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Pac-12 Conference

The Conference
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Pac-12 Women's Soccer National Championships

Pac-12 women’s soccer teams have established themselves as national title contenders as the Conference won five NCAA titles since 2011, and seven in all since 2007, and produced at least one NCAA Women’s College Cup participant every year except one since 2003. Stanford and UCLA made history in 2017, competing in the first all-Pac-12 NCAA Women’s College Cup final, making the Conference just the third league to have two teams in the national championship game.

Year Champion Record Coach
2022 UCLA 22-2-1 Margueritte Aozasa
2019 Stanford 23-1-0 Paul Ratcliffe
2017 Stanford 24-1-0 Paul Ratcliffe
2016 USC 19-4-2 Keidane McAlpine
2013 UCLA 22-1-3 Amanda Cromwell
2011 Stanford 25-0-1 Paul Ratcliffe
2007 USC 20-3-2 Ali Khosroshahin