karstetter Football Washington State
Jonnie Motomochi Golf (M) Oregon State
Giulia Molinaro Golf (W) Arizona State
Stephanie McAllister Gymnastics Utah
Sam Ojserkis Rowing (M) Washington
Marielle Higgins Rowing (W) Stanford
Brent Richards Soccer (M) Washington
Teresa Noyola Soccer (W) Stanford
Katelyn Boyd Softball Arizona State
Bobby Bollier Swimming & Diving (M) Stanford
Elina Eggers Swimming & Diving (W) Arizona State
Ryan Thacher Tennis (M) Stanford
Jana Juricova Tennis (W) California
Chris Derrick Track & Field (M) Stanford
Brianne Thiesen Track & Field (W) Oregon
Tarah Murrey Volleyball California
Nick Amuchastegui Wrestling Stanford
Scholar-Athlete Sport School
Chris Metzger Baseball USC
Rihard Kuksiks Basketball (M) Arizona State
Kayla Pedersen Basketball (W) Stanford
Elliott Heath Cross Country (M) Stanford
Alexandra Kosinski Cross Country (W) Oregon
Mike Mohamed Football California
Jack Dukeminier Golf (M) Oregon
Pia Halbig Golf (W) California
Mary Atkinson Gymnastics Arizona State
Alex Syverson Rowing (M) Stanford
Erika Roddy Rowing (W) Stanford
Bobby Warshaw Soccer (M) Stanford
Christen Press Soccer (W) Stanford
Lesley Rogers Softball Arizona State
Nathan Adrian Swimming & Diving (M) California
Kelsey Ditto Swimming & Diving (W) Stanford
Jake Poldma Tennis (M) USC
Venise Chan Tennis (W) Washington
Elliott Heath Track & Field (M) Stanford
Katie Niehaus Track & Field (W) Stanford
Jill Sawatzky Volleyball Oregon State
Adam Hall Wrestling Boise State
Scholar-Athlete Sport School
Matt Fanelli Baseball Washington State
Landry Fields Basketball (M) Stanford
Jayne Appel Basketball (W) Stanford
Brandon Bethke Cross Country (M) Arizona State
Nicole Blood Cross Country (W) Oregon
Mike Nixon Football Arizona State
Knut Borsheim Golf (M) Arizona State
Jiuliana Murcia Golf (W) Arizona State
Carly Janiga Gymnastics Stanford
Simon Taylor Rowing (M) Washington
Christina Sprouse Rowing (W) UCLA
Rylan Hawkins Soccer (M) Washington
Ali Riley Soccer (W) Stanford
K'Lee Arrendondo Softball Arizona
David Dunford Swimming & Diving (M) Stanford
Justine Schluntz Swimming & Diving (W) Arizona
Robert Farah Tennis (M) USC
Lindsay Burdette Tennis (W) Stanford
Ryan Whiting Track & Field (M) Arizona State
Keisha Baker Track & Field (W) Oregon
Jill Collymore Volleyball Washington
Jake Johnson Wrestling Stanford
Scholar-Athlete Sport School
Greg Lagreid Baseball Washington State
Taylor Rochestie Basketball (M) Washington State
Sybil Dosty Basketball (W) Arizona State
Galen Rupp Cross Country (M) Oregon
Jenna Kingma Cross Country (W) Arizona State
Alex Mack Football California
Alex Williams Golf (M) Oregon State
Azahara Muñoz Golf (W) Arizona State
Ariana Berlin Gymnastics UCLA
Mark Murphy Rowing (M) Stanford
Robin Hextrum Rowing (W) USC
George John Soccer (M) Washington
Nicole Dobrzynski Soccer (W) Oregon
Jessica Mapes Softball Arizona State
Jason Dunford Swimming & Diving (M) Stanford
Andrea Axtell Swimming & Diving (W) Stanford
Michael Look Tennis (M) UCLA
Danielle Steinberg Tennis (W) Arizona
Galen Rupp Track & Field (M) Oregon
Sarah Stevens Track & Field (W) Arizona State
Cynthia Barboza Volleyball Stanford
Thomas Kimbrell Wrestling CSU Bakersfield
Scholar-Athlete Sport School
Jayson Miller Baseball Washington State
Robbie Cowgill Basketball (M) Washington State
Lindsey Pluimer Basketball (W) UCLA
Neftalem Araia Cross Country (M) Stanford
Arianna Lambie Cross Country (W) Stanford
Spencer Larsen Football Arizona
Rob Grube Golf (M) Stanford
Allison Walshe Golf (W) Arizona
Karin Wurm Gymnastics Arizona
Justin Wagner Rowing (M) Oregon State
Kaylie Towne Rowing (W) Oregon State
Kevin Forrest Soccer (M) Washington
Rachel Buehler Soccer (W) Stanford
Jackie Vasquez Softball Arizona State
Steve Neuwert Swimming & Diving (M) Arizona State
Lacey Nymyer Swimming & Diving (W) Arizona
Mathieu Dehaine Tennis (M) UCLA
Riza Zalameda Tennis (W) UCLA
Russell Brown Track & Field (M) Stanford
April Kubishta Track & Field (W) Arizona State
Angie Pressey Volleyball California
Tanner Gardner Wrestling Stanford